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Last weekend was nice and clear so I was able to paint the Nobell but before I started the process I pulled out the paint cans I would use to assess whether or not I would have enough paint to do the job.  The paint cans were almost empty but the Nobell was small so I thought I had a chance.  The Dark Gun Metal, Red and Yellow were fine but I was scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, with the blue.  I did manage to paint all the blue pieces however was not satisfied and decided they needed another coat so off to the Toys R Us I went and picked up another can.

Last night I set about putting her back together.  We can rebuild her.  We have the technology.

Now that I’m putting her together for the final time I can apply the stickers that came with the kit.

And are they ever small. The Nobell is a small kit in itself but the white stickers that they give you aren’t meant to cover an entire section of a part but rather to act as a line to break up certain areas.

And just like her counterpart, G Gundam, I used an aurora sticker on the chest.

Here’s the completed torso:

And the head:

And the big thing that attaches to the back of the head which looks like hair but probably serves some important mechanical function that I am unaware of:

You can see I have done the panel lines with Gundam marker as I did with the G.

Here’s the left leg. This one has a section that requires a sticker while the opposite leg does not.

And the skirt. Very girly. Yes. A very girly skirt, unlike all the other skirts I have assembled. Does it feel weird reading that?

With that all done I will apply some top coat and then start on the decals. I have to dig through my spare decal box to see if I have enough of the right kind. Next up should be her own gallery.

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  1. Ken says:

    Hey Syd I’m the one who just sent you a request on facebook i’m a huuuuuuuuuge fan of yours

    • syd says:

      Hi Ken,

      I saw the friend request. My personal facebook I use for keeping track of close friends and family so I tell everyone that knows of me via Gunpla and who sends me a friend request to join my Gaijin Gunpla facebook group. (otherwise you would have to read me complaining about the japanese government and posting pictures of my daughter all over the place which is boring for most people. haha)

  2. Krelik says:

    “And the skirt. Very girly. Yes. A very girly skirt” lmao I love it xD “Girly” or “Girlie” I call girls that sometimes
    o 3o xD

  3. Tom says:

    The eyes look a little derp… O.o

  4. Zeta Newtype says:

    The return of Sailor Gundmoon!

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