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I picked these up on my most recent trip to Akiba and I know many people are eager to see these things and what makes them so special so here’s an in-depth look at the Hobby Base 極の手.  I picked up them up in 1/100 scale gray color.

Here’s the back of the package. You can see you get two F hands and two G hands. The F hands are the ones with the movable joints while the G hands are molded in one piece.

What’s inside the package?

The inside of the packaging is where to find the assembly instructions.

The runner for the G hands.

And two runners for the F hands.

Bendable fingers!

So let’s start at the top.

G Hand

This looks fairly simple. The first thing you need to do is decide which wrist joint you want to use.

It would probably help to know which kit you are going to be using these on so you know which wrist joint is best. I went with the longer one for this build.

Then you need to decide which design you will use for the hand armor.

Place the chosen wrist joint into the chosen hand armor piece.

Now put together the two pieces which make up the fist.

Check out the detail.

With this..

The next step is to decide which thumb you will use.

You can choose to have the fist in this form.

(in martial arts this is usually called 不動拳 (fudouken).

Or with the thumb on top.

This would be called 拇指拳 (boshiken). You drive the point of your thumb into the fleshy parts of your opponent’s body. It hurts.

I need to note here that the thumb piece doesn’t stay on like this. It will always fall out unless you put the armor piece on but even then it may still pop out.

May require glue.

But they look good once assembled.

A beam saber handle could probably fit in the space in the hand. It’s worth trying.

F Hand

Looks a little more complicated than the G hands, that’s for sure.

The first step is to get the thumb part off the runner.

You can see it is similar to the RG hands with the movable joints being part of the injection process. As such they bend, but are a little stiff. Carefully loosen them up. The same goes for all the fingers on the F Hand.

Put the thumb in the piece for the palm of the hand.

Now it gets interesting… and a little frustrating. See these tiny pieces?

Cut them out and put them into the part you’ve done so far.

This is not easy. The peg doesn’t fit too well into the hole so they will fall out easily and often. The first one you put in place will come out when you put the second one in place. The first and second parts you put in place will fall out when you put in the third. The first three parts will come out when trying to put in the fourth and all four will come out when you try to close up the hand.

Tip: have the top of the hand/wrist joint part assembled and ready to go before putting these tiny finger pieces in.

The instructions list the finger parts as step 2 and the wrist joint/cover as step 3 and 4. Reverse that.

If you are successful you are almost home free.

You just need to cut the fingers off the runner in order and attach them to the hand you’ve built so far.

But if you manage to succeed, the gunpla hand world is your oyster.

You can make a good fist with these fingers.

And of course the standard hand goofiness. (It’s like I’ve done the MG hand mod without having to do the MG hand mod.)

And some more, shall we say, unconventional positions.

Note: I feel the need to reiterate how it is important to loosen up the joints on the fingers before attaching them to the hand. If you look at this picture:

You can see how the finger attaches to the joint and notice that the lower part of that C connection is rather thin. It will stress and break easily if you are forcing the hand into its positions.

The Hobby Base Mechanical Hands are definitely a step up from the normal hands you get in kits and while they may lack some of the detail which makes B Club Manipulators so popular (and expensive) they do have an amazing amount of articulation and with a price of around 800 yen, you could get three sets of these for the price of the B Clubs. Nice!

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  1. sniperaven says:

    i love the hands, problem is there are no hobby hands set here in the Philippines…>_<

  2. Paulo951 says:

    The price and articulation are a big win! but I wonder how good they are holding weapons?

  3. Busterbeam says:

    do want very much

  4. Dennis says:

    I wonder how this would look on my Epyon. Are they well sized for it or do they appear oversized for it? What kits do you recommend they be used with?

  5. So that’s why! I had the impression they were articulated, but on the reviews I saw, they only showed the horizontal finger spread articulation…
    Fragility and bad fit sucks though.
    How good would you say it’s the grip? A couple of my MGs have really loose grips, which is a shame (though I could try to tighten them with superglue, I think it’s not supposed to need fixing).

    About that knuckle articulation annoyance, I guess you could try fitting them on the fingers first, then you could hold the fingers in place while you close the hand.

  6. Shiro11 says:

    Out of all the after market hands these really seem the best. Hopefully the 1/144 hands are just as good.

  7. Kikokix says:


    I know someone in the Philippines who can order these hands for you. I actually ordered for 2 pairs already.

  8. fury-s12 says:

    they look sweet, which in your opinion is better MG hands with the mod or these????

    also the addition of random martial arts facts make your site so much more awesome then the average site lol

  9. SavviMaple says:

    I got myself 2. One for 1/144 and the other 1/100.
    I was looking for them quite some time. And they’re finally arrived! XD

  10. Acefb says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting this, but will they work with the mg unicorn?

    • syd says:

      They should work with any 1/100 scale kit that uses a poly-cap/ball joint connection at the wrist. For example, they wouldn’t work on the MG Qan[T] or 00 Raiser as they have different wrist joint design.

      • Kevin says:

        Woah, almost buy this kit. I have a doubt that it will fit the OO Raiser, since its not a ball joint connection type. Guess I’ll stick with the stock hand right now.. why Bandai.. why..

  11. mr-loser says:

    Don’t buy the model assistant version as the alternative to this. MA version of it sucks!

  12. johnyblack says:

    I already order this hand,..just can’t wait the packet..:)

  13. Kyle465 says:

    Now that I have thought of it, which hands are better though, these hands or the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka hands?

  14. kittotan says:

    I wish to have 1/100 and 1/144 too.. where can I buy?? I’m from malaysia

  15. Randy says:

    Will this style fit the 00 QanT MG kit??

  16. babdouch says:

    i wonder if i could use diffrent cover for the back of the hands

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