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I mentioned in the May edition of the Work Table that I had picked up this 1/8 MG Figurise Kamen Rider Heat Metal (hereafter referred to as simply Heat Metal to save my poor fingers from having to type that long title out).  Well, in between various projects I thought I would have a go at my first ever figure kit from Bandai.  I will admit right now that I have never watched Kamen Rider and have no idea of the characters or story, but that is not really important. What’s important is that I am building a plastic model kit.

Before I get to the actual WIP type pictures I thought I would show what comes inside one of these kits. Of course, there’s the manual:

I really like the pose they have for this kit. It definitely shows how well done the kit is. I don’t really intend to keep this kit looking like this though.

Also, you get plenty of foil stickers.

I don’t think I will use any of these, but I will keep them around just in case.

Here is what got me interested in this kit in the first place.

Here is the kit posed with his staff-like weapon, and it looks really good. Plenty of possibilities when it comes to posing. As I really enjoy practicing 六尺棒術 (rough translation: six foot staff techniques) I couldn’t not build (and play with) this kit!

Also in the box…

What the heck is this?

The manual starts with the assembly of the torso and because of the engineering that went into the kit to make it super posable, the torso is quite involved. You start with the core and most of it is just putting two halves together.

But then, you get to work on the shoulders.

Once you build this part you slide a ring into place by lining up a groove.

Then rotate it somewhat to prevent it from coming out.

The other shoulder is done the same way, but of course, the color is different.

This definitely makes the build easier to follow and much quicker. Just build the red side and repeat with the silver parts.

And there you go.

Wait a minute. What am I looking at here?

Next is the front chest parts and they are joined together by a sternum. I mean, by a piece of plastic.

And the back is the same. Two pieces joined together by the spine. I mean, by a piece of plastic. (Hey, it’s a humanoid model. I gotta bust out the anatomical terms sometime.)

Once the chest and back are done they just slide into place on the main torso sections.

Still more work is done on the torso, this time a lower section.

And another section of the torso.

One thing I should mention, or perhaps say to warn anyone thinking of building this type of kit, is that the fit is very tight. There’s almost no wiggle room and if you want to take this apart again in the future in order to paint or what have you, you will need to cut down some pegs or drill out some holes. Or else..

…things break.

Here are the three sections of the torso.

It looks reptilian. Or perhaps like an insect.

The shoulder armor (is it armor?) is then assembled by first attaching opposing sides of a circle onto the rotating ring pieces.

I took this picture because I wanted to show and say something.

But I can’t remember what it is now.

You can see already the range of motion in the shoulders.

Oh the posing possibliities! I am going to try to pose him in various 構え (stances). Maybe a stop motion video! Okay, I’ll stop now before I bite off more than I can chew.

The insect-like head starts with these insect-like eyes.

Then a good amount of parts are used. With each side being a different color it adds a few extra steps from what you have come to expect from Gundam kits.

Now it looks like a robot.

And then the V-fin. I mean, the W-fin.

The arms have some interesting engineering to them with some parts that may seem unnecessary but I also wouldn’t call them gimmicks.

First one section of the arm complete with polycaps.

Then some more pieces are added.

They have to be assembled together in a specific order as they overlap somewhat and affect each other when the limb is bent.

Then add the last part of the upper arm to hold everything together.

The lower arm is very basic.

The arm now looks like this.

When it is bent you can see how the design works. A piece of the elbow comes out (he’s got bony elbows).

And the bicep pops out as well.

The hands assemble pretty much like a Gundam Master Grade kit.

But the wrist is different. Much different.

There are two pieces held together by a pin.

This will really allow great articulation in the wrist, although I wonder if it will ever become too lose.

Then you have an arm.

Repeat once more, this time in silver.

Next is torso time. Start with this pile of pieces.

The pegs for the leg joints are also separate colors.

Once the central part is built it’s just a matter of putting the two halves on.

Then you get to build some kind of funky belt. This will not be staying.

The design of this part is also cool. Things move!

So far. So good. This will be fun. But I think the most fun will be turning it into something that is not Kamen Rider.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Damn it! Your going to make me order another W MG! Mine was sent by you guys like 10 days ago. I bought the Cyclone joker ( the green/black ). I really like kamen rider and W is a great design IMO. The Staff really is a plus in this kit, so many cool poses you can do =).

  2. Dennis says:

    Not going to be Kamen Ride? BLASPHAMY!!! HA…HA…HA…

  3. Josh says:

    The little black thing is W’s Stag Phone. A phone that turns into a stag beetle. Hey, gotta have some toys to sell.
    I always like to see what you do with kits, but as a huge fan of W I get the feeling that it’ll hurt a bit to see.

  4. Colin says:

    I’ve got to say I am very excited to see how this all turns out. These Figurerise kits are tempting, especially with the original Riders coming out soon.

  5. The bug is his stag phone I believe, he uses it call people and stuff, and can even equip it to his weapon to power it up!

    I’m gonna be surprised if you can do this without the stickers, I think you might have to use them haha. But if you can manage not to use it and turn out well then it’ll be super awesome!

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