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While on vacation last week I made sure there was a kit on hand for me to build so I wouldn’t go through any kind of Gunpla withdrawl. (It’s a real medical condition. Trust me.) For that purpose, I opted to work on the 1/144 HG Reborns Gundam, which I picked up after I grew fond of the suit using it in the latest Gundam Musou PS3 game.

While playing through the game I found myself using the Reborns more often than not, probably because its attacks cover a wide area and knock out large swaths of enemies. Sure the Sinanju is a cooler looking suit but its attacks are more straight-forward and, therefore, not as effective for the way I play. Or something like that. I should mention that I need to play the game more and unlock more suits to have a proper evaluation of them all.

As you can see the suit is quite different from many other Gundam out there.

I spent about two hours one evening and put this kit together and, because I usually have a camera with me, I took lots of pictures.

Right off the start there is something just a little bit different with this HG. The polycaps used for the shoulder joints when pressed in towards the center, lock the collar in place. When those polycaps move outwards, that collar can move.

One large part is used for the front of the torso.

Normally, you would start applying the included stickers at this point but I usually leave these off the kit when I am test building as I often move to painting and there’s no point in putting on these stickers if you are only going to pull them back off again.

The shoulder parts are also unique.

The ball joint pops into the poly-cap but you can see there is more to it than that. The extra plastic on these parts help to lock the collar in place, if I am not mistaken.

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And these parts go on the back. There’s no thruster backpack as found on most other kits. I’m sure most everyone reading this already knows why.

Now the head.

Well, a head. This head actually goes on the back of the suit.

Another head.

This one is the real thing. Why am I reminded of the white owls in the Harry Potter movies?

(apologies for blurry pic.)

From there the manual instructs you on how to assemble the rifle.

And the shield. (Wait. Aren’t these usually assembled last?)

The side pieces extend away from the main unit. Is this part of the ‘Trans-am’ process?

Shoulder (x2)

GN Drive (x2) (I’m writing it just like the manual does. Go me. I should work for Bandai.)

Lower arm. Basically you will repeat this process twice although the manual keeps each side separate.

Attach what you’ve built so far and throw on the hand.

Then you can throw on the rifle. You can see how it locks in place.

And now you have something that looks like this. Well, I do. I mean, I did. At that stage of the build, when I took that picture, I had something that looked like that.

The ankle joint is also not your run-of-the-mill HG variety ankle. It involves several poly-caps. Three of them, to be precise. And a small plastic piece for the ball joint which will connect to the lower leg. It’s worth noting that that ball-jointed plastic piece is designated #9 on the runner, which is the same number as the poly-cap that looks just like it on the poly-cap runner. Don’t confuse the two. Like someone I know did.

Armor parts attach to the poly-caps on the foot/ankle part of the frame.

To start the legs you go back to what you usually encounter on an HG.

But this step gets your attention.

These are the knees.

When you assemble the upper parts of the legs…

You slide the knee part in a little groove on the leg frame.

Then add armor parts which make up the lower leg.

Then you have a knee that looks like this.

When bent the unique knee parts show their stuff.

Then you add the red armor pieces to the lower leg, however they connect using a small previously-unencountered shape.

Once the leg is done you attach it the foot then throw on the final lower leg armor piece.

Repeat the process on the opposite side and, voila, two legs.


Huge armor piece of back of skirt.

The side armor parts connect using poly-cap numbered 9. The ones you aren’t supposed to mistake with the frame part which looks exactly the same.

Attach all sections together and you’re done!

Wait. I’m not done. I’ve still got to do the back of the kit. For that grab these parts and make these.

You can see they bend slightly at the center.

Then the last of the red parts are used to make… things that go on the back of the suit.


Wait. I’m not finished? Ah, I have to transform him, or something. This is where the unique design of the locking collar on the torso and the legs come into play. You tuck in the white head which raises the red one and bend the legs in the opposite way a knee joint works, while flattening out the high heeled part of the foot. Then the red pieces on the lower leg spread out thanks to that uniquely shaped white piece that was used to connect them. Also, you replace the hands with some claws.

Fire away!

One thing I didn’t really like once I completed the transformation was how ridiculous the Reborns looked from the front.

Let’s put him back.

One part (literally) that I thought was great is the beam saber.

It’s clear plastic! You mean, I can paint it any color I want, Bandai. Gee thanks, Mister.

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  1. MoogleDee says:

    I have the 1/144 1.5 Gundam. It’s similar, but obviously doesn’t have the same ‘back’. I also thought the knee bit was interesting. Also, now that you mention it, I can’t unsee the owl thing when I look at it. Sadly though, a few critical pieces of mine got lost (that’ll teach me to transport these things without ziploc bags) so I’m in the process of scrapping the mobile suit for spare parts, so to speak.

  2. Busterbeam says:

    heres to clear plastic beam sabers from now on!

  3. Tom says:

    Gunpla withdrawals? Maybe I’ve been playing too much video games. Also in Reborns form, the feet should be pointed all the way down.

  4. Dennis says:

    That’s a good idea to bring a kit along on vacation in case you get bored.

  5. Its funny, Gundam Musou 3 is the same reason that I bought a Reborns Gundam kit. Pretty interesting kit it was, yours is nice!

  6. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I love Reborns gundam design, I have the HG and I really need a 1.5 gundam. I think I am the only one cheering for bandai to give him the mg treatment!

  7. Sabekio says:

    I love Reborns and 1.5. Someething about their design pulls me in. I really want an MG for these. Have you guys seen the 1.5 type dark. I believe it was an HG that they gave out.

  8. Mike says:

    Just picked this kit up. Pretty nice build and basic colors.

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