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The Shenlong is the third Master Grade kit from the Wing series that I have built. The very first, the MG Wing Gundam was excellent but the next in line, the Deathscythe EW Ver. was more miss than hit despite looking pretty cool.  With those two kits behind me I wondered where the Shenlong would fall.

Overall Look: 8/10

I like it, and yet I can’t say exactly why. In my opinion everything from the torso down is perfect and the angles and lines work so well. The torso is very unique and there’s nothing really with which to compare it. Oddly enough, on the Deathscythe I felt the shoulder armor was a little too big, and now, on the Shenlong, I feel it might be slightly too small. The head is fantastic. Have I mentioned I really am starting to dig these Wing suits?

Colors: 7/10

While it still is the tried and true red, white, yellow, and blue, the colors work on this kit. That said, this kit will not remain in these colors. Not even close.

Weapons: 9/10

Have you ever seen a mobile suit with weapons like this? The beam trident is similar enough to the Beam Scythe of the deathscythe, but the shield and the Dragon Fang are awesome and might actually be the part of the kit that is the most fun. I enjoy playing around with the Dragon Fang and it is designed really well.

Articulation: 7/10

Although the frame is very similar to the Deathscythe this thing actually articulates much better, probably because its movement isn’t inhibited by weird shaped armor. There’s a good range of motion in the legs and and arms.

Build Design: 8/10
Again despite the similarities with the Deathscythe and Wing the Shenlong holds up much better particularly in the skirt. Whereas the Deathscythe and Wing would have the skirt armor popping off the ball joints quite frequently, the Shenlong has yet to do that. I’ve even been playing rough with it to see how far it will go and so far so good. I was actually relieved.

The side skirt armor is not something you see in most gundam kits but because of this design allows the kit to articulate quite a bit in the legs without moving the armor a lot. This definitely helps the cool factor because it doesn’t look goofy when you have the legs all stretched out.

One oddity is this gap in the armor on the ankle. The design calls for you to put this front piece on last after you have assembled the full leg. This gap is designed into the kit and short of modifying something will remain there. Is the Mobile Suit like this in the anime?

Fun Factor: 8/10
Maybe it’s because I have built a lot of MG kits to date, or maybe the memory of the Wing and Deathscythe are fresh in my mind, but I was able to build this kit, weapon and all, in about two hours without once feeling like I was rushing. It’s a compliment to the design of this kit that I didn’t encounter a section which caused me confusion or frustration. I was even able to watch the news and use my computer as I was putting Shenlong together.

Extras: 6/10
There aren’t a lot of ‘extras’ thrown into this kit but what is there, particularly this:

is a nice touch. These are swapped in and out on the back of the backpack. You can see the part that is used to hold the Beam Trident on its back and that part is replaced with the other when Beam Trident is being held by Shenlong. Other gundam kits will leave the adaptor piece there, often looking unsightly.

The hands, however, I am getting more frustrated with. I first encountered this kind of hand design with the V Gundam and it worked okay. If you want your gundam standing with a clenched fist, this is the way to go. However, particularly on the Deathscythe, when it comes to swapping the different finger parts to hold weapons, it’s just a pain in the ass, and the more you do it, the more loose these pieces become and then you end up with them falling off half the time. I miss the MG hands where you assembled them finger by finger.

Bandai will continue to roll out Wing kits in the near future and I’m tempted to jump on all of them thanks to the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of the Wing and Shenlong so far. The look of the Shenlong has even made me want to add the Wing Gundam EW Ver. to my growing collection/backlog.

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  1. Joe says:

    Awesome review, Syd! I’ve got this kit on the way from HLJ right now, shipped out about a week ago. Hopefully it will be here within another week… SAL is a little slow sometimes.

  2. GT3Hero says:

    I just purchased the Shenlong from HLJ! Its one of my favorites from the G Wing series and I can’t wait for it to get here!

  3. zoidiect says:

    too bad it seems…. the upcoming MG OO Raiser used the same type of hands….

    • Krelik says:

      actually I noticed he has posibable hands as well. he has alot of hand optains, though I may be wrong (bandai may take them out but its doubtful)

      • Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

        Yeah, it’s gonna have both type of hands. Bandai’s pretty much including an HDM option pack with the typical full-finger-joint hands, likely to help with swod manipulation.

  4. Tom says:

    Just waiting until Nataku comes out. By the way, ever thinking of picking up the Wing Ver Ka since it seems like you’re getting the Ver Ka designs.

    • syd says:

      i’ve alwasy liked the ver ka stuff. but I think I would go for wing EW that just came out instead of the Ver ka.

      • Butagami says:

        which is the same apart from some colorchanges and an extra part to connect it to the action base….. You got beef with Katoki? Is it the buttload of decals he slaps on his designs, for no good reason?

  5. syd says:

    @butagami: I just wrote I liked the ver ka stuff so no beef there. I just like the color/look of the new EW version better. I also think less is more in many cases when it comes to markings.

    • Butagami says:

      Wow, I completely misread that -.- Sorry!

      btw, I like how bandai is finally giving wing some more attention, what with one MG after the other, but it does seem a bit lazy that most of the EW versions of the first 5 gundams are just colorswaps (with a few parts changed and other weapons) of the Movie gundams. They could use some more differences.

  6. Vasily says:

    Nice kit, nice rewiew. Though a white background and a white gundam does not mach wery well. Also: 2 hours ?! I need same to build HG…

    • Dennis says:

      That’s Syd for you, he builds at lightning speed. He can have an MG built, broken down, painted up and rebuilt in the time it takes most of us to get a kit test built.

  7. jordan says:

    I thought all MG has finger poseablity. But in this MG i see fixed hands!?

    • Zeta Newtype says:

      Yeah, some MG kits do have fixed hands, especially the Gundam Wing EW kits that have been coming out lately, though I do find they make weapon holding easier.

  8. QantaRaiser says:

    so was this kit small for a MG? i just build my wing gundam EW ver. Ka and it is only about half the size of the Rezel or Sinanju even though they are all MGs

    • Zeta Newtype says:

      It will be the same size, not all MGs have to be the same size they are in 1/100 ratio to their actual size. Gundam Wing mobile suits weren’t as large as the other Gundam series. Some other Gundam models follow the same formula, look at Victory Gundam and Formula 91, they are small too.

  9. luffy237 says:

    grrr… must wait for nataku hehe

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