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Am I one of the few who isn’t head over heels for the 00 Gundam designs?  The Exia didn’t speak to me, and the Raphael, Harute and such I haven’t paid much attention to. The Qan[T] was cool so how do I feel about the 00 Raiser?  I’m not sure.  By writing this review I hope to come to some kind of conclusion.

Overall Look: Suit = 8/10 O Raiser = 10/10 Average = 9/10

This kit shares a lot of styling with the Qan[T] and the parts I liked on the Qan[T], such as the torso and legs, I like on the 00.

And I like the head with its details.

I also really like it with the GN drives attached. Without the GN Drives it would look too plain. I kind of like it with the Side Binders on, though. I think it looks like an eagle perched on a limb with its wings opening in preparation for flight.

But with the 0 Raiser on its back… Not feeling it.

Building the 00 has made me realize something about particular Mobile Suits. The 00 suits tend to have very sharp lines and lots of angles and I think my style leans away from that a little. I prefer the suits found in SEED over the 00 suits.

The 0 Raiser looks sleek and sexy and almost overshadows the suit. I am a big fan of the 0 Raiser when it’s not strapped onto the back of a giant mech.

Colors: Suit = 8/10 O Raiser = 9/10 Average 8.5/10

I gave the 00 the same score I gave the Qan[T] and think that this design uses the old blue, red, white, and yellow very well. Perhaps it is because a lot of the frame is showing and breaks up the color. 0 Raiser is perfect in these colors and the orange contrasts nicely.

Weapons: 10/10

This kit comes loaded. Two GN Sword IIs, GN Sword III, two beam sabers! All providing good enjoyment while building. Two shields that can combine or fit onto the Side Binders of the 0 Raiser. No problems here. (kinda)

Articulation: 9/10 -> real score 5/10

How much is too much? When does too much of a good thing become a bad thing? Of course, the design allows for an amazing amount of movement, particularly in the waist and legs, but that comes at a price. The joints are just far too loose to last long and with the kit only a few days old it is starting to droop in places. With that big 0 Raiser designed to hang off its back you would think that tightening up some of the joints, even at the expense of some articulation, would be a good thing. I give it high marks for being articulate, but low marks for being functional.

Build Design: Suit = 6/10 O Raiser = 9/10 Average = 7.5/10

Let’s start with the good stuff. The 0 Raiser design is awesome. It makes sense, and holds together well even though it’s meant to come apart often.

The Side Binders look and function great.

And the 00 has some good points, or more importantly, parts that were improved from the Qan[T].

The side skirt armor doesn’t just fall off at any old time. This was a huge sense of frustration with the Qan[T]. However, the 00 has frustrations of its own. For example, the hands.

These things suck. First of all, the fit isn’t good on the hands with the movable fingers so it is difficult to assemble and falls apart. Then, with the spare hands they fall apart as well, and the hands that hold the GN Sword II don’t actually hold it. It’s only the groove in the palm of the hand that holds the GN Sword II and it doesn’t do a good job of it. On top of that, with the unique design of the wrist joint, there’s no ball being pushed into a socket, so there’s not a lot of resistance to hold the wrist in place. Because it’s just a rod inserted into a hole, it will just slide out on its own.

The shield has a gimmick which allows you to move the blue piece between two positions, but the fit is loose so often the shield will come apart. Sigh.
However I will say this for Bandai. They did an amazing job of designing this kit to hold 5 LEDs.

Fun Factor: Suit = 8/10 O Raiser = 9/10 Average = 8.5/10

The suit was an enjoyable build (moreso if you have not yet built the Qan[T] , particularly when it got to the backpack and the GN Drives and the playing around with the LEDs.

The 0 Raiser was a joy. I don’t know why I enjoyed it as much as I did, but I’m here to tell you its a great experience.

Extras: 10/10

Loaded. This guy is loaded.
Parts for landing gears on the 0 Raiser.

Parts to hold the GN Sword II to the back of the kit or the side skirts and also a part to attach them together.

Effect parts for the weapons.

And an LED! To be honest, with this kit, if Bandai hadn’t thrown in an LED, it would have been a crime.

If the 00 had come out as a Master Grade kit on its own, it’s likely that I would not have picked it up. The look, design, and flaws are close enough to the Qan[T] (or perhaps even also the Exia), that if you’ve built one of them you maybe don’t need to build the 00.

However, with the addition of the 0 Raiser, and all those extras, this kit is well worth the price. Fans of Master Grade kits and 00 Gundam will love it. Now if only Bandai could work out some of those issues.

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  1. Gundam Gunso says:

    Great review! Makes me know more about this kit despite not owning one… yet XD

  2. Dennis says:

    I haven’t had any issues yet, of course only my frame is built. Just started adding the armor bits and their weight may change that. I’m hoping that your experience with the loose joints is a one off issue. So far the people who I’ve seen do reviews haven’t mentioned their’s sagging or issues like that. I’ve had my GN sword III with the red effect parts at full extention for about a day now. Even without the armor attached it looks cool. I’ll be posting my videos on my build in afew days with my thoughts, so I may change my tune once I’ve finished it.

  3. Joe says:

    Jabman025 has a review on YouTube for this kit and he says all the joins but the elbows are nice and solid… I wonder if it’s a hit or miss thing…

  4. Tom says:

    But isnt the suits from Seed kinda the same as the ones from 00, has lots of angles and sharp lines?

  5. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I love 00 designs, but again, designs are something of personal taste =)

    Great review Syd, very well put together ;D

  6. Benny says:

    Hey Syd, just wondering what battery does the LED lights take as i mean the model number?

  7. Zeta Newtype says:

    00 Raiser is definitely not one of my favorites in Setsuna’s line. I still rank Exia and 00[Q] above it, however, 00 Raiser is one of those suits that warmed up to me as I saw it in action in Gundam 00. By itself, I did not like it…funny how things change when you see it in the context in was meant to be in, and made me drop close 90 US dollars on this with shipping. 😛

  8. Kjasi says:

    It sounds like this MG is suffering from the same problems that I have with some of my earlier HG kits. Specifically, my 1996 08th MS Team Gundam VS Zaku II. Those hand would fly apart the moment I touched them.

    Need to glew those together soon…

    Not sure if I would get this kit or not, due to this review… Still thinking about it.

  9. darkness2199 says:

    does the 0 raiser affect the posing on the shoulder like the ng 1/100

    • syd says:

      I haven’t built the NG 1/100 so I can’t compare it to that, but even with the O Raiser attached the movement in the shoulder is pretty good. It just gets a little back heavy and hard to stand up with that O Raiser on the back.

  10. gundamgod says:

    itwill be good if they included the seven swords…….

  11. darkness2199 says:

    my 00 raiser ng 1/100 binder/shoulder area always end up going doing because of the 0 raiser part that goes on there so i probably won’t get the mg 00 raiser but maybe depend on the binder/shoulder if it will stay up as good as the hg version

  12. Bocalt says:

    Hey there according to your experience and your opinion of the 00, will MG seven swords be okay?

    • syd says:

      The only concern I would have with that kit is whether the joints are strong enough to hold that big weapon.

      • ClayCannonII says:

        It has the same problems, the hands can’t hold the weapons right and the joints are VERY loose

  13. D3Seeker says:

    Nice review. At the point thogh I’m sure you’ve do realized the 00 came before Quan[T], series and suit? but I so think I’ll be getting this kit either way. Had my share of questionable joints

    • bryanmerel says:

      Actualy, no. Quanta has been released first before the OO. The fact that some extra parts utilized originaly by qanta is still pressent onto OO’s runners proves it.

  14. FRed Q says:

    I am currently working on the seven sword. It is by one of my favorites to work on!

  15. cipher says:

    articulation 5/10 !!!

  16. Dez says:

    I wonder will Bandai made this kits into an Real Grade xD

    • Dan the man says:

      Haha. Your 2012 questions. Answered by Bandai in 2015. Yes they will!

      • Anonymoose says:

        A few months before Bandai announced they were making and RG 00, I was talking about how they should make an RG 00. Several months before the RG Wing Zero was announced, I was talking about how they should make an RG Wing. I know it’s just a coincidence but I feel like toy companies stalk me.(I was once thinking that Hasbro should make Transformers combiners. Several months later they announce them.)

  17. ClayCannonII says:

    Two questions Syd,
    One does hlj sell that base you are using? And two, is there a way to change the color of the “GN particles” from green to red?

    • syd says:

      Just search for Action Base and you should find what you’re looking for. As the parts are molded in green I don’t think there’s a way to change the color.

      • ClayCannonII says:

        Got it just ordered some LEDs and the action base 😀

      • ClayCannonII says:

        I have an idea, I just don’t have the money to experiment with paints. Has anyone tried just layering an effect piece with a clear coat then a different clear color?

  18. Ryan says:

    Ive bought all of Setsuna’s Gundams in MG form, and i love them all for different reasons. Dont ask me why but Exia is still the coolest of the set maybe its all the weapons, or that brilliant design, next to my converted 1/100 Exia that i transformed into the Exia repair form(all ny own work minus the cloth shroud, i stole that from the MG) which i made look even more battle damaged than the MG’s Repair form, they are just a stunning pair. I love 00 For just being a badass gundam, and with those large binders and sword its just a perfect center piece. And i love 00 Quan[T] because its just such an unique and striking design, definetly the best looking design in the whole series.

    Id have to stress getting an action base for this kit is a definite must, i got the white Celestial being stands just to complete the look.

    Ive had no issues with the hands at all, never have they fallen off or lost grip on a weapon. Im very grateful of that. My issue is the shoulders, they are loose and with the GN Sword 3 fitted they tend to succumb to gravity more than id like.

    This kit is considerably better than PG 00 Raiser, i have a friend who owns the kit, and while looking great, its a utter disaster. The Plugs that join the arm to the body are unbelievably tiny and cant support any weight and usually just fall off, making the join grip system they adopted entirely pointless and annoying.

    I Give this a Score of 9/10 as the shoulder issues spoil a perfect score.

  19. T.Swan says:

    Does anyone know if its possible to combine the NG 0 raiser with the MG double-O???

    • dave says:

      nope! they have different backpack connectors in which the mg has only one connecting pegs while the NG have 2 hook-like slots

  20. dave says:

    A must have! I love this kit coz I’m a Setsuna fan! ^_^

  21. Andy says:

    syd i have a question for you, as we know topcoating is final step of model, i just wonder know should i topcoat the armor separate then put those back to inner frame,or just complete model then topcoat them separate as leg, head, arm, chest….. hope you can explain this to me

    • syd says:

      Hi Andy,

      I do both actually. If I’m doing a big, serious project like my Yellowbird Sinanju I will topcoat each piece individually just like I painted them. If it something a little more relaxed I’ll assemble the various sections as you mentioned (head, torso, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, backpack) and then top coat the assembled sections. I topcoat built sections more than I do as individual pieces.

  22. kh says:

    Is it back heavy when the o raiser is strapped on it’s back?

  23. firedracax says:

    Hey syd and others, i recently got a 00 raiser and i was wondering if i placed the foil stickers on the eyes and gn condesers,would the led feature still light up the head or will it have a blees through the edges? Or should i just leave foils out for the head?I haven’t built it yet due to exams so yeah. Thx in advance

  24. fire says:

    Ahhhh I can’t find the action base connector for the 00 raiser!!! Where to find it!!! Help!!!

  25. Mc Cayanan says:

    Syd I just want to ask,if you’ll be given a choice which is better,this kit or the 00 seven sword g? Thanks… I’m really confused with those two,since they have the same base unit…

  26. Sir Doctor says:

    Hey Syd
    Do you think you’ll do a review of the 00 rg when it comes out? Based on your previous experience with this and the rgs?

  27. Peter says:

    Where would I order the LEDs for the GN drive? I think I saw photos at where he had the GN drives on this MG kit light up. Would this be a similar package to the LED unit for the PG unicorn and banshee?

  28. Sera says:

    Any tips for posing? the action base 1 it seems to be loose even without the 0 raiser, also when carrying the gn sword 3 the arms tends to fall apart

  29. OldskoolNP says:

    I know this is an old review, but I have a question. I bought the “Gundam Base Limited Trans-Am Raiser [Clear Color] at Gundam Base Tokyo last week. For a 2011 kit I really enjoyed building it. The only problem I have with it is that the shield won’t peg into its forearm. Did you have this same problem? I don’t seem to have built it wrong. Any advice?

  30. thirty_ought_six says:

    Interesting. For my kit, the side skirts fell off all the time but I had no problem with the hands.

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