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Yes, November was some time ago. For some reason, despite the Zaku being the second kit in a new series, and despite my enjoyment with the first kit, I didn’t get around to building it. Well, after building the RG GAT-X105 Aile Strike, and loving it, my interest in all things Real Grade was rekindled.  So..

Zaku time!

Just like the first RG (and the third) the Zaku II comes with plenty of parts, different tones of armor pieces, and a plethora of very tiny stickers.

It also comes with these:

These are very small. I admit to being a little apprehensive when I thought about this part of the build.

There’s even tiny springs for those tiny rings.

My Aile Strike post was quite in depth and this build follows it closely so I am not going to put a lot of text here but there will be plenty of pictures.


Unlike the RX-78-2, you needn’t remove anything from the frame before adding armor.


The lovely Advance MS Joint frame.

Remember to loosen it up a bit before adding pieces.

Here you can see that you add a small foil sticker.

The next part of the build has you put in the tiny circle piece, however, I have left it out of the build so I can have an easier time panel lining it.

You’ll notice that this pink part, which is normally part of the foot on MG Zaku II kits, is attached to the lower leg frame on the RG. Just thought I would mention that.

Again more tiny pieces are used, but I will keep them off so I can paint them before adding them to the kit.

Just like the RX-78-2, the upper leg armor consists of different shades of pink/red.

Now the part I have been dreading. The manual makes it looks so easy.

And the first step is relatively simple

Then you do this:

But it’s a little awkward to work in this space, so I advise doing this:

Cut all those rings off and move to the next row.

You don’t use all of the second row so there will be some extra afterwards.

Then insert into the leg.

This was actually easier on the RG than on the MG Shin Matsunaga Zaku 2.0 where I first had to do this kind of work. (Taking you way back.)


The frame piece.

The frame piece minus the extra pieces (one of which will be used later).

Front skirts.

Back skirts.

Another frame piece.

Flip it over and make the arachnid looking thing

So far so good.


Again with the cool frame.

Remove extra parts.

Loosen up those joints.

Then start adding stuff.

Lots of small armor pieces.

Here you can see how the back armor pieces move when the arm is bent. Cool.

This small piece fits in the end, but isn’t meant to stay. If I am following the manual correctly it is supposed to go on the hand first and then attach to the lower arm. When you remove the hand this piece will come with it.

The arms are quite flexible, too.

The shield is really cool too.

The use of three pieces makes it look great.

It attaches to the shoulder of the Zaku by this little set of pieces.

With two movable parts in there you get quite a bit of movement.

The spiked shoulder armor is simple enough.

Or so I thought. I actually tried at first to put it together with one piece upside down and as the pieces are small and somewhat thin…

Oops. Cracked. I put some glue on from the underside and held it together while it dried.

It attaches to the shoulder with the exact same jointed construction you assembled for the shield.

Next up (Yes, I am stopping here) is the torso, head, backpack, and of course, the weapons.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I loved this kit, great build, great visual. The only problem I did encounter was some hard time to posing his skirt armor, that was a pain! But now he is in a cool pose 😀

  2. sonar says:

    The detail and engineering in this line is so impressive. I’m beginning to get excited by the possibilitiies after seeing how quickly they ironed out the kinks between releases 2 and 3. Great write up man. I prefer these kind of things less text-heavy so I enjoyed this one.

  3. Dennis says:

    This was actually my first kit and sold me on the line. I received it as a gift from my aunt I didn’t even know it was delivered until after getting back from our Xmas Eve party around midnight (EMS delivered it that afternoon). Needless to say I was so excited that I stayed up all night and built it. I had issues with the skirt armor holding on, but other then that it’s a great kit. Even unpainted it’s a nice looking model. Now I just received an email from HLJ that my Aile Strike’s on the way… Cant wat…

  4. Tom says:

    Quite nice for a Zaku. The shades on the green Zaku aren’t that bad either.

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