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I think many of my readers would assume that SNSD, or Girls Generation, are always on my television. Well, that is not exactly true. They are always on my ipod, iphone, and computer monitor at work. But last Friday night, as I was flipping channels after the news had finished, I saw a flash of yellow on the screen as I was quickly moving from channel to channel.

‘Yellow’, he thought.

(I just stole that from Douglas Adams’ book The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And now that I just wrote down where it was from, it is no longer considered theft. Or so I hope. Everyone needs to read those books, btw.)

The yellow turned out to be the outfits worn by SNSD as they were guests on a television show here called Tokyo Music Station. This show sucks. Okay, maybe I am a bit harsh but it is pretty boring. Some J-pop groups with current singles will appear on the show, sit down with all the other guests, smile and laugh at the right time, occasionally get interviewed and then perform a song (or almost an entire song). Quite often the guests are the same. For example, the girl pop trio Perfume are on there almost every week. Unfortunately.

But Girls Generation was on this episode so I had to watch, and sing, and take pics.

I felt a little bad for SNSD to be honest. They are Korean, and all of them have different levels of Japanese. Some, such as Soo Young, were able to follow along with the conversations, but others, such as Taeyoon or Yuri, seemed lost, or even bored. It’s okay girls. I find Japanese television boring too.

Here Sunny shows how to perform the car steering wheel, or handle as it’s called in Japanese, part of the dance.

Everyone joins in!

The text at the bottom of the screen states (roughly) “Teach us one point in the dance! Perfume asked 少女時代”

And then…

They danced.

It’s difficult to capture good pictures of a screen with the iphone, particularly when you have a 4 year old girl jumping up and down to the music on your lap.

But I got a satisfactory shot of Jessica.

Hi Jessica.

And because I’m a nice guy and believe in sharing good things (and because I hunt for excuses to post more of these videos…


(this video will probably be yanked due to copyright claims so get your fill now.)

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    already pulled. they got on that quick!

  2. Tom says:

    So Japan also has the VH1/MTV type of channels too. I find those boring to watch too.

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