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As with my first build post on the RG Char’s Zaku II I am going to be throwing a lot of pictures at you with a minimal amount of text. Not because I’m lazy, but because I lack time these days.


Once again it all starts with Bandai’s RG frame.

Now you add the pilot’s seat. No pilot though, unfortunately.

After you add the hatch it can actually open and close!

Back and lower torso armor.



The Zaku II has two thrusters at the base of its backpack.

I want to note for everyone here that the thrusters are attached to the runner at two points, not three, and each thruster is attached to the runner on a different side. What this means is that you can have the clean, gatemark-less side of each thruster facing outwards so you don’t have to clean up these small gate marks so painstakingly.

Once the backpack is on this is attached to the front, but interestingly, it doesn’t snap into place but just sits there.

It will be the armor collars that hold it in place.

Speaking of which.

This is a solid, yet somewhat flexible, plastic piece. It doesn’t come from the Advanced MS joint frame runner.

Back to the rings!

Slide it in there and remove the rings from the runner. In some cases, using my sidecutters to remove one side of one ring caused separation between the runner and rings in the subsequent rings and they would just pop off on their own without needing to be cut off.

Move to the next row and repeat.

Once you have all the rings on you cut the extra plastic off. Don’t worry, there is a line where you need to cut. But be careful the rings don’t come off. I spent some time on my knees under the table in dim light trying to find these things.

Then affix them to the torso.


Start by putting this together.

Attach these two pieces together..

Then flip the top part up.

Add the mono eye.

No choice of sticker for the eyes like the other RG, of course.

Then back to these. And they are even smaller.

For this you use a part from the frame runner.

And slap that head on the suit.


Here’s the Zaku machine gun.

And the Bazooka.

And the Heat Hawk.

Kudos to Bandai for making the blade a separate piece. I can easily paint it a different color with no need of masking.

Then the hands. If I am not mistaken, all the hands on the RG kits are exactly the same. It’s quite an impressive feet to mold such small hands with jointed fingers. However, due to their small size they are easily broken so due care is required.

Now I’ll just panel line this guy, slap a million tiny stickers on it, take aspirin for my headache which I will get from putting on a million tiny stickers, paint a few pieces, top coat the whole thing, and I’ll be finished. (Maybe.)

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  1. Dennis says:

    Those stickers are a nightmare. I gave up and will be using waterslides on mine when I get back to iy. It’s a nice model with lots of detail for such a small model. You are right about the hands. I broke one of the fingers off afew times.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve tried the RG Gundam’s sticker, they look nice, but they were a pain to put on. I think this is where the water slides are more better looking. Speaking of which, when is Bandai gonna announce water slide decals for RG Strike Gundam?

  3. RIP666 says:

    RG is realy detailed but it took much time too to build it >_<

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