Gaijin Gunpla

Following up on my last Courage post I now have an updated image of the Dragoon frames.

No ‘lame’ gold to be found! (almost.) That is much better. I had pondered the idea of detailing the frames but realized that once the armor is on all that detail will be lost so I held back.

Following that I worked on the Dragoons themselves. I primed them all and used almost a whole can! These things are huge. Once the primer dried I noticed some spots I missed so I will have to go back to prime some edges but for now I can proceed with the next step which involves a pencil…

“I believe in the strength of Japan.” is how I would translate that.

Since the tsunami there have been many messages of encouragement from across the country to those in the effected regions. For the first few weeks we were inundated with these type of slogans all over the television and other media forms. Truthfully, I was 感動しました。 I was moved. Of course, those people who experienced the devastation and loss and complete upheaval of their lives need food, shelter, and daily necessities, but perhaps I personally underestimated the value of encouragement. Many people affected have stated that these words are giving them strength to go on. This is why I wanted to include them on my Strike Freedom.

I chose eight slogans, or phrases, one for each Dragoon. I won’t reveal them all now, but they have all been penciled in so once the white paint goes on I still have an idea of the spacing and then using a brush I am going to hand write them on as if I were doing Japanese calligraphy (書道). Warning: I suck at Japanese calligraphy.

Okay, Dragoons are done for now. Next up is the rest of the armor for the torso, skirt, and some of those on the shoulders. In order to move onto the next step in painting, I needed to mask.

First I did the skirt armor.

I put them together in this way so I can see just how they line up with the center armor piece which allowed me to get the angle of the mask correct. To do this, I also had some professional help creating an image showing me exactly where the masking needed to go in order to get my desired result. Once the painting is done I will reveal the image along with the armor, but for now I will show you the masking I have done. Many people will likely figure out what I am going for here right away.

Front armor:

Back armor:

And then these four shoulder pieces were done.

Ending up looking like so:

On the next dry day, I will be painting. Let’s hope this masking works!

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    love the idea of the slogans on the dragoons, im currently working on a HG Freedom on which ive planned to brush some kanji onto the shield but mine wont have anywhere near the meaning or purpose of yours lol

  2. Busterbeam says:

    i think where youre going with this is awesome man. its really going to be a great monument when its completed.

  3. Gundam Gunso says:

    From your current direction of work, I guess this is going to be an epic kit!

  4. Kjasi says:

    On all 8 dragoons? Nice! Can’t wait to see them painted!

  5. Joe says:

    I get it! I can see it! And the COURAGE that this Gundam will exude will be powerful! Syd, I love the idea of it and I will love the execution of it because it’s from the heart.

  6. zoidiect says:

    this, needs a special display at HLJ

  7. Syberio says:

    I can already see what it’s going to look like, thumbs up for coming with such an original color scheme

    why don’t you order custom decals from samuel for the caligraphy?

    • syd says:

      I had thought about that for the decals but for a project such as this I really want to try and do everything myself.

  8. Syberio says:

    that will fit more with the “courage” state of mind ^^

  9. sonar says:

    This is a great gesture. I hope it fills you with pride when it is complete. I’ve seen your vision for some time now, but I only just registered the Dragoons as part of that vision. Bravo.

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