Gaijin Gunpla

Look at that finish! It’s gorgeous. I can now see why the MG version was so popular despite the price tag. I’ve already built the HG Sinanju so I don’t need to go into too much detail here but I put down some things I think others would be interested in.

This was my first chance to delve into my new pack of Aurora stickers which I picked up while in Akihabara that last time ASM and I met.

I used these for the eye, which gets almost completely covered by armor, and for the scopes on the rifle.

A few people had posted comments wondering how to go about removing the gate marks without wrecking the finish. Well, for myself, it’s a bit of a balancing act. If I cut as flush as possible with the cutters I get a little bit of a gate mark which stays almost the same color as the piece, yet if I use a knife to trim away the gate mark there I leave a spot on the piece where there is no finish.

My solution was to use the cutters and get close, but not flush, to the piece and then with my knife slowly chip away at the nub and once that was finished use a gundam marker to hide any color discrepancy.

For the most part the gates are in good spots and marks aren’t noticeable however on some armor parts, such as the shoulder, the gate marks are right there and they are difficult to deal with because of the curvature of the piece. Fortunately, a lot of those marks can be covered up by decals.

And speaking of decals!

Look at all these! These are almost exactly the same as the MG version’s decals but in 1/144 scale. Not only are they very small, but because they are all crammed onto one sheet there are no indicators for which decal is which. I had to match them to the decal guide in my MG Sinanju manual. I think I spent more time decaling this kit, an hour a night for 3 or 4 days in a row, then I did assembling it.

The result is worth the time.

I didn’t use all the decals on the sheet, though. I left off most of the very tiny decals that get crammed into corners of this kit. As it is the Titanium Finish I didn’t want to cover up most of it with white decals. I think I found a good balance.

One sexy suit in one sexy finish.

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  1. Tom says:

    Nice solutions to dealing with those nasty nub marks. But I tend to stay away from Extra Finish/Titanium kits. ^^; They look nice though. And this kit is no exception, it so shiny!

  2. QantaRaiser says:

    looks nice. i have the 1/100 version of this and i love it. my problem is i don’t like decals, so i don’t use them, but i’m not sure how i could go about doing the gold lines, i thought of using a gundam marker but i didn’t think that would hold up on such a large scale without a top coat to seal it. any advice?

    • Evan says:

      I think Syd covered painting these in an episode of gunpla TV. Great looking suit by the way.

    • syd says:

      I’ve seen some people use Gundam marker but you would probably want a top coat of some kind, just like you would if you were using enamel to hand paint, etc.

      • Dennis says:

        On one of my first painted Gunpla I used Gundam marker for the panel lining. I then top coated it with Tamiya clear gloss and after it dried I noticed that the marker came out of the panel line. Apparently the topcoat must have dissolved it and the paint was ruined. Any idea why that happened? Also, as you see to have had no issues with topcoat, what brand did you use? I have readyt access to Tamiya, Mr. Hobby and Testors paints.

      • QantaRaiser says:

        what i’m saying is that i didn’t want to top coat the titanium finish.

      • syd says:

        Neither did I. The finish is gorgeous as it is so I refrained from putting a top coat on. While I am worried about the decals coming off I’m not going to be playing with the kit for that to happen.

  3. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    This is simply beautiful

  4. Dennis says:

    As usual very nice work. Dealing with the nubs the way you did was quite inventive. The look of this kit almost makes me want to get it.

  5. Sei says:

    woww… @_@

    btw, where did you get those Aurora eyes ? any chance that HLJ will carry/sell those ?
    so i can buy some for my sinanju & Wing Gundam(s)… 🙂

    • syd says:

      I picked up these Aurora stickers in Yellow Submarine in Asobit City in Akihabara. I am not sure if HLJ will be stocking these as most of their gundam aftermarket parts come from a different supplier.

  6. HAHaKL says:

    This kit looks great! I just wish i had the money to buy this sort of kit but even if i could buy it, thoes nub marks are going to be a problem for me… guess i would have to stick with the normal one.

  7. gundam fan says:

    Hi syd just a question: i recently bought a sinanju titanium finish can i use these procedures: 1 assemble, 2 put stickers (gold and black), 3 put top coat glossy, 4 put water slide decals using mark setter, 5 put mark softer on waterslide decals, 6 put top coat, 7 put panel lines…. guys if you have any comments on these steps pls do so.. your comments and reply would be deeply appreciated… thanx 🙂

  8. Alx says:

    This is my first Gundam but have no clue how to take of the decals off the sheet, it looks like plastic and I tried pulling one off with tweezers but it won’t budge! Need instructions how to remove decals from the sheet please!

    • syd says:

      This kit comes with Waterslide decals. I think maybe you’re trying to use the water-slide decals like stickers. If the bottom right corner has this text “水転” that means it is a waterslide.

      • Alx says:

        Well since it’s waterside how do I remove them from their sheet lol I have no clue

      • syd says:

        You’ve never used waterslide decals before?! You sure choose a complex kit to start your waterslide adventure with. Here’s a youtube link to a tutorial about different kind of markings.

        I would advise starting on the smallest ones first until you’re comfortable before moving to the larger ones.

      • Alx says:

        THe ones for my Sinanju Titanium finish are on a clear plastic sheet haha Damn I’ll try tomorrow morning xD

  9. Joseph says:

    Hi sid recently got my MG sinanju Titanium Finish

    and i was wondering if i should pu a glossy top coat on it, i mean would ruin or react with the finish if i do?


  10. James Lee says:

    Hey mate

    I just got a sinanju ver ka titanium finish recently and found that the nubs are very irritating, even after proper cutting and cleaning up using a knife. I would love to sand it but the blemish will show on titanium finish.

    Did you do anything with the nubs or lived with it ?

    • S2 says:

      You’re right about the nubs being irritating and you definitely can’t sand them like you would a regular kit. I was as careful as I could be when it came to removing the parts but I still have to live with some of the nubs unfortunately. Luckily it is an amazing kit to look at.

  11. Kris Sartori says:

    Hello, I’ve been looking at your amazing Gunpla work, specifically the Master Grade Sinaju, and was wondering if you would consider selling it?


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