Gaijin Gunpla

With the purchase of Call of Duty my Gundam building time (or should I say the desire to build Gundam) has decreased faster than Syd dying in Call of Duty…which is to say pretty fast. My wife was about to give birth so when I traveled down to where she was staying I brought this guy along and built him.

In this case my scores will not only be relative to other Gundams but to my previous experience with the first RG.

Overall Look: 7.6/10

As I stated in my other Zaku review the shape of this Gundam is really growing on me. I like the mix of futuristic robots and medieval armor. They chose well with the second RG.

Colors: 7/10

Wasn’t too sure about the red and pink but when I finished it I wasn’t disappointed. A little different but it looks really good.

Weapons: 6/10

Pretty standard, comes with the ax, gun and bazooka.

Articulation: 10/10

Can’t beat an RG.

Fun Factor: 9/10

These are so fun. So many pieces and always a challenge.

Build Design: 8.5/10

I have to admit that there were some things I didn’t like about the Zaku. There is a possibility I made the mistake but i’m not so sure. There are big gaps between the arms and the body that bugs me. Also the little gray squares that go on the arms right before attaching the hands didn’t fit no matter what I tried. I am going to give Bandai the benefit of the doubt and assume I made a mistake earlier on in the build but that really bugged me.

A rule you will learn building RGs is never throw away parts. When building the frame you will have to cut / pull / detach small pieces from the main parts that at first glance look like throwaways but little did you know later on they will ask you for that piece for somewhere else on the body. Very cool.

Extras 5/10

Simply put, white stickers suck. There is just no way you can put them on without it looking horrible. The great thing about the first RG was the stickers looked so good. In most cases you couldn’t tell they were stickers. Due to the color and using white the stickers here are for the most part worthless. I started putting the stickers on but took most of them off because it looked so cheap.

I don’t necessarily fault Bandai for choosing white because most likely it is the most appropriate color but if you build this kit and want it to look great buy the water slides when they come out.

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  1. syd says:

    The free-for-all on Nuketown recently saw you die the most, Traviss…

    The pic with your cat is pretty cool. I don’t let my cat come near my gundams. She is only allowed to occupy the box once everything has been removed. I agree about the decals. Waterslides are way better. And the RG Zaku decals are already out.

  2. Gamedingo says:

    I have this kit too and the gray cuffs that go on before the hands don’t snap in at all on mine either!

  3. Dennis says:

    I had problems too…. Mostly with the sliding mechanisms on the arms and with the legs and mid torso pieces popping off every time I tried a new pose. BTW, take a look on the side of the box as to what Bandai says not to do when posing it. I mean come on who’d be that evil? OK, I admit it I though of doing it with my RG Gundam. >;)

    • Dennis says:

      Sorry, I meant to say inside the box. I received mine with an insert that has various poses because it was sent from Japan.

  4. Priza says:

    I already built mine and the front skirt tends to fall off when I tried to pose it in a kneeling stance like in the manual,and the gray cuffs also didn’t fit right, but overall, it’s a good kit,liked how many poses I can create with this kit.By the way, I heard that the next RG is an Aile Strike Gundam( I wished it was zeta gundam),can’t wait for its release

  5. Dennis says:

    RG number three is confirmed as the Aile Strike 🙂

  6. Nice review! Good to see that it sort of lives up to the first RG too.

    I think I’ll leave off the decals when I get mine too haha. Seems like they don’t really blend well.

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