Gaijin Gunpla

I showed the work I had done on Courage’s upper body in the last entry.

Through this picture many people realized the look I am going for with the torso; the Japanese flag. Yes, I am intending to make Courage look like a Japanese flag but to do a good job with that knew I needed some help. I had the photoshop guru at work give me some images which I would use as a guide to painting. Here is what he was able to make for me.

In my estimation, I am pretty close to the image. But I’m not finished yet.

There were some finishing touches needed to be done to complete the torso.

Here is the last piece I masked and painted for the front of the torso. The little collar around the neck.

I left it until last because I needed to have the majority of the torso painted so I could get the alignment correct for the masking. I would also like to proudly mention that the masking came out excellent and I didn’t need to to any touch up.

Here’s some shots.

You will notice I haven’t yet painted the backpack. Well, now that has changed. Using the image made for me I set about masking the armor pieces for the backpack.

I opted to mask the sides using the opening in the armor as the dividing line.

Looking at the kit from the side you will see this:

However all details on this kit are painted with the idea that you are looking at the kit straight on, the same way as if you were looking straight at a flag. The view looking straight at the back of the kit right now:

Circular. (The camera was a little too low when taking this picture.)

That’s the most important part for me with the torso; If I can make that red look like the circle.

Here are some more shots of the details.

Looking at the last shot you can see the gold in the backpack. Well, thinking that I need to be consistent I decided I would paint the gold backpack parts with a clear red like I did with the larger gold pieces on the front of the torso.

And then I set to work masking the guns that hang from Courage’s skirt. First I sprayed everything with Mr. Hobby Gull Gray then assembled them and put a guide mask down while they were still on the suit, as seen in the photos. Then I disassembled the guns and finished the masking job.

The result…

You’ll have to wait for the next entry to see how they look back on the kit.

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  1. Tom says:

    That’s a pretty unique idea you have here Syd! Can’t wait to see the finish product.

  2. Love that backpack.

  3. sonar says:

    Looking at the side skirts I was wondering how you would approach the circular issue. Seems you have done a splendid job. I am in awe of how clean the masking lines have come up. It seems you very rarely suffer any bleed.

  4. Dennis says:


  5. sniperaven says:

    bit by bit, courage is looking pretty sweet, keep at it syd…>_<

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