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Sitting down to write this month’s Work Table entry I had to pause for a moment and think to myself, ‘Did I complete anything this month?’ At first I drew a blank, but then I remembered. Yes, I did. I did complete something and it is…

No Longer on the Work Table

1/144 RG GAT-X105 Aile Strike

Maybe I had forgotten about this project because it was just a straight build. Or perhaps with the family back at home I have more things occupying my time than I did in the two months previous. Either way, I completed a project, and would have completed a second one if not for the rain we’ve had for the last week. I can’t spray the final flat coat on another kit because of the damp weather so, for now, that kit can be considered to be…

On the Work Table

1/144 RG MS-06S Zaku II

This guy has all the decals on and I will flat coat it once the weather is nice and dry. Some of the stickers, particularly on curved parts of the foot, don’t stay on well so I am hoping the flat coat will hold them down.

PG Strike Freedom – aka Courage.

(I’m proud of the job I did on the skirt frame so I am using this excuse to show them again).
As most of you already know, this kit is now part of the PG SF Group Build challenge being showcased on the Gundam Australia Forum. I am slowly making headway on this build and will be looking into the painting strategy part of it soon. With such an expensive kit I worry about something going wrong so I may pick up the much cheaper HG or no-grade Strike Freedom kit and experiment on that before wreaking havoc on the PG.  Also, I have been pondering… damage.

Ako Hobby Barzam Conversion!

This has been put by the wayside while I wait for better weather and more time to paint. I admit to being a little less focused on this project now that the PG is gaining steam, but I feel an obligation to all the people who voted for it in The Poll.

And a non-Gundam kit is in progress, as well.
1/8 MG Heat Metal

And the newest kit on the Work Table:
1/100 MG 00 Raiser

It’s an MG so I had to start on it right away. My feelings on this kit once it is test-built and reviewed will decide whether I take it back apart for any modifications or painting or whether I place it aside for a later time. So far so good, though.

Kits that have been set aside until a later date and are now…

Under the Work Table

HG Reborns Gundam – I have firm ideas in mind for what I want to do with this kit but lack the time to work on it along with the projects that are currently ongoing. This will be one of the kits I break out when I burn out a bit on the bigger ones.

HG Extreme Gundam – I have an idea what I want this to look like upon completion but most of my attention (when I am thinking about it) involves the guitar. 😉

MG Wing Gundam EW Version – Should I do this before or after Epyon?

And now that I am back on MG 00 kits the Qan[T] might resurface.

Coming to the Work Table

The recent Shizuoka Hobby show saw Bandai announce some upcoming kits and even though I was already sold on the MG Epyon now I am chomping at the bit.  And I don’t mind the color anymore, in fact, I think I like it.  (Still changing it, though.)

And we all knew it was coming and the pictures from Shizuoka confirmed it; the MG Delta Plus will soon be upon us and it looks sweet!

What about my fellow Gunplars?  What’s your Work Table look like?



6 Responses so far.

  1. rafren+ says:

    Worktable, worktable.

    An RG Aile Strike, and painting old kits. 😀

  2. Dennis says:

    Well, of all my kits, there are only two of note that I’m working on/finished as pretty much every other one is built/ painted or built/waiting to be painted. One is the RG Aile Strike, finished that but will paint later. The other is a WiP of the HGUC Methuss which I’m documenting on my YouTube page listed above. That should be finished soon (I hope)…

  3. QantaRaiser says:

    i have a WIP HG Arios gundam which is my first attempt at painting, as well as a MG Qan[t] i just finished that i may try panal lining for the first time, as well as top coat. i have a MG ver.2 Astray Red frame that i have little motivation to build so i though i may try doing LED wiring to put a light in its head at some point, but thats still a maybe. i’m trying to get the skills i need to do a major 00 kit bash that i have in mind, so if i learn those skills i will just need to learn and practice modifying kits.
    and its good to see you finally came around to the Epicness that is Epyon, especially the EW version (it and maybe heavy arms are the only EW versions i like.)

  4. Tom says:

    Need to finish my MG Qan[t] and MG Wing.
    Haven’t build my HG Arios, RG Strike or MG Deathsycthe Hell EW.
    I do plan on getting Epyon, and Delta Plus is going to be a must have.

  5. fury-s12 says:

    lol i like how you have come to like the epyon color…but your still changing it …to what?

  6. sonar says:

    My work table has been usurped by a renewed interest in Gundam Senki for PS3 online play. When that passes, which I hope is soon, it will be back to the ReZEL, Gelgoog, Beargguy, and put the last few stickers on the Aile Strike. Your RG Strike looks nice.

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