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I could be really lazy here and just post a link to the MG Qan[T] WIP where I assembled the legs, but I’m not lazy so I won’t do that. hehe   It goes without saying, however, that there are more similarities than differences between the two kits and the frame is an excellent example of that.

First off the feet are pretty much identical.

Looking back at the Qan[T] post to compare I noticed that I put the armor on the feet of the Qan[T] before joining the two parts of the foot together whereas the 00 has me do that after (I think).

Then the ankles are the same.

As well as the hip joints.

And the thigh frame.

Even the lower leg frame is the same.

These new 00 Gundam MG frames are really articulate.

But that comes at a price. I will write more about this later.

I opted to leave the stickers off the legs in case I go back and paint the frame at some point.

The armor fits on really well.

Unique to this kit (and the 00 Gundam I am imagining) is this small part, or two small parts rather.

It fits on the back of the knee like so:

And when the knee is bent that piece also moves.

I like the 00 legs better than those of the Qan[T] but I can imagine others feel the opposite. 十人十色

The skirt frame is nearly the same as the previous 00 Master Grade kit.

On the left are the parts for the front skirt armor and the right shows the rear.

The beam saber handles attach to the rear of the skirt. Yes. His weapon attaches to his ass.

And the side skirt armor is assembled the same as the Qan[T].

I think I was pretty clear on how I did not like the side skirt armor on the Qan[T]. I don’t know if Bandai actually took the large amount of criticism it received from Gunplars the world over into consideration because the 00 Raiser side skirts attach the same way.

I will say, however, that for some reason the 00 Raiser side skirt parts seem to stay on better. They haven’t just fallen off for seemingly no reason. (there are other parts of the kit that do that.)

Attach the bottom to the top and presto!

I kid. I kid.

It actually looks like this.

I realize that so far this post has just been a rehash of the Qan[T] so now I’ll show you something new. Let’s continue on and work on the backpack.

The first step is to assemble the GN Drives and each part has to line up just right.

You also get to assemble the Container. An alternative you can use instead of the GN Drives.

Now I am experiencing deja vu.

This part is the very same one used on the GN Drive of the MG GN-X. But this time I have a LED to use!

(I took it out of the torso to see how it worked on the GN Drive.

And it looks awesome!

GN Drive or Container? Hmm.

Now you have to build those large wing-like things which will hold the GN Drives (or Containers).

This parts was pretty tricky. The circular piece can fit into the blue part easily but you have to make sure the grooves are lined up in exactly the right spot otherwise, a few steps later when you insert the GN Drive, it will not line up properly and the switch won’t work.

Frame for the ‘wings’

These attach to the backpack frame piece.

Then comes the armor.

The little hatch slides down to give you access to a hole into which you can insert the Raiser or the GN Sword II.

But it’s not so easy to move and it’s difficult to get your fingers into such a small place to move it.

Nice movement even on these pieces.

The completed backpack looks like this.

And the GN Drives swivel around as well.

The suit itself is finished now. Next I’ll have to start on the weapons, the Raiser and I think I should built that stand now.

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  1. Gundam Gunso says:

    I do agree that the 00 is very similar to the Qan[T].

  2. Syberio says:

    i really like the setsuna’s suits, when i’ll have this one built, i’ll be like a setsuna fan boy cause i aullready have the exia and the Qan[t] but hey! they just look cool

    for the side skirts, i thibk they will opld better because de sliding part that move to allow the swords to attach is shorter and doesn’t touch the legs

  3. rafren+ says:

    That makes my HG look bad.

  4. Tom says:

    Yea, I absolutely hated the side skirts on my MG Qan[t]. I think they’re not falling off on the MG 00 because the side skirts are actually shorter then Qan[t]’s.

  5. Dennis says:

    Oh I can’t wait to build mine. It’s here and I’m drooling over it. Only took 3 days from HLJ using EMS. Syd, thank the guys and gals in shipping for getting it out so quick.

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