Gaijin Gunpla

After the Suit part of this kit is built, you move on to the weapons.

First are the knives (I think they’re called Armor Schneiders, whatever that means.)

As you can see, they are very simple. Just two pieces when put together can open or close.

Next the manual has you build the rifle.

Perhaps not as complex as that of the RX-78-2, but it still takes a lot of pieces.

Then the coolest accessory of them all, the shield.

Not too many pieces.

And remember that piece from the skirt frame that I told you not to throw away?

It attaches to the back of the shield and is used to fit the shield onto the Aile Strike.

Striker Pack

The Striker Pack is pretty involved and has quite a few steps, the first of which is to assemble the larger wings. These are relatively simple and involve a slim black piece being sandwiched between the two larger red pieces.

Then you connect them to one central piece using small pieces for joints.

Then a top and bottom section are attached.

In the bottom part you insert the parts that will be used to hold the beam saber handles.

There is some movement in the wings.

The next step is to use some of the small silver foils and then put on attach a pair of darker red pieces.

The next section you assemble is the piece that is used to attach all the subsections together and attach it to the Suit.

To attach it to the larger section you just assembled you have to line it up perfectly so a hollow slides in around a protruding area of the main subsection, however because this is all tucked away due to the design it is really difficult to line up correctly and put into place. It took me several tries before I was satisfied I had done it properly.


There are two of these and they are almost pretty much identical except for one piece that is used to attach them to the main part of the Striker Pack. Very straight forward and takes no time at all.

Again you use the silver foil stickers. These are small and easy to lose, but fortunately for all the clumsy builders such as myself, Bandai has given you more than you need.

Putting everything together you get this:

Then attach it to the suit. This too is difficult because you have to line it up at just the right angle. I ended up taking off the two side sections of the Striker Pack, attaching the main part to the Suit, then putting the side sections back on.

It takes some work to get this guy to stand on his own.

And the very last part you put together, and the lamest part of the whole thing, are the beam sabers.

Bandai gives you four of the lower part of the beam saber handle, but only two of the upper part. What?

All in all, a great kit experience which I will go into in a lot more detail in the review.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Woke up and this was the first site i read through. Great job! Wont it be difficult to place the decals once its finished like this?

    • syd says:

      It’s true, it would be difficult. I disassembled it down to smaller sections prior to decaling and top coating.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m pretty sure you get four bottoms so that you can attach two to their holsters on the Aile pack–but also have two for it to hold.

    I may be wrong, though!

  3. Tom says:

    That Aile Striker Pack looks difficult to disassemble for painting.

  4. Fernando Costa says:

    “Schneider (German for “tailor”; literally “someone who cuts,” from the verb schneiden “to cut”)”

    Basically the knives are called Armor-Cutters 😉
    A cool name when you think about it.

    These RG kits look very nice, but would you say they’re as satisfying as MGs to build, or do they feel lacking and are over too soon?

    • syd says:

      This is why I like the Internet. It allows you to interact with people more knowledgeable than yourself and to learn from them. Now I know why they are called armor schneiders.

      I’m of two minds about the RG line. I like how they are less expensive than most MG kits and they come packed full of details for such a small size.

      On the other hand a lot of the enjoyment to an MG is building the frame and the RG robs you of that (though the MS Joint Frame is pretty impressive.)

      • Fernando Costa says:

        Don’t say it like that, I just googled it 😛
        Maybe I’ll give a RG a go sometime when I feel like doing a simpler kit, but I too enjoy building the MG frames and seeing how well made (or not, sometimes) the mechanics are.Thanks.

  5. QantaRaiser says:

    very nice, and a good looking kit. i like how the seed suits have a “sharper” look to them then other series. also, a question, i just found out the only hobby store within an hour of me that has gunpla also has Tamiya paint! this is very exiting for me, an make my life easier, what i want to know is what colors are best to match the Exia/00/Qanta colors? i am going to do a full repaint of one but i want it to be close. i bought Blue, Mica Blue for the blue, but there was no light gray except haze gray, i’m going to do a test paint of the colors on a 00 Condenser type i bought but wanted to know what you think.

    • syd says:

      If you wanted an exact match then the Mr. Hobby Colors are the ones to use, but if Tamiya’s all you got then you can probably get it pretty close. However, the Haze Gray is quite dark. I used it on my Hi Nu and it came out darker than expected.

  6. Ed says:

    Will there be water slide decals for this model?

    • syd says:

      I think there probably will be, however Bandai release their decals in batches. There was a release not long ago for the HG Sinanju, MG Qan[T], and others so it may be some more time before bandai releases the next batch. My guess is we’ll see decals for the Deathscythe Hell, MG 00 Raiser and the RG Aile Strike all in the next batch.

  7. QantaRaiser says:

    another question for you Syd, i haven’t been able to find decent clips and such to hold my pieces while they dry. is it ok to carefully set them down and they still dry well? or is there a better alternative? I will most likely just use needle nose pliers to hold the pieces while i paint/top coat.

    • Dennis says:

      Go to your local electronics store for different kinds of clips. My local Radio Shack has several kinds that are as small as 1mm and upto a quarter inch. Syd’s technique of using them with barbecue skewers is the best I’ve ever used.

      • QantaRaiser says:

        thanks, i actually found out earlier to day that radio shack has them, and I managed to get some skewers, so i may try my first shot a painting tomorrow, lets hope its not a complete failure… i need to start planing how i’m going to paint it.

    • syd says:

      I just use clips used for paper which can be bought at the 99 cents store. I use wooden barbecue skewers jammed into the end of them.

  8. Dennis says:

    @QantaRaiser: Just take your time. Also, don’t forget to use a very large piece of foam to put the skewers in to dry. I’d Also suggest if your letting them dry outside to find a heavy rock; otherwise if the wind picks up the whole thing will go flying and ruin your work.

  9. Sunny says:

    I would advise against letting them dry outside, cause particles can ruin your paint job.

  10. Richie says:

    Wonder if they’re going to make the sword/lancher pack for this kit

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