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So this is it.  My first Perfect Grade.  As it turns out, my first PG is also the biggest of them all.   When it comes to the experience, I have only the words of my Gunpla friends to go by.

“A Perfect Grade is a completely different animal.”

Because this kit is also going to be used for Gunpla TV, I can’t just run through the build.  I need to keep some stuff back for use when filming.  Be that as it may, I will try to be as detailed as possible in this WIP.

As I mentioned in the WIP 0 Post I picked up a new pair of side-cutters just for this project. Well,  I also picked up…

a new cutting mat!  A new year, a new Gundam experience, new side cutters, a new mat.  Everything is new.   I feel refreshed.

Before I started assembling anything of the main kit I had a flip through the manual to just have an idea of the scope of the project and how the build progresses.

I was more than pleased to discover that this PG starts with the feet. Yes!

And so the build begins. Everything for the feet is done twice as both feet are the same. However I only did one.


Right away I am shown just how different this is. The small black pieces you see aren’t poly-caps and are not flexible like the poly-caps we find on other gundam kits. The WB runners are listed as Poly Ethylene while the WC runner is Poly Acetol (if I am reading the katakana correctly). They are stiff. Considering how much this kit is going to weigh once built, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Those four pieces combine to make this:

Cool. I have no idea what this is for… yet.

Now comes the silver plated runner. We all knew this would be used for the feet.

Interestingly, the two shafts on the foot move independently.

Combine that with our previously assembled section and we get this:

Okay. One section complete. I still don’t know how this is supposed to function. Perfect Grade is fun so far!

Next step is to start another subsection that will be used in the foot using these pieces.

More WB parts.

Now come the plated gold parts. The shiny bits. These are ABS plastic and have undergates at various places, but not all gates are undergates.

Combine these with our two previously assembled subsections and the result is what you see here.

There is articulation at the ball of the foot. One piece is designed to change place during this movement.

All that’s left to do on the frame of the feet is to put a few pieces from the E runner on. These are a darker gold color and are also undergated in places.

I’m not going to put the armor pieces on yet. I want to see this thing’s frame in all its glory if its possible. I did prepare the parts for the other foot for transport to the ‘studio’ for use in the next Gunpla TV episode.

I realize now that I didn’t get a picture of the whole foot frame with my camera (which has been causing me problems lately), but I did take an iphone pic at the time and uploaded it to Gaijin Gunpla’s facebook page.

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  1. Tom says:

    New Year = new everything? I guess that makes since. Enjoy your build Syd, I look forward to seeing what you plan on doing with this kit.

  2. GNSquacker says:

    Do you plan on painting it GaiGun?
    If so, that’d be fun to take it apart, paint it, and rebuild it!! 😛

  3. Dennis says:

    That looks like not only alot of work, but alot of fun too. I want a PG so badly but I need to build more MG’s first. Do the metal areas that are not undergated show?

  4. Evan August says:

    So far so good Syd. Did you see the issue regarding the wings joint breaking that was posted on Plamo Addiction? I’d probably just incorporate the fix into the build and be safe.

  5. Busterbeam says:

    oh i dont know if he needs to do that. just make sure that the pushing force is coming in at right angle and not slanted and it SHOULD be ok. slow even force. most peope havent had an issue, but those of us that have, have generally had the same one.

    gaigun this is my FIFTH PG and I think its one of my favourites! you choose a good one! well pg strike is still pretty damn good though especially for the cost and the era it was made in. i dont see how this freedom could POSSIBLY have the range of motion that the strike does (plus the strike is easier to pose) but… i guess it’s all subjective in the end. enjoy the build! im enjoying mine too!

    • Evan August says:

      In that case, I take that the joint itself is rather sturdy once assembled? Any breakage would occur when assembling it without due care?

  6. sonar says:

    Really looking forward to the Gunpla TV ep’s on this. I think you mentioned in a recent episode that you would be showing one built part and building the other on camera to show how it’s done. This will be really interesting and give you a very unique perspective on the intricacy and sheer wonder of a perfect grade kit. Pretty sure my PG’s have all started with the feet as well. Must be a P-G-thang.

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