Gaijin Gunpla

Feet aside, the suit itself is done. Well, done with painting anyways. I still have to do panel lines, etc. Which means that the portion of the suit I had been procrastinating on, the Dragoons, were next in line. Each time I looked at the Dragoons I shuddered slightly and thought about the amount of work it would take to complete them. Well, I can’t put it off forever, especially when the due date is less than a month and a half away.

But before I get to that…

Here’s what I did with these.

I made them into pawns.

Actually I just sprayed these (the housings for the pistons in the foot) with Metallic Black. It contrasts well with the gold down there and you’ll have to take my word on that because once you’ve got the ankle armor on you cannot see them.

See what I mean?

So… the Dragoons… of Doom…

I had to paint these white but I didn’t want to use the same white as I used on the suit itself, which was Matt White. I was hoping to get different shades of white on the kit and the Dragoons themselves will be Pure White but when the flat coat is on Pure White looks almost exactly like Matt White. So how to go about this?

Well, for starters, I primed using gray primer instead of the white primer I’ve been using on everything up until now. With gray primer the white going on over top will be slightly darker (depending on how many coats I put on). However, right away there was a problem.

On the very first piece I primed the primer came out chunky and splotchy. Yuck.

Even after taking sandpaper to it trying to smooth it down it was hideous to look at. So the only thing to do was to send away to Bandai for another one.

Fortunately, the others turned out fine.

And the Pure White Dragoons came out without incident. I’ve had less problems with the white primer than the gray on this project.

That’s an lot of white right there. Almost too much I think.

Well, the piece does come with its own sizable recesses.




I really wanted to do something with this area here.

However, due to the difficulty in masking this part, and that I would have to do it 16 times, combined with the fact that making a mistake on white is very difficult to correct, I decided to play it safe.

I used a lot of tape masking this piece. While in the process I noticed some things I hadn’t paid attention to before.

That small recess at the top isn’t just a triangle. It has some extra sides. Small sides.

Eventually, I ended up with this.

Over an hour and half later…

I finished masking half the Dragoons.

And the next night I sat down and repeated the whole process again.

I became a well-oiled, fine-tuned masking machine. By the seventh Dragoon I had a pattern which flowed well and didn’t waste much tape.

I would be a sucker to keep going with the masking after that ordeal…

So I’m a sucker.

First I sprayed the Dragoons with the Mr. Hobby #9 Gray, but the difference in color from the Pure White was almost impossible to differentiate. I’ve found Mr. Hobby #9 Gray to be hit or miss. At times it looks white while at other times it is definitely gray (such as on the small armor piece that opens up on top of the shoulder). Getting somewhat fed up I went and grabbed a different gray.

This is darker than what I originally intended however it works pretty well particularly when you step back and view the whole kit from afar.

But for now.

But there is still a lot more Dragoon parts to go!

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  1. sniperaven says:

    almost there…>_<

  2. Tom says:

    Syd and his meticulous masking strikes again. And I like the way the gray on the dragoon contrast nicely with the white of the body and wings.

  3. This kit already gets a WOW out of 10 😀
    A little extra detail makes stuff much better. Plus it’s not white, gray, red, other red… It’s white and red with different shades.

  4. Dennis says:

    Nice… I have similar issues with Grey primer. Most of the time I use white for the lighter colors and black for anything dark or that will be metallic.

  5. Kjasi says:

    I think the grey works perfectly with the rest of the kit’s coloring. It adds enough of a difference to make it noticeable, but not enough to make it stand out and clash with the theme!

    You got it right! Keep going! It’s looking great!

  6. fury-s12 says:

    holy cow thats some crazy masking working, but it looks good in then end so thats all that matters

  7. Gundam Gunso says:

    This build is epic man! Greak work and determination. XD

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