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Happy New Year everyone! (or should I write happy V-Year? Get it? Nu Year. Nu Gundam. Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Yesterday being the last day of the year I was caught up in the Japanese tradition called Osouji, or Cleaning. In the last week I’ve cleaned the dojo, my desk at work, my house, and most importantly my Work Table. I kind of had to as things were building up. Here’s a pic of how it looked yesterday.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s and now let’s talk about Gunpla.

Here is what is no longer on my work table (besides the stuff you just saw in that photo.)

MG Sword Impulse Gundam

I still haven’t applied markings but I know I won’t be doing that for some time so this kit is effectively off the work table until I can get back to it again. Love this kit. You can follow the WIP here.

HGUC Sinanju

Another kit I loved and had a great time with. I had an issue with one of the pieces that connect the wings to the back so I ordered a part from Bandai. But for all intents and purposes, this guy is done.  See the Sinanju here and on Gunpla TV.

RG RX-78-2 Real Type Color

Another kit I really enjoyed building and took my time with. This was a kit I kept on the go and would go back to in between projects for work and other things. I am glad I took my time and am pleased with the result. Gotta start that RG Zaku.

Let’s look at what’s on the work table. to start the year 2011.

1/100 MG ReZEL

I’ve been waiting for my week long holiday because I want to spend it painting and building some kits notably the ReZEL Iron Man and the PG Strike Freedom. I had thought I could finish the REZEL by the end of December but as I changed more things than I originally thought I would it looks like the date has been pushed back. I will be painting the frame as well. I am pretty much good to go with the first coat of paint but still need to work out how to install the LED.

1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

January’s a big month for me both figuratively and literally. I waited until I had time off so I could really get into this build and take my time. This will be shown on GunplaTV but also here on the blog so you’ll see plenty of it. Several Plamo pals have already started painting theirs so I gotta get moving!

With the ReZEL and the PG on the Table some projects had to be pushed back. Because of that, I thought I would divide this section into two and talk about what’s currently set aside on the work table.  These are projects you’ve seen here before but may not be seeing the finished thing for some time.

1/100 MG 00 QAN[T]

Until I’ve got time to concentrate on this it will sit aside. I’ll get to it eventually. 😉

1/144 HGUC MS-07B3 Gouf Custom & 1/144 HG GBP-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000

This kit bash will have to wait as well. I could be lazy and just do appendage swapping with painting but I think it would turn out better if I take the time to modify some things.

What’s Under the Work Table as 2011 rolls around? Here’s a list of the kits I have got, want to build, intend to soon, but haven’t started yet.

1/144 RG MS-06S Char’s Zaku II

Oh ya! I just know this kit will be good. I don’t know yet whether I’ll jump in with paint or anything, but I have the water-slide decals coming my way so I’m confident I can get a good result OOB.

1/72 VF-25F Tornado Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom

Didn’t get to start on this yet but really want to do so. Gotta pace myself. This, just like the PG, is a kit I want to take my time with it and enjoy the experience.

Got this 限定 kit from ASM the last time we met. This should be a weekend project. As it’s a special edition I don’t see a reason to paint it, which is a good thing considering that painting is not so convenient at this time of year.

1/100 MG MS-06K Zaku Cannon

I still intend to build this kit. You’ve heard this before.

1/144 HGUC Hazel Custom

I will build this kit, too. Yup.

And there are some recent acquisitions to talk about!

MG V Dash Gundam Ver Ka & MG Force Impulse Gundam

I had a great time building the V Gundam in tandem with ASM and when the Core Booster came out I thought about picking it up to make my own V Dash but didn’t think orange was the way to go.  So instead, I have the V Dash Gundam kit to build.  Lupes has been working on this and his is looking badass.  I really like the look of this kit straight out of the box so don’t plan on doing any extravagant changes.

The Force Impulse is solely here because of the awesome time I had building the Sword Impulse.   My thinking is that I can do the painting on this kit rather than the Sword Impulse because I like the Sword Impulse’s colors to much to change it.

MG Gundam Mk- II 2.0Titans

Yes, I already built a variation of the Mk-II MG when I built the Musha but this is a slightly different project.  You may have noticed the smaller cardboard box beside the Gundam. That box is something I ordered off Ako Hobby and contains the pieces I need to turn the Mk-II into a Barzam!

Sweet! Although mine won’t look anywhere as good as that one I am gonna try. The set contains the pieces I will need plus instructions and decals and even aurora stickers and metal parts for the rifle, etc.

Ako Hobby made a mistake on the orginal set of parts so they shipped everyone replacements for free! Awesome.

It occurs to me that now I’ve got four Master Grades sitting in untouched in their boxes.  Which one to do first?  Maybe I’ll have to put up a poll.

And what’s Coming to the Work Table? What upcoming kits do I want to get my hands on?

Well, the MG Deathscythe Hell looks good but after the lackluster EW version I am not inclined to build what is essentially the same kit again.  Now that I think about it, there isn’t anything being released soon that I want to build.

I am sure it’s coming, though.

What will you Gunplars be building in 2011?

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  1. lupes says:

    Let’s see…

    Finish V-Dash
    Finish ReZEL
    PG SF
    HGUC Sinanju + 1/48 bust
    HGUC Unicorn [Unicorn and Destory] + 1/48 bust
    Astraea Kitbash
    PG Wing Zero
    PG Astray Red Frame
    HGUC Kshatriya
    MG Wing
    MG Deathscythe
    MG Hi-Nu + VP conversion
    MG Nu + VP conversion
    HMM Blade Liger Mirage
    HMM Liger Zero

    yeah, I think I’m set on stuff to build in 2011 without buying any more kits…

  2. Tom says:

    Not much,
    Finish RG Gundam
    MG Unicorn OVA version
    MG Quanta
    HG 00 Raiser Condenser Type
    HG Hi Nu GPB Colors

    What I need to paint:
    MG Infinite Justice
    1/144 HG Deathscythe

    I have a big wishlist right now lol

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve got quite the backlog myself… Let’s see, just Master Grades: Zaku II 2.0 F Type, Black Tri Stars Zaku II 2.0, Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II both 1.0 and 2.0, MG G-3 1.0 and 2.0, MG RX-78-2 1.0, God Gundam, Master Gundam, Casval’s RX-78-2 with the Ver 1.5 frame, 2x Destiny Extreme Blast Mode, Strike Freedom Full Burst, Exia Ignition Mode, The O, Full Armor Gundam, Deathscythe EW, Sword Impulse, G-Armor, Guntank, Zeta 2.0 HD version, Gundam Mk II Titans HD Version and I think there are a couple more…

    I’ve also got the PG Wing Zero Custom and some random High Grade kits. Luckily, I’m a lazy snapper for the most part :-P. The problem is Bandai keeps releasing things I want! I’ll be ordering Deathscythe Hell EW and Shenlong EW as well, if they release any other Gundam Wing MG’s this year, I will be buying those too!

    • Joe says:

      Oops! Forgot to mention the RG RX-78-2

      • neosonic says:

        lol.. Joe.. it is madness….

        I thought… mg strike freedom and rein weissreiter sit on my shelf for two years is waste of resources…
        But your stock is overkill man…. I bet you don’t want to even start building when you start count how many things are in your backlogs….

      • Joe says:

        @neosonic: Actually when I think about all the kits I have it makes we want to start on them right away. Many of these kits were gotten over the past three months or so. I would have most of these built, but I work retail and during the holiday season, that’s about all I do is work. Now we are in the slow season, I will get a bit of time off to build!

        The hard part is always deciding what to build next. However, I have a list for that, just have to stick to it 😛

  4. Dennis says:

    I hear ya….Lots here too….

    Working on an MG: RX-78-2 Ver. Ka; an MG: Zaku II F2 and an RG: Char Zaku II. I just received the MG: Sinanju; MG: Full Armour Gundam and the MG: Infinate Justice and of course I have on order an MG Sword Impulse; the MG PGM-003 “The O” the HG Harute; HG Arios; HG EWACS Zack; and the RG RX-78-2. Plus I’m sure that I’ll get or order lots more.

  5. Evan August says:

    Happy new year my Gunpla friends! Resolution- get my Exia finished, get PG 00’s frame built, and then move on from there. Lots of others waiting!

  6. Gamedingo says:

    Well I have no idea what gunpla lies in my future, but I am currently building RG Char’s Zaku II and I have 1/144 Graham’s Union Flag Custom sitting next to my desk waiting to be built. I have to say that I really wanna see that Barzam kit get built, I’m a sucker for Gundam MK II 🙂

  7. Busterbeam says:

    BARZAM!!! Nice! Oh man I’m SO excited about that one! You got the Titans Mk.2 as well! Granted we both have different plans in mind. Damn dude… BARZAM. Sweet.

    Anyway the things I want to do this year are insane. For now I’m just looking at HGUC Sinanju, MG Exia, and finishing my MG G04 at long last. Those 3 will probably take me the year. I’d like to do a upgrade intensive project too… So i’m actually looking and finally doing justice to the first Gundam I ever bought. A NG S-Gundam. more about that here if youre interested.

  8. neosonic says:

    I have got most of my backlogs done during my christmas break.. what a relief…
    Macross kit is too fragile for my taste, no polycaps makes it worse..

    my first priority will be MG wing zero custom because his most anticipated friend will come at february, the rest can wait. oo yea, sr-1 led mirage is the oldest kit in my backlog, need to do it too.

    hg from gundam uc can wait till I finish with seed and 00 series kit.. :p

  9. syd says:

    Wow, we sure like hoarding our stuff. Glad to see it’s not just me. Looking forward to seeing some of the kits listed in the Reader Submission section. (hint, hint)

  10. Joe says:

    Well, I’ve got my own blog, so no reader submissions from me :-P.

    Yeah, my collection has been building ever steadily for a year or more. I save my money for Gunpla in a jar, once it’s up to $300 or so, I jump on the best sale I can find. If there’s no sale, I just keep saving until there is one! I do need to pick up some more first grade kits and some other cheapies for painting practice and contest entries.

  11. sonar says:

    I know how that feels. I went through 3/4 of 2010 not feeling particularly inspired by any of the releases. 2011 is proving to be the opposite for me so far with several kits I’m very keen on:
    I am pretty intent on picking up the ReZEL Commander. Much like your Sword Impulse I had a great time building the ReZEL and I would gladly do it again. I’m quite interested in the upcoming MG Shenlong as well, but I fear that if I own one I will have to own them all. Very keen for SD Sinanju, the rumoured GP01 Ver 2.0, and regrettably the idea of a PG SF is growing on me as well.

    My to-do list… sheesh this is going to be demotivating

    Finish reshaping warped ReZEL piece, prime, and paint ReZEL
    Finish sanding Gelgoog Commander Ver. Cima, drill detail part holes, prime, and paint
    Disassemble, sand, prime and paint HG Beargguy
    Finish snapping PG Astray
    Prime and paint 1/48 ANA Gundam that I snapped over the weekend
    Snap HG Gouf Custom
    Snap SD Unicorn
    Snap Gundam Leopard and Leopard-D
    Snap HG GP01
    Revise Unicorn for flaws in primer, build and prime gatlings, acquire one more shield, paint
    Fix primer flaws on Sinanju and paint, build bazooka
    Paint Musha
    Paint MG God
    Paint RX-78 OYW
    Paint RX-78 2.0 frame
    Prime MG Acguy
    Prime Kshatriya
    Prime MG Blue Frame
    Then it will be 2020 xD

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