Gaijin Gunpla

Okay, maybe I exaggerated with that heading, but I have taken the build one step closer to completion. I thought the suit took a long time but these Dragoons… Yikes!

I took these parts.

And doing what I seem to do more often than most people and this might not be a good thing, I masked them.

And then sprayed.

However I ran out of Matt White during the second coat so I had to finish with Pure White. As I will be flat coating this model the white shouldn’t matter that much.

Once I had them all painted. I put them back on the kit to determine how they looked when the Dragoons are down…

…and how they look when they are open.

They look… Well, they look awesome. I forgot how good the kit looks with the Dragoons attached.

I took quite a few pictures to use for determining where the red should go on the Dragoons so I figured I would just put them all here.

It looks almost like I envisioned it!

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  1. Syberio says:

    with all that, you should go with grey for the lower part of the feet and white for the rest.

    can’t wait to see it completed, specialy with the calligraphy done 😉

    • I second the suggestion for the feet. This is amazing. I was thinking that maybe you could make a samurai-like flag with a message for it to hold while the dragoons are closed. Something like “fight with courage/fight courageously”. And when opened, the dragoons could be holographic projectors showing the message you have in mind (made with transparency film). Would kind of show what Japan is all about (IMO), the cultural values and the technology.
      I love Courage XD

  2. Joe says:

    This will be AMAZING! Domon from G gundam would love to pilot this, I’m sure!

    • Jeff says:

      Provided that the cockpit is changed to one with the mobile trace system. Otherwise he’d just smash up th controls.

  3. Busterbeam says:

    glad that its going together like how you thought it would man!

  4. Kjasi says:

    Holy Moly…

  5. sniperaven says:

    really lovin’ the outcome…>_<

  6. WolfBoy says:

    dont mind me asking but…are you putting on the v fins?

  7. Dennis says:

    Very unusual color scheme, looks awesome. This really makes me want to build mine ASAP.

  8. sonar says:

    Masking each of those dragoons? There needs to be a word for those of us who derive enjoyment from the repetition of tedious tasks.

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