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April was one interesting month and I found myself with a little more free time than usual thanks to my family being away due to the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation. I also found myself not able to focus much on Gunpla thanks to the triple disasters of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear radiation. I did however manage to pick up the pace on some projects towards the end of the month thanks to a fourth disaster, the Playstation Network being down.

As usual, let’s look at what is

No Longer on the Work Table

1/100 MG ShenLong Gundam

I have to use this older picture rather than the new pictures I took for the gallery because, for some reason I have yet to find the cause of, I cannot load pictures to my site. I loaded some yesterday morning and then an hour later, no such luck. Hmm.

edit: Pictures now loading!
This kit has been covered with a combination of the dry transfers that came in the box and some Wave decals I picked up some time ago. I used the decals sparingly just to break up the gray.

Also finished this month!

1/144 HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju Titanium Finish

(again using an old pic.)

Love this kit and even more so in this finish and I managed to get a great many tiny decals on without ruining things.

Another similar kit was built this month

ANA Unicorn Gundam D-Mode

(will insert pic when it’s working.  -sigh-)

Love it!

I should probably warn people that May will be a slow start Gunpla-wise for me.  For the first week the entire nation has a holiday, Golden Week, and I will be traveling far away to where my wife and child are currently staying to finally see them again and to bring them home with me.  Upon our return I have a lot of father-daughter time to catch up on.  But I will try to get to things when I can.

On the Work Table

Ako Hobby Barzam Conversion!

I only have to clean up some areas to make better fits and then prep for painting. I haven’t had much desire, time, or good weather to start on the painting part of this project yet.

1/144 RG Aile Strike

Yes. I’ve built it already. It took me about 2 1/2 hours, but I was taking my time, watching television and surfing the net while I was poking around on this kit. I don’t think I’ll be painting this, but I will panel line it and top coat it. It’s a good kit and impresses me. There’s an RG Zaku II (non-char) coming in July, which will probably be a pass for me as I haven’t even built the Char’s yet.  But this Aile Strike has given me the RG bug again!

And a big reappearance on the worktable for…
PG Strike Freedom Gundam

This guy is going to be getting a lot of attention this summer (details coming soon). I’ve already taken half of him apart to prepare for painting. First will be the lame gold and then I’ll start on the armor.

What’s Under the Work Table?
There’s a few kits now sitting down there, and piling up, and the list gets longer and longer. As I can’t show photos, and if I did it would make this post really long, I will instead list a few I am hoping to start on soon.

* 1/100 MG XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW Ver. – I originally picked the Shenlong to build because this was the same as the older Ver Ka Wing kit, but I still was intrigued by the Wing and the great fun I had with the previous EW kits means I had to get this one too.

* 1/8 MG Figurerise Kamen Rider W Heat Metal – Yes, I finally picked up a figure kit. This line shows no sign of stopping so I have been contemplating checking it out.  I chose the Heat Metal because of it’s weapon. In my training I really enjoy the bojutsu (棒術 = stick techniques) and I want to see if I can make this figure pose in proper form (my martial arts nerdiness is showing here).

Those are probably the two I will start on next, but of course I’ve also got some kits, particularly the runners up in The Poll, to get to.  I am leaning towards the Zaku Cannon but I may go for the Force Impulse instead as I only really plan to customize the paint scheme.

What am I looking forward to? A nuclear free world!  Well, not really.  Even after this disaster I still am cognizant of the fact that Japan needs Nuclear Power to meet its energy needs. I can’t really see this country getting the electricity it needs from any other source.

What am I looking forward to?  Sleeping through the night without being awakened by an earthquake.  They are getting less frequent with time but even so we still have at least one noticeable jolt a day.  One proper full night’s sleep.  Is that to much to ask?

What am I looking forward to?  Sony’s Playstation Network getting back up and running.  I put some time in on Call of Duty: Black Ops this past month and prestiged a couple more times.  It’s been over a week since I last played that game and I miss it less each day.  But it’s still fun and I want to get back at it.

What am I looking forward to?  Seeing my family again!  But I’ve only got a couple days to wait so I did it. 頑張り抜いた!

What am I looking forward to? (In terms of gunpla)

Coming to the Work Table

Nothing really has my attention right now.  I will probably pass on the MG 00 Raiser.  Sure, it’s an MG kit, and I love them, but I don’t really feel pulled by this design.  I’ve built an HG version and I’ve built the Qan[T] which is similar in my opinion.  I always say maybe but then get the box in my hands and can’t say no.

I will be picking up the MG Epyon, though.  Gotta get those Wing MGs.  But I gotta say, and I expect some grief for this, I dislike the colors a lot. Those are definitely going to change.  I’ve already got ideas circulating in my head for a color scheme.  But I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself.


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  1. Tom says:

    I’m pretty sure you’re life will be back to it’s regular self after another month or so. I look forward to seeing what you plan to do with the PG Strike Freedom and the Barzam. By the way, how long does credit card refund take usually in japan? =/

  2. Jordan says:

    glad you get to have some family time after all the stuff that has been going down. and the epyon could definitely be a dark green, being a dragon and all. but hopefully you have a great month of May.

  3. Dennis says:

    Well, I see you have less stuff on/under the table then I do. Jealousy has set in…. Only model I completed this month was my custom Zakur; took me long enough because of the weather here; hey it’s Apri. Glad to hear your getting to see your family again and they’re coming home. I ordered the Epyon myself; like the colors but may try to “RG-ize” them. And like you I may not paint my RG Aile Strike as I haven’t painted my Char Zaku or my RX-78. They look too good the way they are to me.

  4. Zeta Newtype says:

    Gasp! Change the Epyon’s colors?! How dare-Nah just kidding. I actually do wanna see the Epyon in something other than maroon!

  5. Kjasi says:

    As a lover of Epyon, I can’t say I’m happy that you want to change the colors. That said, I’m highly curious about how you’re planning to change the colors! I’m currently planning to make Epyon my 3rd MG, but we’ll see. Going to put it on my B-day Wish List, since the RG Zaku won’t be out ’till the end of July.

  6. QantaRaiser says:

    like Kjasi i have always been a fan of Epyon, as well as Wing Zero. but seeing what you did with Shenlong i’m exited to see what you come up with.

  7. Sunny says:

    hmm maybe do a roll out color like, with white and soft grey’s 😛 would be fun to see.

  8. Fernando Costa says:

    I couldn’t find a better place to post, so here it goes.
    Did you do something with that HoiHoi-san or was it just a straight build, no detailing? I’m thinking about getting a Pest-X and a Roll (Rockman), but I’m at a loss as to how to give their hair some natural shading, as seen in the official pics.
    Also, my Rockman and Blues are arriving soon, but I want the cloth and faces to be matte, while the metal looks shinier. Do you think a matte topcoat and a shiny one would do the trick?
    I’ve never used paint other the Gundam Markers for details, and never a topcoat.

    • syd says:

      The Hoi Hoi-san was just a straight build. To do a simple attempt at shading the hair I would probably look for an appropriate color marker and line some of the creases in the hair then take a cotton swab and remove most of it, leaving the creases with some light smudging.

      I have used a matte, gloss top coat combination on my MG Unicorn (I wanted the frame to be subdued while the psychoframe shiny) and it worked out well.

      • Fernando Costa says:

        Ah, I thought about using the Real Touch Gundam Markers, but forgot to menton them. Even if they’re easy to rub off, I guess it’d be fine with a matte topcoat on top. Thanks for the tips, will try that.

  9. sonar says:

    Whuuu? I’m ashamed to say I missed your Shenlong altogether. What a beauty! I LOVE that colour scheme mate. It looks positively outstanding. Well done. Awesome to see the Barzam underway. Regrettably I promised my HG ANA Unicorn to the most generous donor to the GAF Japan Quake appeal and I had great sorrow in parting with it yesterday. I am nearing completion on my RG Strike so I look forward to matching wits with you on it. 😉 Another great work tablle post Syd, thanks.

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