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I wrote out this entry in the thread on the Gundam Australia Forum which shares the title with this series of blog posts.  Everyone who hasn’t checked out the thread there or the Gundam Australia Forum should head there now! There’s some great stuff there. Here’s what I wrote.

I was going to make a post on my site wrapping up the ReZEL but I wanted to do it here instead as the whole point of me building it was to participate here. I have been sporadic with my contributions to the thread and while some of it is due to me being busier than ever with work, etc., there is another aspect which perhaps I didn’t allude to in my posts here or on my site. Mainly, it’s that I started getting frustrated with the process of making Iron Man ReZEL.

When I hacked off ReZEL’s thang, I had envisioned using plastic and putty to make a replacement piece, and the plastic worked well enough but my putty work is lacking and the result, while not visible in my gallery photos for the most part (which is intentional) is still noticeable.

You can also see where the paint didn’t go on well.

The next frustration that came my way was the face mask. The gold went on fine, then I masked and sprayed the clear red coats. When it came time to remove the masking tape the small piece for the bottom of ReZEL’s face snapped. Yes, snapped from removing masking tape. As I had already painted, masked, and painted and I didn’t wish to wait for replacement parts, I glued it together and luckily it didn’t turn out too terrible.

After I had painted all the pieces, I noticed that the gold parts for the backpack had red spots on them. I must have sprayed the red in too close a proximity to the already gold painted parts. I even tried repainting the gold pieces but there is still some red there. Perhaps no one but me will notice.

I had written how I wanted to install an LED. (I was actually hoping everyone forgot that part, 😉 ) Well, that plan did not come to fruition. When I was assembling the kit after painting to see how the panel lines lined up, etc, trying to get the hatch cover in place caused a piece to snap. Aargh. I didn’t want to order parts from Bandai (remember this point), and in the back of my mind I still wanted this kit to transform which meant taking up the space in the chest with a battery would prohibit that so I glued the hatch back in place pretty much eliminating any possibility of an LED being used there.
While I was gluing that hatch back in place some glue must have gotten on my finger because, as I was pressing the glued pieces together, some red paint came off on my thumb. I used a gundam marker to color over the exposed gold.

As I was putting the final subsections of the kit together I had a little problem with the arm joints. Well, make that a big problem. The small joints in the shoulders broke, thus rendering it unable to transform properly. Sigh. As there are two sets of joints per arm due to the transformation engineering the arms stay on the kit and stay in place but I can’t go too crazy with any poses otherwise I risk having the arms fall off never to be put back on. I am thinking it is the black paint that weakened these pieces causing them to break easily.

Ironically, as I kept refraining from ordering parts to fix it because i was so close to being finished and I had a lot of other projects going on at the time, I lost a piece and had to send away for replacement in order to finish this project.

There it is. I am glad I finished this kit despite all the tribulations it caused near the end. That said, the latter part of the project wasn’t as enjoyable as the first and I feel mine doesn’t measure up to some of the other ReZEL’s found in this thread. I am grateful, however, for the chance to be part of it.

edit: I might just post this over on my site as it reads pretty well.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    it does read well and im glad you put it here. sorry to hear about the bad luck but that just seems to be the way with some of these projects. does anything EVER go completely according to plan? oh well, its over now so time to move on!

  2. Joe says:

    Syd, you put a lot of hard work into the ReZEL and as much as you see flaw in the work, I see some very good added touches. I like the over all shape, as I said in the gallery post. Your putty work is not the worst I’ve seen. A bit more practice and I think you’ll be great with putty work. Just be sure with epoxy you have as close to equal amounts as possible and mix it thoroughly and then give it another mix just to be sure. This is why I tend to use the slower drying stuff.

    Don’t sweat it, GaiGun, it’s not a bad looking Iron ReZEL Man.

  3. Dennis says:

    Syd, don’t be hard on yourself, it looks great. Being critical of your own work shows that you care about what you’re doing. I have to admit there hasn’t been anything I built myself that I’ve been 100% happy with. If I ever look at something I build and say to myself “that’s perfect” or something like I’ll stop modeling because that is an indication that there’s not room for improvement. I’m sorry about all your issues you’ve had with this kit, I’ve had my share on various projects and I know that it is NOT fun when you spend 20+ hours working on something and you discover some problem(s) that needs to be addressed and you’re nearly finished. All in all you put alot of time and effort into this kit and it shows in the finished piece.

  4. Zeta Newtype says:

    To watch this project evolve into what it was and being an Iron Man fan myself, I have to say it has been a damned pleasure, Syd. You did a great job and despite the issues you had, you pulled through and made a damn good Gunpla. You are definitely a Newtype!

  5. sonar says:

    Imperfections aside it looks great mate. Many of them I’d not have looked that closely to pick up had you not pointed them out. Sucks about the shoulder joints though.

    This is one unlucky kit. It seems so many of us in the GB are having issues be it losing parts, damaging pieces, or what have you.

    My ReZEL is now prepped for priming after a quite long hiatus thanks to a productive evening chatting with MAC & GAF community members from around the world on skype. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong. Knock on wood!

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