Gaijin Gunpla

Before I get into the build of the new Extreme Gundam I know there are some people who are curious as to what was inside the included silver package.

Well, here you go!

A code! Looks to me like a PS3 code but that’s as far as I have thought about it. I don’t see myself using this code anytime soon, if at all. Still nice to have free stuff!

I don’t anticipate anything revolutionary with this HG, but am not disappointed by that. Even a simple HG is good times. It starts just like most HG I’ve assembled.

One big piece for the front of the torso together with this cool transparent blue piece.

I am not a sucker for clear parts but the cool blue tone of the Extreme Gundam sits well with me. Blue like this must have a calming effect. That’s my theory, which is mine.

Here’s the completed torso. Not much to point out but I should mention that the yellow piece at the top of the chest needs to be inserted at the correct angle otherwise it will interfere with the next part. That goes without saying of course, but this is a blog so I gotta write something. 😉


This backpack has a different look than your regular gundam kits with the round thrusters. The square thrusters draw your attention and the fact they pivot is a good touch.

Is it extreme yet?

The head was a little surprising. To be honest, I have no idea of the story behind the Extreme Gundam game and characters, though I did play a few rounds of the arcade game in a game center in Akihabara with ASM where I got my ass handed to me. (Not by ASM but the computer. There was some ass-handing when we got on Tekken. Ass-handing? I’m not sure that’s a good term for what I was writing about.) Oh ya. The head.

You can see it’s the standard gundam look complete with red part for the chin and eyes and the sticker. However, the back of the head looks like this.

Is that a face? If it is a face, why is there no eye sticker? And if it is a face that has a function, why am I covering it up with these other pieces?

I guess I need to wait until the end to discover the rhyme and reason for this design. Okay, Bandai. I trust you.

Arms are standard for an HG so I don’t feel the need to elaborate much. Pictures are worth a thousand words anyway (at time of this sentence word count is at 428, so says WordPress).

I like how the clear blue parts are utilized in the arms and shoulders. Just enough to give a smooth, unique look without going overboard. The articulation is adequate as well and it should be, this guy’s gotta play the guitar. (I keep going back to that.)

And the top half of the Extreme Gundam is finished. What do you guys think? I’m liking it so far.

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  1. Tom says:

    It looks fairly unique compare to other gundams. Mainly because of the clear blue parts around the body.

  2. Sunny says:

    Yeah, that blue does give it a nice feel to it. I wish Bandai would had made a blue clear part for the gem 😛
    I like how the newer HG have more than 1 part for the chest armor, I especially like the the Hi Nu in that regard. I’ll post some pics of mine when i’m done with it on HLJ.

  3. Dennis says:

    Looks good so far for an MG; I didn’t want it originally based on what I saw online of the prototype now that I see it, it’s sort of growing on me. The clear parts make it pop. The chest color; is that metallic blue I see? Oh, I’m not positive but someone told me the codes included with the Japanese release kits are for use with the arcades in Japan. Not sure if that’s the case, but that was what I was told.

  4. Krelik says:

    you must be a busy man.

  5. neosonic says:

    honestly, if bandai can make this clear blue parts, why didn’t they give clear blue parts to hg gundam x, they deserve it.. 🙁

    • TacoBeard says:

      Um maybe cause the X was released earlier? Just a thought. from what i have seen, before this kit the clear blue parts they gave were to light.

  6. the13thprince says:

    I was on the fence when this kit came out but so far I am liking what I am seeing. Hopefully they still have this in stock at our local hobby shop. Thanks Syd.

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