Gaijin Gunpla

When last we left our hero, Courage, he had been masked in such a state.

Well, after spraying the second color it came time to remove the mask and see how I did.


Looks pretty good, eh. Well, not quite. Because I painted red over white any bleeding due to a bad masking job would be difficult to correct. One of the pieces turned out perfectly!

However I was not as lucky with the others.

And is this a fingerprint?

The skirt armor also looks good at a glance.

But upon closer inspection…


And the armor on the torso is nothing terrible but when you’re a perfectionist it can get to you.

So now I needed to come up with a way to fix this.

I could just sand everything down and start again.


If I were to use the same white paint to fix it I would have to mask the red in order to paint the white but would probably need to prime before painting. Not feeling it.

I could use a brush and hand paint over those parts or even use a gundam marker but if I don’t match the colors well it may stand out more than if I didn’t fix it at all.

So what did I end up doing?

Well, I figured that because the pieces for the torso and shoulders is originally white plastic, and because I sprayed with a white primer before painting with white paint that I had three layers of white to play around with. I took my design knife and gently scraped the red off of the white and it worked.

However, for the torso armor which was originally blue I had to be even more careful because if I removed too much and got past the primer the blue would show.

Here’s some shots after the knife work.

With the pieces cleaned up I then top coated them and waited the 24 hours to be sure it cured completely. Then I started assembling again.

Skirt looks good!

Really good!

And the torso looks as it should.

Playing around a bit I lined them up to do an impromptu evaluation.

I say lined up because I couldn’t actually assemble the skirt because I was painting it with the Gold color.

While I painted the skirt frame I also took the opportunity to paint the more of the shoulder armor.

I find with this build I am being pretty methodical in my approach to things. I am not doing the entire kit in stages (prime everything, paint everything, coat everything, decal everything, etc) but am rather going section by section it seems. I’ve primed and painted the red parts first then moved on to the other armor parts that are needed to complete one specific section of the kit, while at the same time doing a little prep work for another area of the kit that will be going through the same process.

So far I am on track!

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  1. sonar says:

    *Slow clap

    Bravo. That looks simply brilliant. I imagine you are well pleased with that result.

    I’d have suggested a very gentle and precise wet sand, but your way seems to have worked out well.

    I envision this guy getting some attention in the Japanese blogosphere. Maybe you’ll wind up on TV ;D

  2. Gundam Gunso says:

    Great work! You sure have an eye for detail!! XD

  3. Paulo951 says:

    Looking good! Yeah I hate when the paint shows threw the masking tape, sooo annoying after all the work gone into placing the tape in the right places trying to get it symmetrical! Never thought of using the hobby knife to scrape off the excess paint. I will try that in the near future on a DH EW with a camo effect. Good tip thanks!

  4. Kjasi says:

    Stunning results! And it’s nice to see that SD 00 Gundam was helping out!

  5. fury-s12 says:

    nice work as usual as mentioned on gaf im doing a similar theme so now i know to layer on the white first in prep for bleed 🙂

  6. Dennis says:

    Very nice work, interesting solution to your problem. I now use a masking tape called “Frog Tape” and it has a paint blocker that actually seals the edges when exposed to any liquid. I have always gotten sharp lines with it. Absolutely not paint bleed. See if can find it where you live; pretty much any home supply store carries it here in the U.S., however you may be able to get it in Japan.

  7. Busterbeam says:

    now i see why you didnt want to break up the red. i wouldnt be surprised if sonars comment actually comes to pass.

  8. Zeta Newtype says:

    That is so unbelievably awesome. It’s great to see when one has a vision and to watch it be followed. Keep up the good work Syd.

  9. kassad_06 says:

    a japanese flag strike freedom!@!>!>!!>!?!?!?! whoooo

  10. I wonder if the end result won’t be too bland… Is everything else in the body gonna be 100% white with gold innerframe?
    Maybe the simplicity could make it stand out, but I think that a rising sun theme, which would allow a bit more detail, could make it more interesting, with the red dragons lining up to the stripes on the body.

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