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There’s the banner for the PG Strike Freedom Group Build, known as The Gauntlet, which you can find on the Gundam Australia Forum.  The one who concocted this scheme has decreed that we “must think of a noun by which your PGSF will be referred to.”  Well, I have decided that my theme, and name, for the Strike Freedom will be…


Since the triple disasters that have hit Tohoku I have, it goes without saying, been thinking a lot about the people affected. I am only one guy, with a job and a family, so my ability to actually go out there and help people is severely limited, but I still felt I wanted to do something to show my support to those people hit hardest by this mess we all find ourselves in. So I decided I would make a Gundam for those people, if only to express my concern and support.

While I have in my mind pretty much exactly how I want this kit to look and what I want it to do, I will not write about it yet because I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. I also want people viewing the completed kit for the first time to feel something upon seeing it, and I think if I give out too much information at the beginning in some way viewers would be robbed slightly of the effect I am trying to get across. I will however write about what I am doing at a particular time.

For example, I’ve already started detailing some frame pieces. I’ve mentioned already how I feel about some of the gold color Bandai has used, even going so far as to dub it the ‘lame’ gold. Well, my first step on customizing this kit is to take care of that and for that purpose I picked up a couple cans of Tamiya Gold spray. To see how it would look I tested it on some ‘lame’ runner.

Lame gold runner:

Lame gold runner after spraying with Tamiya Gold:

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the Tamiya gold actually comes out looking a lot like the darker gold frame pieces which I really like. Win!

When I test built the kit I left one half unarmored, not only to show what is going on underneath but also as a way to easily see what sections of the frame need attention. The plan was, and still is, to work on one half of the frame at a time. So, right now, I have one leg unassembled and am comparing it to the assembled and armor leg to know exactly what I need to do. Once one leg is finished I will disassemble the other and repeat the process. I have disassembled half of the entire kit and divided them up into sections.

And while I did so the box was commandeered by the cat.

Here you can see the pieces of the leg frame which have some lame gold that shows. These will be painted, but because I don’t need to paint the entire thing, I have marked what needs to be painted over.

I also spent the last couple of days working on the frame for the skirt armor, as well as the large rifles that attach to the skirt. First I sprayed them with Gloss Aluminum.

Then masking!

Then I sprayed them with the Tamiya Gold. Because of the gloss aluminum underneath the Tamiya Gold came out lighter than normal, almost the same color as the coated parts from Bandai. I am pleased.

Then I carefully removed the masking tape and…

…forgot to take a picture of the skirt frame pieces. That’s for next time!

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  1. Tom says:

    I haven’t seen this kind of masking from you since you were making your Sinanju.

  2. sonar says:

    I like captain debu in the box. Something to consider for next time may be priming using the Hemish method: Spray the entire built kit with primer, and when you disassemble it is clear what will be visible and require painting. I am a subscriber to this method. Marking things out with tape and arrows seems like an awful lot to remember..

  3. wiley (coyote) hudson says:

    I’ve done a little over 100 gundams so far but never a perfect grade. But when they were on sale recently my wife got me not one but two (going to owe her BIG TIME for a good while). She got me the 1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Gundam and Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame. I stalled starting them till I finished the other 2 kits I had already started(probably due to a little intimidation of the PG seeing how i hadn’t done one yet). But now its time to start one of the and I’m having hard time deciding. I would love a little input on which one i should tackle 1st.

    • syd says:

      Your wife is awesome!

      • wiley (coyote) hudson says:

        I have to totally agree.
        But now instead of always say (ONE OF THESE DAYS WHEN I GET A PERFECT GRADE…..)
        now I got to put up or shut up.
        Guess I’m stalling cause I really want to do it right, but it being PG makes me little scared to
        try painting or modify it like some of the other kits I have done.

      • syd says:

        I would say just take your time and test build it so you get an idea how Perfect Grades work and then you should be confident to take it apart if you want to modify it in any way. Good luck!

  4. wiley (coyote) hudson says:

    Thanks for the reply
    I will start one of them tonight.
    But which one would you sugest?
    or should I just flip a coin and let fate pick?
    I love how both look and I have done the red frame in 1/100 and love how articulated
    it was. I feel like a parent having to pick between kids and not wanting to show favoritism

    Silly never had problem deciding which with other gundams and she keeps asking which one I
    I’ll do first just puts pressure on the choice. BUT WHAT A NICE CONUNDRUM/PROBLEM TO HAVE
    I wish all problem choices were this nice. like i said going to have to play nice for long time for her getting these for me

    • syd says:

      I think the Strike and Red Frame are very similar so it might now matter which you do first. It’s all up to you.

  5. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    I think I’m catching on to what kind of color scheme you’re going for…But it might just be my inner Captain Obvious going for the first thing that came to mind…
    All white except a nice, broght red and black torso? Or all white with a red circle and red stripes here and there?

  6. jiminboo says:

    Contrary to popular belief, I think Bandai did us a favor by not gold plating all the inner frame runners. This actually forces you to spray some gold on the “lame” ones, resulting in awesome multi-tone metallic frame. I’m rooting for Courage to win GaiGun ^_^

  7. Tony says:

    Just looking through this, and saw the cat in the box. I kept mine out of the Deathscythe Hell Custom 1/144 box, but it didn’t stop her from nuzzling the poor box constantly one night. It was adorable, if a little odd.

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