Gaijin Gunpla

As I have been doing each session with the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom, before I started the head I took out all the runners that I would need. The pile isn’t so big this time but it includes some interesting parts.

Here’s the bag that includes everything (except batteries) that I will need to get this head to light up.

And here are the batteries that are required. I picked up these at a 100 yen store. Let’s hope they have some life in them.

Before I started any assembling of the head I wanted to make sure the LED would work so I plugged the batteries in and did a test.


Head time! This is pretty much the same as an MG with some added pieces and a lack of any kind of sticker.

It looks awesome already and all I have built is the face!

From there I take the last of my B runner (IIRC). Amusingly, because this was the last part of the B runner I had cut off the used runner and left only these pieces and in doing so forgot it was the B runner. It took me a bit to find it amongst the many runners still in the PG box.

I previously wrote that I thought the little balls that attach to the housing for the cylinders in the torso were the smallest pieces in the build. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Look at the vulcans.

Attach those and a couple other pieces to the frame and you’ve got this:

As I mentioned previously the head is like a 1/60 scale MG type build so I didn’t bother to take pics of the armor application, but here’s a shot of the pieces.

The good and bad of the V fins. There’s some text on the small red plastic piece, which my camera had a hard time bringing in to focus. Good!

And when I looked at the V fins from behind I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

I can understand that it isn’t a solid piece but it does look tacky compared to the high level of the rest of the build. Bad.

Here’s a shot of the finished head. Awesomeness plasticified. (Did I just make up words?)

And the LED?

BAM! That just happened.

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  1. LogicBomb says:

    i also didn´t like the V fin, but my main problem with the head is the yellow head camera, its suposed to be blue, and its so simple to do it, one white LED , blue clear piece for the camera and yellow clear piece for the eyes.

  2. Tom says:

    Every other PGs had hallow V-Fins syd.

  3. sonar says:

    With batteries you typically get what you pay for. The risk you run with cheaper batteries is that they will leak with time. The best quality cell batteries on the market are Seiko/Seizaken for silver oxide and Maxell for lithium IMO.

  4. sonar says:

    I would speculate that the V fins have to be moulded that way to make them rigid without being brittle, judging by the criss cross support beams. It’s a very quick and simple job to fill that with some putty.

  5. Noein says:

    I agree w/ sonar about the putty thing. But it depends if he’s planning on painting it as well.

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