Gaijin Gunpla

The sky rumbles, flashes of lightning arcing across a pitch black night.  A forewarning.  Something is about to happen.  A challenge!

Issued by the one known as Busterbeam, the Gundam Australia Forum as his platform, a challenge is raised aimed at those who have the heart to accept it and can meet its demanding conditions.

Let all know that I take up the gauntlet without hesitation, fear, or wavering confidence.  Consider your challenge met!

That was pretty dramatic, wasn’t it?  The title of this post has the word ‘Apocalypse’ in it so how can you not be on the dramatic side?

Busterbeam of Plamo Addiction fame, and one of the four bloggers who partook in the epic thread that was our Sinanju Group Build, has been concocting some evil plans in his lair and posted it in the form of a challenge over at Gundam Australia asking anyone who has the PG Strike Freedom, and has yet to complete it, if they wish to join him, myself, American Salaryman, and lupes of It’s a Gundaaaam! (the four guys that came together and pushed each other towards the greatness that was each of our Sinanju) in building our Perfect Grade Strike Freedom.

We all have this kit in some form of being built. I have test-built it and disassembled half of it in prep for some paint, Lupes has been painting his and cleaning up some mistakes, and American Salaryman and Busterbeam have been sitting on theirs a bit, it seems, so the idea of joining forces and giving ourselves mutual kicks-in-the-ass (can you pluralize that phrase? kick in the asses?) is a great one and will definitely encourage me to do something a little more special with mine than I originally planned.  I will be posting on the GAF thread but most of the details will be here on my site.  You can follow along by reading the WIPs.

If you’ve got a PG Strike Freedom, and want to take part, why not head over to the Gundam Australia Forum thread, check out the rules, and throw your hat in the ring?


To find out what this kit became check out the Courage section of this site.

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  1. Joe says:

    This is AWESOME! Also, I believe is would be kicks-in-the-asses, as there are multiple kicks and multiple asses. In all seriousness, four great modelers are about to create four very cool, very different PGSF’s!

  2. Busterbeam says:

    LOL evil plans in my lair? i love it!

  3. Zeta Newtype says:

    This is Zeta Newtype! Reporting live from ….i’m not entirely sure where actually folks, it seems Four Machines of the Apocalypse are laying waste to everything, who created these monsters!? Will they be brought to justice!? Is there anything better than LIFE cereal!? Stay tuned!

    XD Good luck guys!

  4. Kjasi says:

    This is an amazing idea! And if I had a PG SF, I would SOOO join in, despite my noobness. (Haven’t even completed a MG yet…) You can bet I’ll be watching this event unfold with great anticipation and excitement!

    Good luck to everyone involved!

  5. sonar says:

    Great post Syd. Genuine LOL at some of these comments! Multiple kicks and multiple asses Quoted For Truth. ZetaNu delivering a steady supply of lulz there also.. This has got me very excited indeed.

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