Gaijin Gunpla

The feet of course! I didn’t have much time in this sitting so I thought I would build a smaller section (or two) of the suit. I expected the feet on the Epyon to be similar to the Deathscythe and Wing and this could still be said to be true but the Epyon definitely has some differences.

The first step when assembling the feet is to attach these large green stickers.

What? Stickers already? Needless to say, I didn’t put the sticker on. I never do when I am test-building as it would have to come off again when it comes time to paint.

Onto that first piece you attach a smaller piece via a set of pegs.

And then swing it up.

Then you sandwich that, and a poly-cap, between the two main frame parts.

Then the sexy armor.

Add a clear piece and a yellow piece.

And then the final armor pieces.

And it’s done!


That didn’t take long at all. So next up was this:

This is the shoulder joint. The design of the shoulders looks to be, going from memory, the same as those on the Wing. Add some frame.

Now it gets interesting. The next step is to add these three colored pieces.

They are not frame pieces but most of these will be covered up by the armor.

Before you know it you’re done.

With the feet and shoulders done I still had a couple minutes to spare so I built these.

The hands, for better or worse, are the same as those on the Wing/Deathscythe. On the Wing they worked fine because he only had to hold his gun, but on the Deathscythe they didn’t work well as the hands which were designed to hold the scythe popped off as soon as you tried changing the angle of his arms. Fortunately for me, (and everyone else?) the Epyon does not have a weapon like the scythe so gripping the beam sword isn’t a problem.

More to come, and soon!

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  1. krelik says:

    The feet go rawr 😀

  2. Gundam Gunso says:

    Just looking at the feet alone already show the kit’s pulling factor due to its attractiveness XD

  3. sniperaven says:

    nice shoes…the fingers doesnt look like they move do they?

  4. rafren+ says:

    loving the red :3

  5. Tom says:

    The feet has chomping action haha.

  6. Paulo951 says:

    Does this guy come with dry transfer decals or water ones?
    yeah nice colour

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