Gaijin Gunpla

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

I always wanted to use that line. Unfortunately,(or possibly fortunately?), I was never in a position to do so.

Not a great way to start a review of a new Gundam kit, perhaps, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bust that out. So how does Nobell measure up?

I’ve already written about how much I liked the G Gundam.  Still, I had no plans to build his partner until one ended up in my hands.  There are some unique aspects to this kit, one of which of course is that it is not your regular Gundam.

Overall Look : 8/10

The look is definitely unique but leans more towards the cute side with the ribbons, etc, than the giant fighting robot side. It’s not terrible to look at, and Bandai did a good job with it as an HG kit, yet it just doesn’t get my attention the way other kits do. The proportions are well done, in my opinion, which gets it some points.

Colors : 6/10

Hurray for the red, white and blue? As a result of the look of the kit not standing out for me the colors succumb to the same fate. Sure these colors are a Gundam staple but that doesn’t mean I just have to accept them every time.

Weapons : 8/10

What you see in this picture is what you get. No rifle? Sure, she’s a girl but they have trigger finger, too. The Beam Ribbons, on the other hand, are great! I wasn’t sure what to expect with them but once I started taking photos they really stood out. There’s lots of fun to be had with these things if you’ve got the time and patience.

Articulation : 8/10

Articulation is pretty standard for an HG kit with ample movement of the arms at the shoulders and the legs at the hips. What really needs mentioning is the ankle. I mentioned in a previous post that all that is there to join the foot to the leg is a ball which slides into the lower leg frame. At first I thought this was sure to be loose, and it is, but the upside of this design is that you have no constraints on which way you want the foot to go. For a kit that will be posed in many feminine stances, this is excellent.

Build Design : 7/10

(very Japanese)

No complaints on the design but nothing special here either. The aforementioned ankle joints and beam ribbons are great. Other than those there’s not much innovative or, to be honest, interesting. It works as it should, though. And if I had to choose between a bland but functioning kit and a extravagant one that couldn’t hold itself together I would choose the former.

Fun Factor : 7/10
If you’re looking to enjoy a nice build without having to concentrate too deeply then this kit is for you. It’s enjoyable for the short time you’re doing it. I can’t really say that would be the case if the build dragged on, however, posing it is a lot of fun as you get to do something completely different from what you have in the past. Well, I did anyway.

Extras : 8/10

The Beam Ribbons were well thought out and the included base to which you can attach one end of the Beam Ribbon to keep it in place is welcomed. I also appreciate that Bandai included a stand, which in my opinion should be done for every kit. The V for victory hand is charming and the included hands which allow G Gundam to hold Nobell were an excellent idea from Bandai.

That said, it was really a task to get these kits into this position. Something was always in the way or falling off. I am glad to get another chance to play with the G Gundam again, though.

If you’re looking for a unique kit or a break from building regular mobile suits then be sure to check out the Nobell. Be warned, however, that you won’t find anything revolutionary here. It’s cute, though. Maybe turn it into an AKB48-Nobell… Hmm..

“くせ に なるわ”

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  1. Dennis says:


    Guess she’s going to braid you to death with the ribbons of doom….

  2. CMO says:

    This is a unique build. I am actually thinking about getting it for my girlfriend. Granted, I will be the one probably building it (not on purpose of course…).

    I have a question for you Syd, or even any of the other fellow gunpla builders out there. Is painting a good idea for HG kits? For example this Nobel kit. If I were to buy the classic colors; white, yellow, red and blue, paint all the runners, would it add that much more detail to the already painted kit, or is it a waste of time? So I guess my ultimate question is, when is painting a kit, worth it? Is it for customization only, eg. if I wanted to change the colors of the kit? I’m still relatively new to gunpla and appreciate all the feedback from everybody.

    • Dennis says:

      I’d paint it if I were you. Painted models in my opinion look more realistic. Plastic on it’s own has this appearance that I don’t like on finished kits. If you use decals they look better on painted models after you seal them on. You can also add your own personal touches to make it your own.

      • CMO says:

        Dennis, thanks alot for your suggestion. I am going to try it out on the Reborns Gundam HG kit that I have. I am going to pick up a few colors, try painting it and also will paint on the panel line details. Maybe this would be a good reader submission entry to the GG community. Syd, would that be a good idea?

  3. syd says:

    Painting an HG kit is a great place to start. There aren’t a terribly large amount of parts and most don’t need masking. If you’re wanting to take the step into the world of painting Gunpla I can’t think of a better way to go.

  4. Dennis says:

    For panel lining try using the Gundam Marker pencil. It looks great and any mistakes can be taken off with an eraser. Just be sure to get extra leads for it as they only give afew with it and they break easily. It’s what I use most of the time on lighter colors. It’s grey when it’s applied which in my opinion looks more realistic then black on lighter colors. Definately submit the photos of the Reborn which is a great one to start off painting with. Anything from double 0 would awesome. I’m sure Syd will be happy to put it up.

  5. DerZocker says:

    Someone should use a batch of Nobells to create a Team of Sailor Senshi mechs*g

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