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I’ve been all over the map on this build and that’s going to continue in this post. It occurred to me that the way I am going about assembling the Epyon leaves me with no way to put sections together yet. For example, I built the wings but haven’t built the torso to which they attach. I’ve built the feet but not the legs and the hands without building the arms. I’ve got a runner bag filled with assembled sections. And it’s fun!

And now, it’s time for the appendages.

First up, the arms.

The very first step is rather odd. Why make this piece as two pieces instead of just one?

It just fits inside the lower arm.

Then slide on one large armor piece and bring the small piece down.

Now for some claws!

Now a very interesting poly-cap is used. It fits into the armor piece on the lower part of the arm rather than being sandwiched between frame pieces.

And the claw fits right up against the arm.

The armor for the upper arm is two pieces and again I wondered why Bandai felt the need to do it this way rather than as one piece like they’ve done so many times before.

I should let everyone know that you need to be careful here because the plastic is thin and can stress if you push to hard.


Next I went with the ankles. Very simple but sexy looking. Three frame pieces and then the armor.

There is actually one more armor piece to go on but the manual does not have you add that until you fully assemble the legs.

Speaking of legs, here’s the ankle joint.

The poly-cap is a rather unique shape.

The piece that goes around the poly-cap isn’t secured by anything and can just fall off if you hold it at the wrong angle. Once the legs are attached to the hips this isn’t a problem.

Anyone who has assembled a new Wing kit should be familiar with the next part, the upper leg frame.

But from there it gets interesting.

First you take a longer piece and put a tiny poly-cap in the top. Then put that and another polycap in the lower leg frame.

You can see the gap which allows the lower leg be extended. It holds tightly so I don’t think concerns of loose leg joints are warranted. Two small frame pieces hold it in place.

There’s quite a bit of movement.

More frame pieces.

Now we get back to that sexy armor. There are four pieces for the lower leg and, the pieces for the rear especially, are very similar. Be sure you are using the right piece in its rightful spot. It is entirely possible I didn’t. 😉

Then those spiky things.

And then the upper leg armor which is the cool (how would you describe this?) color.

I have legs! Sexy legs!

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  1. sniperaven says:

    Every scale model i’ve come accross with seems incomplete without re-painting, but this kit looks awesome even without the paint job…What more with the paint-job on…>_<

  2. sniperaven says:

    Syd, you’re really making me drool, you’re almost done and I’m still waiting for mine…

  3. Dennis says:

    Hurry up with mine HLJ….

  4. Gundam Gunso says:

    Come on man…. Now you are making me going crazy with the urge to get this kit ASAP!!! XD

  5. Sei says:

    same here… still waiting… it’s just a couple of weeks of waiting but it sure feels like a thousand year…

  6. Kjasi says:

    I think that color is probably some kind of reddish-grey…

    This just keeps looking better and better… Not sure how you’ll ever top this model…

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