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kit: 1/100 MG RGZ-95 ReZEL

Gundam Australia Forum ReZEL Group Build Project

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  1. Joe says:

    I love the physical mods you did on this. And the colors are painted very nicely. I would have liked to see more gold to break up all the red.

    • Joe says:

      I think I have changed my mind. It’s not like you were trying to make ReZEL into Iron Man, right?! Iron Man was just the inspiration. I guess I got it into my head that this was going to be Iron Man. But after looking at it as what it is (A Custom ReZEL) it’s actually pretty F-ing amazing without a bunch of gold. Like I said before, the mods are done really well. I LOVE the way the added panel lines turned out in the chest area. And the paint job looks great! Could not have chosen a better red, Syd.

  2. Tom says:

    I like how you made the sensors on the shoulders white to make them match the white orb on Iron Man’s chest. I think you could have added a bit more gold here and there, but that’s just me. Nice work Syd.

  3. Busterbeam says:

    everything Tom said. Nice job! wheres the backpack?!

  4. Dennis says:

    Nicely done, but I agree with Joe that there should be more gold to break up the red. The original image of the finished model I had in my head was like the Mk VI from Iron Man 2. Red is spot on to the movie. Now what other comic book characters can be used as the basis for a Gunpla paint scheme :)…..

  5. syd says:

    I was going for a look similar to the Mark IV. There is less gold on that version and it’s the one I like the most. I agree that there are some places that could use more gold though.

  6. sonar says:

    I love it! The tones of both the red and the gold are just perfectly complimentary. Really love to see some gold panel lines 🙂 Damn it I still haven’t seen Ironman 2 yet either!

  7. Zeta Newtype says:

    Looks great, Syd…it’s just missing something…..Oh yes! A burger king whooper or a martini glass! 😀

  8. Shinra says:

    Looks great!

    Aw, Iron Man doesn’t get a beam rifle?

  9. kevingundam2 says:

    it looks pretty nice overall but you got a whole bunch of things u can work on. i noticed that the chest was cracked and so is the head so im assuming you put the piece in some kind of enamel bath. yea putting plastic pieces in such a strong liquid isnt the best idea, itll pretty much melt it and ull end up with a piece thats been crumbled in a billion pieces. also the spray paint job is extremely thick which can be seen because of the inconsistencies of the paint. i suggest u use Tamiya at your local hobbytown. its so much better since it gives it an even coating. also when changing colors, its best you use primer since a color transition from blue to red requires ALOT of paint so use laquer white primer to protect you pieces from corrosive enamel paint. should also get a scriber to scribe panel lines into the suit. looks like you slashed through the thick layers of paint with a toothpick.

    • syd says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      The head is cracked. The piece broke apart when I was removing the masking tape. I think I wrote that already. I didn’t use any enamel on this kit.

      I used Tamiya paint. I sprayed gold onto the blue and then red over top of that. I think I wrote that already. I scribed the panel lines with a scriber. I think I wrote that already, too.

    • Woodfish says:

      Hello. I’m just a bit confused here. Since when enamel paints go as corrosive paints? And it doesn’t require a lot of paint. I’ve done transitions from black to yellow (Syd did yellow from red too which is a HUGE change) using a really thin, see-through coat of matt white (yes enamel paint) which had a follow-up of yellow of the same (yes enamel again!) matt paint.
      Had no problems there. Two coats of yellow used so yeah, it didn’t corrode, eat up my paint or make my Devil Gundam have a meltdown. Anyway, most of the stuff you wrote comes from school books of every “gunplar” out there, including me. And we all wrote our own books, painting included. I agree it could be done a bit better but let’s be honest here, it isn’t all that bad either. The red is a “nail of nails” and that pale gold is on spot too. I’d give it 10/10 for paint and 8-10 for everything else. And ofcourse 15/10 for the effort of showing it to the world, fearless of criticism. Thumbs up S²!

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