Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve built the suit and I thought, hey I can do the weapons and O Raiser in the next post (and I will), but it’s going to be a long post with plenty of pictures. I’m not exaggerating here either.

GN Sword II (x 2)

The first step is to assemble the handle. This is very simple and uses the last of the green transparent parts.

Then just put on the long blades. (Can you call them blades?)

Shield (x 2)

These are also pretty simple, maybe too much so, but have a good gimmick built in to allow the shields to attach to the Side Binders on the 0 Raiser, the arm of the 00 Gundam, and even each other.

The even elongate.

I would just like to take this opportunity to show everyone that I built the stand.

And I also went back and built the extra set of hands. These are indeed like the Wing Gundam MG kits in that you just swap out the molded fingers.

This is not a good thing…

Here’s the perfect example. The GN Sword II handle has the hollow in it that fits around the groove in the palm of the hand, but the molded finger part they give you doesn’t actually wrap around the handle securely. Because of the weight of the GN Sword II it falls out of the hand too often. To be honest, I am getting tired of MG hands. Those on the Zaku II 2.0s, Sinanju, etc are great and are what I am most familiar with. The molded hand swapping design I first saw in the MG V Gundam and now with each release in the MG Wing Gundam series is just frustrating. Bandai’s hands on the newer HG kits are great. Why can’t they be that way for the MGs? /rant

Before starting on the 0 Raiser the manual shows all the stuff you can do with the GN Drives, and assembled weapons, etc. Gimmicks abound.

Here are some parts used to attach the GN Swords to the back of the kit and to each other. I haven’t cut them out for fear of losing them.

And the red effect parts can go on the GN Sword II.

0 Raiser

For the 0 Raiser you use some runners that haven’t even been touched yet. Like a whole new kit!

The first step is to assemble a small portion of the frame that is responsible for allowing it to alter its shape and attach to the back of the 00.

When I first started this part I was concerned it wouldn’t be strong enough as the plastic felt somewhat thin or fragile.

From there you grab some rather sizeable plastic pieces and construct the main part of the 0 Raiser.

There’s even a cockpit into which you put another pilot figure.

The bottom is all one piece.

Next you are given two choices for the cockpit. Well, I call it the cockpit but for some reason the pilot is sitting at the back of the vehicle.

I went with the orange cover.

Next up is the tail end of the 0 Raiser. It’s fairly straight forward.

It folds down like this when it attaches to the suit.

When not on the suit you just push the tail end in.

Then the final step in this section is to assemble the parts that will be used to attach to the Side Binders.


Let’s just test this out.

Side Binders

A clear part. Is this my first encounter with a clear part that isn’t green in this build?

It is sandwiched between two frame pieces.

The next part was a little weird. The manual is this.

But there is no mention that what you actually need to do is line up the small hollows on either side of the section you just assembled…

With the small protruding circle on the inside of part D23.

It took some playing around before I actually realized what it was I was supposed to do.

Then you put the armor piece on.

Next up you get to use these pieces which are not poly-caps but act that way.

They attach in various areas to the large Side Binder frame pieces.

Add some armor. You only use one of poly-cap-ish parts here and the other side is left as it is.

I like your wiggle, baby.

Then you get to attach all the armor pieces.

The next part is worth mentioning. I am two minds about it actually. You’ll see why towards the end of the post.

First you assemble two of these.

Once that is done you slide this small, roundish part into the hollow.

At this stage I don’t yet know the purpose of this.

Then you with some armor parts and assemble two sets of two of these.

Attach them to the main part of the Side Binder.

Turning the Side Binder over you can see the hollow for the LED.

It’s a perfect fit!

So perfect in fact that it didn’t come out by simply turning it over. I had to use the design knife to nudge it out later.

Turning it on gives you only a little light.

Of course, turning the light off in the room would allow me to better see the effect of the LED, but I was really surprised at how little light seemed to be escaping compared to the GN Drives.

Slap it all together…

Next the manual shows you the various parts you can attach to the bottom of the 0 Raiser. There are landing gear parts on and also parts to cover up those holes when the landing gears aren’t attached. As these are parts I wasn’t planning on using right away, and because they are small, I opted to keep them attached to the runner so as not to lose them.

I don’t need them anyway, because I am planning on attaching the…

GN Sword III

These pieces are pretty large, even for a Master Grade kit.

I liked this part of the GN Sword III design.

Why is that? It’s because the underside of the armor has a detailed frame section. Often the underside gets neglected. Not so much in Master Grade kits, mind you.

Then make the handle.

With your four separate sections you are now ready to make complete the Sword.


There is an attachment with which to attach it to the 0 Raiser and it is solid.

The attachement for the Action Base is designed to work with the GN Sword III on the 0 Raiser.

This means that if you don’t attach the GN Sword III then you can’t display the 0 Raiser on an Action Base. I question this decision by Bandai.


And check out this monstrous thing. (That’s what she said.)

Slide it onto the GN Sword III.

Now let’s get out the 00 Gundam again and see how the Side Binders attach.

First you have to take off the part that covers the LED.

Then you have to use some slender object to push out that small curved piece I made mention of earlier.

Was the assembly of the Side Binders designed in such a way that the LED cover piece stores the small curved piece until it is needed? With all the part swapping Bandai gives you with this kit that step seemed unnecessary, but on the other hand, it’s a great idea!

Attach the curved piece to the LED cover and attach it again to the Side Binder.

The grooves in the circular ring that holds the GN drive should line up with those on the curved piece.

Despite the grooves being small it holds up pretty well.

And the 00 looks great with the Binders on.

But as I wrote in a previous entry. If you’re carrying around those wing like things, you gotta be flying.

Next 00 Raiser post will be the review. It too will be pretty long, I expect.

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  1. Jordan says:

    forgot the last, “That’s what she said” but I’ll let that slide, since i am unable to afford this kit and you’re giving a great build review.

  2. Zeta Newtype says:

    This kit can’t get to my house soon enough. Like a lot of the stuff i’m seeing here and I can’t wait to build the 00 Raiser, it will be different for me.

  3. Tom says:

    Looks pretty good straight build.

  4. QantaRaiser says:

    good to know that the raiser parts stay on well, i have the designer color version and the “wings” suck. i may just have to buy this because it looks awesome.

  5. Dennis says:

    I’m not quite that far along, but so far everything seems sturdy. Hopefully I’ll be done by the end of this weekend. The GN sword III is very nice and when I put it on the arm at full extension with the red effect parts it held up with no sagging.

  6. sonar says:

    That was indeed a long post.. Phew! Agreed, it must be flying with the 0-Raiser attached. It looks awkward standing.

  7. fury-s12 says:

    long but good looks great

  8. tacobeard says:

    um not sure if you knew this because the way you described it didnt giv eme an indication if you did, but to see the light on the binders it is intended you “fold” out the blue piece so that a silver sticker will bounce the light around and out of the clear piece, not through the hole you showed…
    if you knew and i sound like a smartdonkey then sorry.

    • syd says:

      I purposely left off the sticker, which I do with most kits I may go back and paint. That said, I probably should have put this one on to give a better representation of how the LED works in the side binders.

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