Gaijin Gunpla

That there is the Beam Trident. Quite a unique looking weapon, if you ask me. It definitely fits in with the Beam Scythe on the Deathscythe.

The shield is also really cool. It’s rounded instead of rectangular like those of other Mobile Suits and gives the Shenlong a medieval feel.

I believe I have already mentioned how I will be changing the colors on this kit.

I’ve decided to use some of the military (or is it naval) colors that Tamiya makes. I’ve chosen:

Tamiya TS-68 Wooden Deck for the light parts
Tamiya TS-63 Nato Black
Tamiya TS-66 IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) Kure Kosho Gray for the majority of the armor.
The frame is Light Gun Metal rather than the Dark Gun Metal I’ve used for the other MG Wing kits I’ve built so far. I wanted to change it up.

The Dragon fan is another interesting part of this kit. Admittedly I don’t know too much about it’s functions but that doesn’t stop me from building it.

You start out building two sections which, once completed, turn out to be upper jaws (or something of the sort).

The armor for the Dragon Fang comes on one runner.

You can see in this picture how Bandai has designed the upper fangs to fold up.

This part of the Dragon Fang is what is used to attach it to the suit. The part on the end (right side of picture) is jointed to allow it to swivel so the Dragon Fang can be tucked up behind the arm or out when it is used.

One more frame piece (with a couple smaller pieces attached)…

Then comes the oddly shaped armor pieces.

Here is it folded up.

Dragon Fang Attack!

From here there were a couple things I felt I wanted to change before painting. Nothing major, mind you, just some little things here or there to add some detail or break up some space.

I got out my Evergreen strips and added some to various sections of the armor, such as:

The shoulders

The ankles

The legs

Because I took the armor off to work on, I was able to paint the frame and snap it back together to have a look.

One section I focused my attention on were the shoulders. They consist of one blue piece around which two white armor pieces are attached leaving the blue peeking out in some parts. The blue part also serves as the shoulder frame so having a blue frame part clashes with the other frame color. Solution; masking!

Step 1: Paint the blue piece with the Wooden Deck color as that is what I want the highlights on the shoulder to be, then mask where I want the Wooden Deck to stay.

Step 2: Paint with Light Gun Metal, the color I have chosen for the frame.

Then mask off the tiny section I want to keep Light Gun Metal. This part is tricky so I need to divide the masking tape into tiny triangles.

Then carefully apply them.

Step 3: Paint with the Nato Black so the tiny edge will divide the Light Gun Metal Frame from the Gray armor pieces.

Once the painting (and topcoating in preparation for decals) was completed, I threw him back together to take a pic for my facebook page.

All that’s left to do is use a combination of dry transfers and Wave decals.

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  1. Tom says:

    Whoa, Shenlong looks more like a battleship than a Gundam.

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Holy shit! It looks awesome! I am really digging this dark colors, the grayish color you used to change the white is really good looking, remind me of Zeong. And black is always good, exceptionally for feet =)

  3. QantaRaiser says:

    Holy Crap! i wasn’t sure what to expect as i read, but then i saw that picture and my jaw literally dropped! that look amazing! i really like the brown color.

  4. Dennis says:

    Love the color combination; with all those Navy colors this model would look awesome with Japanese script instead of English pn it.

  5. krelik says:

    Very interesting…

  6. tacobeard says:

    Looking good though to me it seems to be all black. In close up it will probably look different but some more variation in color on some places like the arms, legs , and the head would have done good. Other then the head(im my opinion) looking like a Shiny Master gundam with a better V-Fin the rest looks good.

  7. Sei says:

    @_@ wow…
    it’s “神龍” no more, it’s “黒龍” 😀

  8. Zeta Newtype says:

    Interesting color choice, looks good, would love to see more of the tan/gold in different parts of the suit to bring more details.

  9. Butagami says:

    Very sharp paintjob. I love it. A shame the V-fin broke, are you going to replace it? I’d like it more if there were some different colors on the legs, but the original was even plainer…

    • syd says:

      I didn’t realize that V-fin had broken until after I took this picture. The next day I ordered replacement from Bandai and they got here pretty quickly. I sprayed some top-coat this morning and if everything goes well, should have a gallery up soon.

  10. Adrian says:

    I like it. The colors work pretty well together and has this Deathscythe-y feel to it.

  11. Kjasi says:

    Wow… Looks like someone built Shenlong in the middle of the industrial revolution! Could you imagine that rising up out of a 1860’s iron workhouse?

  12. Fire070 says:

    Name sugestion? Shogun Shenglong (Still s^2 lol)
    Yea, a samurai giant robot that shoots flame out of a dragons mouth. Im sorry, but it sounds like it could kick Musha and Astray’s asses.

  13. Luiscatlipoca says:

    Wow.. So cool, it looks really good!!!, the colors you chose look awesome in that Shenglong.

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