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The ball is rolling in the GAF Group Build known as The Gauntlet and I’ve managed to put in some more time on my PGSF.  To see how the other guys are fairing with theirs be sure to check out the thread on GAF and the builder’s respective blogs.

I am at the stage where I start tinkering. This stage of building for me usually involves testing different paint colors and doing modifications.  So what have I actually done so far?

Well, here are the skirt frame pieces after a gloss topcoat.

I am still rather pleased with myself that I did a good enough job masking that there was no need to go back and do any touchups.

I will be panel lining these guys at some point.

I also broke out the Mr. White Putty and fixed those hollows on the V-fins.

One gripe I had with this design back when I was test-building is that the pistons on the torso are very hard to see. Bandai makes a point of designing the build with them as a feature and giving you the silver parts for the shafts but then all but covers it up with armor.

Me no like. So I figured I would open it up a bit and make them more visible. The first step is to determine just how much more open they should be and how much plastic needs to go. Taking out my pencil I marked rough lines onto the plastic.

Then with the sidecutters I cut on the lines I had just drawn.

I failed to take into consideration that the width of the sidecutters would put pressure on the plastic and there are some stress marks as a result, but luckily nothing cracked.

I then used my hobby knife and scored along the inside of the piece many times to weaken the plastic and then using my fingers bent it backwards and took off the plastic I didn’t want.

I just need to go back in with a file and clean some things up. But the test fit looks promising.

Then repeat for the other side.

Now that I have some armor parts painted I started reassembling certain parts of the kit to get an idea how things look so far and also to start planning how the paint scheme will go.

Here’s the backpack.

And I reconstructed one of the legs. I’ve got some before and after comparison shots but to give a better idea of just how the color changed I will show you this picture. I had placed masking tape on areas of the leg frame to indicate where I should focus my paint. Taking that masking tape away afterwards reveals…

I really like this gold color.

With one leg frame painted. Let’s compare.

These are the bottoms of the feet. Yes, I painted the joint part which you can see on the bottom of the foot.

It’s hard to tell from the lighting on this shot so let’s look closer.



Here’s the ankle armor.



And the legs:







Oooh yea!

I’ve started painting on the frame pieces of the arm as well so there will be more comparison shots to show in the near future. Now that I have a deadline, a theme, and a goal, tackling this big kit is a lot more enjoyable and I am able to focus on what I want to do and what needs to be done. To be honest, before The Gauntlet had been thrown down I was pondering, pontificating, and procrastinating with this kit. Now that there’s a clear goal ahead I am back on the PG, determined to put out a result I can be proud of.

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  1. Gundam Gunso says:

    I really like the gold colour that you have picked out. Great job! XD

  2. Dennis says:

    Nice, no more lame gold!

  3. sonar says:

    Dude, when these come back in go an get a set for yourself (and keep one aside for me) You will thank me later 😉
    Now there’s a…? You chopped off the last sentecnce.

    • syd says:

      I have something similar, Sonar, and totally didn’t think to use them. Perhaps that is because my work room still hasn’t been satisfactorily organized after the quake. I didn’t even notice that I lost the last part of that sentence. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Busterbeam says:

    glad to see this gb is having the desired effect!

  5. Larry says:

    Wow, your posts are really inspiring, Gaijin! 🙂

  6. JLgundam says:

    Very nice gold, what gold did you use ?

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