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I’ve not yet built any of the HG Unicorn kits, although I did assist my nephew to build a HG Unicorn Mode kit which I gave to him when I visited Canada last October. I’ve read in various places that a lot of people prefer the HG Destroy Mode kit over the MG version so I have always had it in my head to give it a try at some point. When the Titanium Finish version was announced my interest was piqued but when I heard from my good friend, ASM, that there was going to be an ANA version as well, I knew exactly which one I wanted.  And the long-awaited day, the awaiting made even longer by earthquakes, finally arrived I was one happy camper.


The white is the same as the Titanium Finish, of course.

Yet, the psycho frame parts are all that cool transparent blue. Ahh. Refreshing.

Here’s the sheet of marking stickers. These are the very thin type and look great once on, but are very adhesive and difficult to use at times.

Buster over at Plamo Addiction has been working on his as well and taking some good shots showing the various parts. Rather than be redundant I’ll just show sections.

Here’s the torso. I was surprised to find that Bandai makes the modeler use a white sticker over top of the shoulder cannons instead of having a separate piece.

They fit very well and are small enough you don’t really notice, however the stickers haven’t been Titanium-fied (that’s right. I just made up a word.) so there is some contrast there.

The backpack is as sexy as always. It’s here you note some faults with the Titanium Finish. The underside of some parts haven’t had the extra finish sufficiently applies so you can see the silver undercoating below.
You can see some other blemishes with the finish on the feet.

Destroy mode head in ANA glory! However, I wish I could trim the V-fins without ruining the Titanium finish.

A couple of sexy shoulders.


I’ve always felt the feet on the Destroy Mode version of the Unicorn were a little, how should I put this? Overdone. With the MG, when you are transforming into Destroy Mode you flip the heel armor down making it look like it’s wearing heels. For some reason the HG version doesn’t give me that feeling. Maybe if I had a Unicorn Mode kit to stand it next to I would notice it more.

Bandai’s done a great job with the legs on this kit, using enough parts to get the look almost perfect. I think my favorite part of this kit is the Titanium finish on the frame.

Enough chit-chat, onto the pictures!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Nice, I was hesitant on getting one of these titanium finish versions kits because of visible gate marks, but the metallic Gundam Markers really help disguise any that are left sfter assembly.

  2. Gamedingo says:

    Wow, you did a really good job on hiding the gate marks! I think the blue looks really good, these ANA kits all look awesome!

  3. Tom says:

    What a beautiful kit! The clear blue is really refreshing. So how many words have you made up already? XD

  4. Fernando Costa says:

    I’ve always liked these ANA kits, but where can foreigners purchase them other than ebay, where the prices are insane?

    • Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

      If you don’t think 120$ is overpriced, Gundam Guy’s GGInfinite store has the ANA Gundams in stock for limited times. The RX-0’s on preorder right now.
      I mean, if you have to buy an airplane ticket to be allowed to buy this guy for, what, 30$, 120$ sounds dang reasonable.

      • Fernando Costa says:

        Honestly, $120 is $100 more than what I’d pay for a HG kit.
        Sure you have to buy the plane ticket, but people who’ll get the kits by the lot will probably just have help from people who would’ve purchased the tickets anyway, so their fee shouldn’t be as much as $100. Also they got free peanuts, so if I buy these kits I demand free peanuts too!

  5. Zeta Newtype says:

    I love that look for the Unicorn, I’m with you on the V-fin though, it’s in desperate need of some trimming and some panel lines of some sort…that metallic finish comes off weird without any details backing it up.

  6. Krelik says:


  7. kok yong says:

    Where can i get this gundam unicorn?

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