Gaijin Gunpla

Back to work on my first ever Macross kit and so far so good. Once again I took out the runners I would need to use.

Including this runner:

This picture doesn’t show it well but it’s actually an olive-drab kind of color. I like Olive Drab. I really, really like Olive Drab.

One half of the runner is used for this assembly:

While the other half, not surprisingly, is used the same way.

Next I assembled some kind of joint.

With that joint I then put together another kind of assembly. My apologies for being vague but I don’t know what these are yet.

That small assembly coupled with the olive drab pieces gives me this… thing.

I actually didn’t quite snap this thing together properly at first which is why there is a noticeable gap between the two olive drab pieces.  Don’t worry, though, I went back and fixed it.

That gets put to the side in favor of working on a new sub-assembly which features some unique movable parts.

You can see the movable pieces on each end when you’re finished this section. There’s a lot of bending going on, but that should be the case when you consider it transforms from battroid to gerwalk to fighter.

With that done I get to start applying the armor pieces.

(Yes. I see that nub. I’ll take care of it, don’t you worry.)

Using a long slender piece on either side, attaching to each sub-assembly…

It does look like a fish, or fish skeleton, I should say.

Now to the grey colored runner! (why does that feel exciting?)

Interestingly, this one large piece has a hollow into which this small piece fits leaving me to wonder why it was molded as two pieces to begin with.

Add that to my fish skeleton.

From there add a couple of armor pieces, one of which has a small amount of motion.

And a couple of big armor pieces later and voila! (voila is french for “look at my giant robot piece!”)

The last part of this build is actually putting on this very small ball joint.

Once all that is done here is what you have made.

It’s a leg! Eureka!

Then the manual has you go through the process a second time.

Two legs!

While different from any Gundam model kit I have assembled up to this point it definitely has the same feel when it comes to assembling a Macross kit. With the legs completed and out of the way I am starting to feel I am making some progress, probably due to having something tangible to look at as I continue to move forward. I haven’t even looked ahead in the manual so I don’t know what the next step will be but I am looking forward to it.

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  1. Ken says:

    Haha you’re right it does look like a fish skeleton

  2. Sei says:

    SLIM ! or should i say SLENDER ? better yet, it’s supposed to be called AERODYNAMIC !! 😀

  3. glaurung says:

    That looks like a very sleek model, at least the leg units part.

    Do you use any specific method to remove the nubs? I have a Lucifer Brera stashed away somewhere that I kind of want to start building after reading this blog post.

    • syd says:

      Hi glaurung,

      I just use a hobby knife to trim away the excess get left after cutting the part off the runner. I used to sand every piece but depending on the paint the sanding marks would show. I use the knife more than sandpaper nowadays.

  4. Dennis says:

    Yes, starting to look like a robot. For some reason I cannot understand the grey parts go me excited too… lol…

  5. Sunny says:

    hehe grats on finishing the legs, I liked macross kits because they are different.

    off topic, say syd, could i order a replacement piece for my RG gundam via HLJ, cause i don’t live in Japan and well Bandai doesnt ship extra parts outside of Japan. I’ll say which part en then you guys can just ship it together with my next shipment of kits ?

    • Dennis says:

      Go to this website; they have a parts replacement service and can get them for you. Just give them the runner and part number. Just an FYI that it can take upwards of a month or more for them to get the part in.

  6. Srihari says:

    you shoudl try the hasegawa kits 🙂 they’re good too

  7. Z says:

    I see that you really really really like Olive Drab! /repeating the obvious.

    Transforming gundams are like my worst gunpla nightmare but Macross models… whew.. all those little parts, sliding and locking…

  8. Sunny says:

    Transforming mecha, yes please 😛 As i said before, I’m a sucker for those transforming ones, Z, ZZ, Macross F fire bomber 😛 build them all and like it a lot. Although I have to concede, macross kits do have loads of small moving parts >.<", and me with big fat fingers ain't helping it along 😛

  9. Dennis says:

    Sunny, you’re welcome…. Syd actually told me about them so props should go to him.

  10. Butagami says:

    Wow, never really paid attention to macross, but their designs are looking pretty sweet. They’re way sleeker than gundam kits. even the transformable gundams still keep a certain “boxiness” to them. Maybe I’ll pick one up when I’m feeling rich 🙂

  11. Margery says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >Macross Tornado Messiah
    #3 : Gaijin Gunpla <Liked it!

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