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After a bit of a lull (where’s your stuff everyone?!) I was fortunate enough to be approached by someone going by the name of enamelhands. Now that I think of it, I never did learn his real name.  I like myself a good bit of mystery.  He sent me a link to his flickr and there I found one of the most awesome Gouf 2.0 I have seen and makes mine pale in comparison.  I replied right back asking if I could put it up on and he was most kind and gave me permission to use his pictures. The floor is yours, Mr. enamelhands.

Well here goes:

The Gouf 2.0. What a kit. Strong as an ox, pose-able as a…..ballerina?

So I actually have Syd to thank for getting me back into gunpla. I haven’t touched models in years (life, yknow?) but I decided one day to go out and buy a gunpla at a local store called Tokyo Kid.

(editor’s request: If’ I’ve got the wrong URL, enamelhands, please let me know right away.)

First I looked on the internet for advice, and found the hobbylink tv videos (and thus Syd) and marveled at how far gunpla had come! I looked at all of his vids, and dove into my first gunpla in years: The Vent Savior. One kit and many mistakes later, I got myself the Gouf 2.0. What a step up from the Non Grade Vent Savior kit!
I’m actually a game developer/composer/sound designer by day (check out my music if you want 🙂 , and as stress relief, Gunpla is amazing. I hand paint all of my kits using enamel paints (testors) and future floor polish (learned about this from the internet from DC23, a truly great master) before a matte top coat. The great thing about enamels is that they give you a long working time. I paint in multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat. For the Gouf 2.0 I used a simple silver sharpie on all of the silver parts for the inner frame and a blue coat with a tiny bit of silver for the body armor. Then I painted the entire model with a few coats of future (great stuff this floor cleaner business!).

Then came the fun part! WEATHERING! *imagine that cool starlight/lightning pose sound effect from like, a million animes*
Weathering kits is a blast! I thought about which parts of the Gouf would get weathered/banged up the most in a real world setting (knees, legs, feet, shield, anything that protrudes). Then I used a sponge to apply rust colored paint to those areas (sponges give a great random effect for weathering). Once the rust was in a good place. I sponged on a tiny bit of yellow inside of the rust spots to create a bit of contrast (real rust has tons of tones, yellow, red, brown, even purple!). I did the same thing to the whip, sponging on silver, rust and yellow.Once I covered the rust layer in future, I then dry brushed parts of the model with wood and rust tones, and brushed on brown chalk to the heavily weathered areas.
I then built the diorama from paper towels, glue, sponge pieces for grass, coffee, sand and twigs that I found outside, and painted the entire thing (check out the diorama photo set to see the process:

(editor’s note: awesome!)

Finally I sprayed all the parts with Blair Matte topcoat.

I love how tough this kit is. The parts feel very sturdy and even though the kit is bulky, it poses quite well! I hope you enjoy the gallery. Many thanks to Syd for allowing me to write and feature my kit, and for getting me back into gunpla. There are a lot of great modelers out there, and I encourage you to seek them out. The gunpla community is one of the best on the internet, and one of the most supportive Ive ever seen. Keep gunpla-ing guys! Thanks again Syd, keep up the great work!



(editor’s comment: Behold! The money shot!)

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  1. Dennis says:

    WOW….. WOW….. WOW…..

  2. TacoBeard says:

    …Nice. This makes me wonde rif i could have a diorama of 00-Raiser VS.Reborns in HG form, only problem is that i suck at painting XD Oh well… The dream is alive.

  3. krelik says:


  4. Mr D says:

    Yup, gonna try my hand at brush painting on an old HG this weekend. I’m sold!

  5. Busterbeam says:

    “The gunpla community is one of the best on the internet, and one of the most supportive Ive ever seen.”

    I never really thought about that be we are pretty damn supportive of each other! haha. excellent work with the chalk btw.

  6. Tom says:

    Woah, great weathering! It doesn’t look hand painted at all.

  7. Priza says:

    OMG…..this kit made me speechless…it’s AWESOME!

  8. QantaRaiser says:

    dang thats impressive, maybe some day i’ll try something like that, for now i’ll just try painting though lol

  9. jiminboo says:

    Impressive weathering! Great job!

  10. Kjasi says:

    I’m very impressed with Enamel’s work with this! It looks like it was left to rust somewhere, then, years later, someone found it and activated it.

    Makes me want to make a “MS Graveyard” diorama, with lots of rusted & destroyed suits…

  11. ClayCannonII says:

    This one time at I listened to some awesome music…….also great paint job

  12. Sweet God…..

    EnamelHands, oh great sensei!


    (jk jk)

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