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Another post I was meant to write over a month ago, before the world got turned upside down.  This is the last post for the Macross build.  What? That’s it?, you ask.  Well, I was going to do the decals but these days I just don’t have the time to sit down and decal an entire macross kit, as much as I would have liked to.  Also, I not longer have this Macross kit in my possession.  After we filmed the Macross episode for Gunpla TV, one of my co-workers was so excited to see a built Macross kit that I just had to give it to him.  He took it home a happy camper.

Anyways, when last you saw the Tornado Messiah I had finished the basic build so now it’s time to add the little things that make this kit what it is.

Using two of the same runner (which makes sense when you think about it) I set off to build the attachments to the wings.

I like this color for the afterburners (is that the correct term?) It stands out really well in contrast to the white and gray everywhere.

With those completed the next step involved some rather large pieces.

Just slide this piece into the grooves and..

Wings! Wings that go over wings.

I was rather surprised at how these work.

You slide them on overtop of the fighter’s wings and lock them into place with a small piece that slides into place from behind. It was here I realized that even though you assemble the basic kit with its wings, you never see them.

So the kit itself is finished, now for the weapons.

This section has you use a sticker. The fit is fine but anytime you use a sticker instead of another piece of plastic it comes off as looking tacky.

Add some smaller pieces…

Combined with its twin…

and mount this on the top of the kit.

I would like to take a moment here to mention that this connects onto the kit by a simple ball and socket and because of this it doesn’t really stay in place. It will pop off all the time and cause you some frustration.

Onto the rifle!

One small runner becomes

some small pieces.

which fit together to make a larger sections (just like everything else when it comes to models)

The barrel of the rifle actually slides forward.

Another small runner for the armor parts.

At first I thought it looked like an alligator, but after looking at it some more, I am going to change my opinion. Now I think it looks like a sperm whale.

The rifle is mounted onto the Macross kit’s Fighter form by this little piece of plastic.

It’s worth noting that Bandai gives you a few of these pieces. Not only do they hold the weapon in place, but they also hold the kit together (i.e. keeping the legs tucked in tight). The fit is very precise so if you haven’t got something in place correctly the supplied piece will cause you all sorts of trouble when you try to attach it.

But we’re not done! There’s one more thing the manual has you do.

I don’t even know what these are.

They attach (loosely) to the bottom of the wings.

That’s all the pictures I had taken of the Macross kit. I should have taken some while I was experimenting with the transformation but, in all honestly, that turned into more trial than treat and frustration set it very quickly. When I get angry I forget to take pictures.

My first Macross kit was definitely something out of my comfort zone, even though it was a Bandai kit, and really opened my eyes to the world outside of gundam. I should be grateful it’s Bandai, though. If this kit was designed by Kotobukiya I would have had even more things to frustrate me.

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  1. Guillaume says:

    “Those” look like missile pods, one cannot have a Valkyrie without tons of them 😀 Check the VF-25S with the Armored Pack for a an even more ridiculous ordinance.

  2. Busterbeam says:

    its a good looking plane. i’m glad you did it although not sure i would have started here for my first one.

  3. glaurung says:

    Very nice Macross plane, even though the end form factor makes it look like a flying potato. Or some manner of gardening tool. It looks like the rear part of the cockpit section is identically bad on most of the models from this series.

    I finished my VF-27 Gamma last week and also wrote a small blog post (it’s in Estonian, but one can still check out the pics) or turn on google translation for a few laughs. It can be read here:

    I decided to try again though and ordered the Ozma Custom, but that is out of stock and backordered so I have no clue when it ships.

  4. Dennis says:

    Nice work as uyual Syd, wow I can’t believe (well actually I can) how nice a guy you are to actually GIVE away something you spent so much time, money and effort on to a co-worker. You’re gonna have some good karma coming your way for that. I hope you get another one of these kits so you can actually enjoy building and decaling it for yourself.

  5. Butagami says:

    This is from the Frontier movies right? Looks quite different from the ones in the series (which I watched after reading your first post about this kit, so thanks for that!)
    These things look really complicated, but I’m still tempted to get one eventually (I’m actually still saving up courage, as well as a proper excuse to spend so much, to buy my first MG so macross’ll have to wait a while )
    It’s really amazing how Bandai made it so different from gunpla, definitely not taking the easy route there….

  6. Hypnos says:

    Heya Syd ! i got a question, last month i bought from you guys a 1/72 messiah Ozma custom (my first macross kit !), and i cannot find an SMS action base ANYWHERE, is like they were wiped from the face of the earth ! :(, do you know if i can use a regular action base from bandai to hold that valkyrie en all of the 3 forms ?.

    Or do you have any idea if HLJ will get more SMS action bases ?

    Thanks Syd !

    P.s: i have to send you a few pics of my last project, an 1/100 MG strike freedom 😀

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