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As always, here’s the pile. Maybe always isn’t the most appropriate word but it does feel like I’ve been working on this for a long period of time.

This pile is actually for the backpack. Once the body is finished the manual takes you through the assembly of the backpack so that you can mount it to the stand.
More small parts!

It’s interesting that you use a ball joint to assemble them allowing them to move, yet the movement is very limited so I wonder why Bandai even bothered. Then again, it is a Perfect Grade.

From the small parts we move onto some big honkin’ pieces. You can see the poly-cap type piece which is inserted into each side. These will be what the Dragoons plug into.

Then just enclose the previous section you built and you’re pretty much done most of the work.

These next part stuck me as kind of strange, or perhaps I should write absurd. First you put on a small piece of the dark gold color (which I like), and then put the armor on.

Then you put the armor on either side.

But there is still a lot of the lame gold (which I don’t like) showing. Why only one small piece of the good gold. Does it even make a difference?
(I will show you a better pick of what I am talking about later, once the build is complete.)

Plug this thing into the back of the suit, and…

You are now ready to use the stand. I should give Bandai props and mention that the way the stand attaches is designed very well and you won’t be able to notice the grooves for the stand unless you are looking at the kit from a very odd angle, almost straight below it.



It actually was pretty difficult to get this picture. My camera kept focusing on my beverage in the background.

To get the suit onto the stand the easiest way is to push down on the rear skirt center block to create enough room to move the stand into position. You can then move the skirt back up once it’s in place.

And that’s it (for now). Next up…

The Beam Rifles!

Da pile.

And a runner I haven’t yet touched. Not surprisingly, really, when you remember just how much there is to this kit.

The first step on the first rifle is this… (I really don’t know what else to say about it…)

(…except that, you need to be careful when assembling this. There are two hollows into which you line up two grooves and I mistakenly only lined up one of them. I didn’t notice my error until I had assembled almost the entire thing and was trying to get it to change forms.)

Here’s the main part of the first beam rifle.

The design of the handles is really well done. Because this rifle combines with the other to make a longer, um.. more uh.. powerful? rifle the handle has to fold up into the body, however due to its length it can’t just fold up, but instead Bandai has designed it so you pull back on it and then swing it up into place.

The barrel of the rifle.

You can see how this is designed to elongate.

Next is the armor application and there’s some tricky gates on these runners.

For example,

You can see how they designed the mold for this piece. Getting in there and tidying up the gate marks required some dexterity.

Once you do get the gate marks removed, and you need to do it properly otherwise the armor won’t sit right, you put the armor into place by pulling out on it slightly to allow the grooves to line up and then push them into place. They made this piece flexible enough that you don’t need to worry about it breaking while you do this, and thank goodness for that because I had to remove it a couple of times to fix mistakes I previously mentioned.

The second rifle is much the same but it does have it’s own unique characteristics.

This part is designed so that when you extend the rifle the scope pops up.

The back of this rifle is designed to pull out from the body when combining it with the other rifle.

And this section near the barrel of the rifle also pulls down (for reasons I have yet to discover.)

Because I want to build this whole suit half-armored to show readers what is going on under the armor I also decided not to armor the second rifle. But I will show some shots of them together.

So concludes part 7 of the Work In Progress. Part 8 will be all about the Dragoons and that will be it for the test build. I know a lot of readers have already seen the fully (half) assembled kit on Gunpla TV, but I still feel I can be more in-depth through written form and am enjoying the whole process and want to share it. Once the Dragoon post is up I’ll post a review but of just the kit as I’ve test-built it. After that… S2 time!

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