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The HGUC Sinanju is one of my favorite HG kits of them all and when pics of the Titanium Version started hitting the web I knew I had to have it right away (even though I may not be able to get to building it for some time due to, um… a national emergency of epic proportions).

I previously made an attempt to create my own extra-type of finish Sinanju but now I can just sit back and enjoy the beauty of this kit because Bandai has done all the work for me.

Box art is a twist on that of the original HG, but still looks badass, nonetheless.

Box Contents:

Just like predecessor which makes me quite happy. The amount of extras it came with was amazing for an HG kit.

Look at that red!


This might be the best part, actually. Gone is that blah yellow and a goldish color (similar to the frame on the PG Strike Freedom) takes its place. This should have been on the original kit, if you ask me.

Even the white parts are Titanium Finish. They probably did this batch when they were doing the Titanium Unicorn Destroy Mode runners.

Even the manual has been redone with picture of the amazing finished version of the kit.

At some point I will build this. And when I do so, I’ll be using the Bandai water-slide decals!

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  1. alpha5005 says:

    I’m wondering how to remove the nubs from this Titanium kit.
    Could you advise what’s the best thing to do? Thanks… 🙂

  2. Priza says:

    Great kit but a shame its price is almost equal to an MG.which one do you recommend?this kit or the MG sword Impulse.Can’t choose both since I’m saving up for college.Anyway, quite a shame you couldn’t build it in the near future.But it’s good to hear you and your family are OK.

  3. QantaRaiser says:

    well its good to you trying to get new stuff up, but no need to rush, take your time, we will all wait.

  4. Dennis says:

    Looks nice, but it’s so expensive compared to the original. For the price Bandai should have undergated the parts at least so you don’t ruin the finish. How are you planning on fixing that issue?

    • syd says:

      Yes, I agree it is expensive, however undergating the parts would mean Bandai would have had to make all new molds which costs thousands of dollars and most likely would have made the kit even more expensive than it is now. The extra price comes from the work that has to be done on each runner to give it the Titanium Finish.

  5. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    You sir have acquired a beautiful kit, this will kit shines in any shelf ^^

  6. Tom says:

    One can never have too much Sinanjus I guess ^^;

  7. Rinaldi Suhardiono says:

    This Kit is amazing… I never even think about any flaw of this kit… everything looks perfect… Hope I can buy one of this kit so I can complete the Collection of my Sinanju.. and still waiting for a chance Bandai will release a Perfect Grade one for this Beautiful ‘Red Comet’ Monsters 🙂

  8. LeCarEspin says:

    You’ve mentioned that you’ve previously made attempt to make your own extra-finish sinanju. I was planning to make mine too but I totally have no idea how to do that. So, what was you’re plan to make your regular sinanju to have an extra-finish coating?

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