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A lot of people are eager to see what the RG Aile Strike is like so I have a lot of pictures here for you. Here we go!


It all starts here. Much like the RG RX-78-2 the frame for the foot is one piece on the runner, with joints built in during the molding process.

You just need to add the armor pieces.

And then add the ankle armor. The ankle armor on the Aile Strike is much easier to use and handle than that of the RX-78-2


Here’s the right leg frame. Amazing how they mold it complete with moving parts. Of course, you need to be careful and follow the instructions carefully because these moving parts can break if you push them in the wrong direction.

I learned the hard way with my first RG RX-78-2 that these frames are fragile, so what I have done from then on is to carefully loosen the joints on the frame by putting the frame through its range of motion. This way, once the armor is on, it should move easily.

Add a few frame pieces.

Then start on the armor.

You have to be very careful when you put on the side dark frame pieces. They look the same but must go on the proper side of the leg. If you don’t, which I did, the other black frame pieces around the knee will not slide into place properly.

A couple more armor pieces for the knee and all that’s left to do is add two nicely panel-lined armor pieces.

And repeat again for the second leg, then…



Here’s the frame of the skirt. You need to pull the top part away.

But don’t throw it away! You need it later.

The skirt is the quickest part of the build, as one would expect. You just add some frame and armor pieces..

Then construct the skirt armor for the front and back. Each skirt section only takes two pieces.

With the RX-78-2 the skirt flaps were loose and would pop off quite easily. Well I am glad to report that is not the case with the Aile Strike.

For the side skirt armor first you get the frame section from the frame runner.

Then swivel the ends around.

Then construct two identical side armor sections. The compartment opens allowing you to store the knives.

Skirt fully assembled for picture (you would actually attach the legs first before putting the side skirts in place).

And the lower half is finished.

Simple and straight forward, the shoulders consist of three frame pieces onto which you apply the armor, then a final frame piece.


Just like the legs you use a completed frame piece.

It’s at this part of the build where you break out the sticker sheet. Just like the RX-78-2 you place gold foil stickers on the inside of the elbow joint.

Then apply armor pieces for the front and back of the upper and lower arm, plus a piece for the shoulder.

There’s one last frame piece that fits on the back of the elbow.

Slide the previously assembled shoulder in from the top.

Repeat for the opposite side.

I like the look of the Strike Gundams very much!


Here’s the frame piece.

Then attach the small parts you removed from the arm frames (which I told you not to throw away).

Once you attach those small pieces you fold them back. I found it rather odd, that I had to pull the small frame parts from the arms only to attach them to the torso so they could be used to attach the arms again.

To assemble the cockpit only takes a few pieces, and there is no pilot figure you have to try to insert.

The hatch does open up, however. Nice touch.

The torso doesn’t involve an armor part for the back and front that come together and sandwich the frame. For the back of the torso you take a frame piece and attach a couple of frame pieces which cover the shoulder joints.

The cockpit attaches to the frame…

Then the side armor pieces go on.

Then some parts for the back.

Then finally the front armor piece, with some small frame parts attached inside.

Attach that to the lower part.

Then add the arms.

All that is left is the…


Just like the RX-78-2 you have the option of using just one sticker for the eyes, or you can use a sticker onto which you apply two eye stickers. The latter way gives a little bit of depth to the eyes so I went with that.

One frame piece and some key armor pieces are used next.

Then a piece on each side and the fin.

Awww yeah!

Add that final touch to what you have built so far, much like a star on top of a Christmas Tree finalizes the process.

My thoughts so far; Solid.

Of course it has more similarities than differences to the previous RG and the RX-78-2 specifically, but areas that were a problem with the RX-78-2 such as the skirt flaps and the shoulders are no problem on the Aile Strike. I did not experience things just falling apart in my hands as I did with the first Real Grade.

Next up, the weapons and the striker pack.

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  1. Sleeper says:

    nice build there cant wait for the next updates.

  2. Sunny says:

    me wants me wants…. I knew I shouldn’t have been a cheapskate and use SAL shipping… oh well I’ll work on my SD super gundam in the meantime

  3. Dennis says:

    So glad to hear that the skirt issues seemed to be fixed. Come on EMS, hurry deliver mine already!!!!!

  4. Zeta Newtype says:

    Can’t wait to build this one as well, may place an order this week!

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