Gaijin Gunpla

So Girls’ Generation has a Japanese CD out.

I suspect everyone expects me to have known that, but, to tell the truth, I was unaware of it until one day last week when I went to to look for a book. There on my first page was the new album. I didn’t realize it was a Japanese album, either, as all the song titles are English. I debated on picking it up, but I realized that buying the special edition was the only way I would get the DVD of the video for Mr. Taxi, so I held off until this past Saturday when I met ASM in Akihabara for a long overdue drinking session.  This may sound blasphemous, but other than meeting ASM for drinks I don’t really get excited about going to Akiba.  Sure all the denkiya-san are there but seeing as my profession involves dealing with model kits, trips to Akiba and Yodabashi camera in particular, are nothing special.  However, there is a Tower Records on the top floor of Yodabashi and that’s where I knew I would find the latest Girls’ Generation album (at full price…)

Allow me to show off my new bundle of joy.

The album art concept is a bit of a departure from the other SNSD stuff. I think they really want to promote the idea that this is a group of beautiful young women rather than the image you see most often here in Japan of young women made to look like teenage girls.

Opening up the package you see the album and the DVD with music videos of Mr. Taxi, Genie, and Gee. Nice!

And the booklet features some great shots (and not so great shots) of all the lovely ladies.

Hi, Jessica.

My household is loving it.

Best new track so far is definitely Bad Girl, but the whole album is quite catchy. There’s even a Japanese version of Hoot. I expect a video soon.

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  1. Kjasi says:

    You go GaiGun Jr!

  2. sonar says:

    Haha you watch her mate, she’s got moves!

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