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Having built the recent Master Grade Endless Waltz kits Wing Gundam, Deathscythe, and Shenlong and for the most part enjoying them, I decided that I really had no excuse to skip the Epyon.  Judging from the buzz around the net this kit had the potential to be the best of them all so I thought I had better not miss out.

Overall Look: 10/10

Is it the wings? Is it the fins protruding from different areas? Is it that awesome chain like weapon/shield? This kit looks awesome and even more menacing than the Deathscythe. It’s got the feel that I felt the Deathscythe lacked. There is a lot of cool stuff going on with this kit.

Colors: 10/10

I will probably not live down the fact that I stated I did not like the color scheme when I saw the first shots that were released. Well, all that has changed. I love the maroon and the small amount of what I would call lavendar is used perfectly. It’s definitely quite different from the standard Gundam colors and that’s just another reason it is so nice to look at.

Weapons: 9/10

The shield looks sexy even without that large chain weapon attached.

Bandai did a great job on that chain and it is designed so that it can stay straight and stiff or, by pulling out each link slightly, become flexible.

The beam sword blade is huge but that isn’t really a problem.

The only issue with the weapons is the piping they give you to attach the sword to the hip. I found that due to its stiffness it interfered when it came time to pose the kit.

Articulation: 7/10

It goes without saying that the wings make this kit back heavy so even with a good amount of articulation you can’t do all you want with it. And the skirt armor issue raises its ugly head once again on the Epyon. I can understand the need to have the rear skirt armor comprised of a ball and socket connection as you need to swing it around during transformation, but that connection on the front skirts just means they will pop off if you move the legs too much. Like all Gundam kits, once it is on a stand things get better in the posing department.

Build Design: 9/10
The wings! They look great and function well and will stay in place (more or less). It takes a bit of force to open them so you need to be careful.

One issue I found with them is that when you slide the entire wing up at the connection to the backpack the joint you assembled can come apart.

Bandai added a design that allows the head to tilt backwards so that it looks more natural when it is flying.

The hand claws fit perfectly against the forearm and don’t require any force to open or close.

I noticed an issue with the ankle armor, specifically with the small fin piece. It just falls off. Easily. Mostly when I was transforming the kit.

This actually brings me to another point with the design of the ankle. The ankle armor is molded so that you can put the fin in on the outside of the ankle, but Bandai has not designated a right or left ankle section which means both ankles have two areas to which you can attach the fin. In the end, it leaves the ankle with a hole on the inside of the leg and Bandai didn’t include any parts to fill that area. Why?

And speaking of things falling off, when I transform this kit I almost always lose a thruster. They come off far too easily. A better design here would be most welcome.

The shield and beam sword combine which is cool and the sword can hang from the waist as well with or without that long cord.

But the best part of this design is how it’s engineered to transform.

It takes only a few minutes and it looks great. The gimmicks on the feet are great, too, and aren’t loose at all. In fact, I had to use a hobby knife to get in there to open them at first.

Fun Factor: 9/10

I think everyone will agree that building a kit designed to transform is much more involved than the regular fare and because of this most people will enjoy this kit and its slight differences from the other MG Wing kits. But even without that gimmick, this kit would have been a lot of fun. Mostly because of that sexy armor.

Extras: 6/10

Well, Bandai does give you the extra hands, but because of their design I don’t consider that a good thing. Like the Deathscythe, the fingers will just come off as you try to pose the kit with its weapon. The inclusion of the fingers molded in the form of a fist is a good idea as the other type of hands can’t close entirely, but if I had to choose between swappable fingers or just one hand such as those on the MG Sinanju or Zaku II 2.0 I would go with the latter.

Bandai includes a part to attach the flying from to a stand which is cool but that piece is part of the design for the tail so it’s not really an extra as much as a necessity.

You do get a lot of markings!

And there’s a little easter egg of an extra. The ability to swap backpacks with the other MG EW kits!

This is the most enjoyment I have had with a test build since the Sword Impulse and I can see myself getting back to this kit in the near future because it’s that good.

The skies the limit with the Epyon. Reach for it!

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  1. syd says:

    Sorry everyone. WordPress actually wiped out this entire draft and I had to rewrite the whole post again and when I did I must have forgot to allow comments. My bad. It should be fixed now.

  2. Dennis says:

    Mine came yesterday and OMG what a cool looking kit. Lots of parts, but if the instructions are any indication the transformation should be simple.

  3. Yami says:

    Just wonder if the wings caused any stability issue? since i think the wings looks quite heavy for me. Otherwise it is a rather cool looking kit and Hydra Gundam would be a perfect match with this guy as rival.

    • syd says:

      The wings are the right size to actually touch the ground and help support the kit when it is standing. If you extend the wings upwards to make it look like it is going to fly it won’t stand as easily.

  4. sniperaven says:

    why can’t i post

  5. Mako says:

    Epyon has got to be one of my fave mecha villains. It just has this sinister look. I feel the MG really captured this feel to it well. Planning on purchasing this along with a mg sinanju. BTW any luck on an MG Nightinggale? My Hi Nu has been lonely for quite some time…

  6. TomAce says:

    What is the size of this model compared to other MG kits

    • syd says:

      It’s height is similar to the other MG Wing kits, maybe a little taller, but it looks much bigger with those huge wings.

  7. Lester says:

    Hi syd, did you paint this epyon? or you just built it straight out of the box?

  8. XZF says:

    Hi syd, may I ask if the real touch red marker works for the nubs? Thanks ^_^

    • syd says:

      I have not actually tried it yet as I still plan on painting this kit, but according to the Hobby Japan magazine it works really well.

  9. NRX-0015 says:

    I’m contemplating on purchasing MG Epyon but I can’t decide. Do you think you can place Epyon’s backpack on Deathscythe Hell and Vice versa? Thanks!

  10. Syberio says:

    Just finished mine.

    it looks really good, and the build was really an enjoyable one but, thers is a but “but” in this MG :

    the nub marks are .terribly placed T__T and the plastics leaves big huge marks…. you need lots of sandpaper for this kit…. God bless white plastic lol

    sometimes i wonder if Bandai does it on purpose to piss people off with some gates positions…..

    • XZF says:

      I AGREE >______>

    • Tony says:

      DEAR GOD THE NUBS. Building this kit now and I’m just floored by how TERRIBLE the nub placement is on this thing, and the points where it is attached to the runner is often a MASSIVE piece of plastic. I’ve been thinking the same thing as you this whole build: White plastic is just awesome. I’m trying to use a real touch marker to hide the nubs, mixed/limited success there though.

  11. Ryan says:

    The second i heard of this kit coming out, i knew i must buy it. Gundam Wing was my first series, and Epyon was my absolute favorite from that series. Hes a total badass, designed to kick all butt. And when i learned it wasnt gonna be a standard Epyon but a EW ver i nearly fainted.

    The look of this kit is amazing, one of the best looking MG designs(00 Quan[T] has that crown), and the kit is excellent, very sturdy for a transforming gundam. The kits only issues are Stability, the hands are utterly useless, what are Bandai thinking with these MK III MG hands? The MG line has always had hand issues, even from the start, but these new interchangable fingers concent is utterly useless! Stick with the MG 2.0 Plug hands, okay they werent perfect but they worked! The Heat rod is solid when closed, but when you open it up i find it pretty loose. And Syd i also suffer with the same issues with the cable, its too stiff.

    Id give this kit a Solid 8/10

  12. Tony says:

    Did you ever end up painting or changing anything? This looks amazing for an OOB test build!

    • syd says:

      I haven’t painted anything on the Epyon yet. I actually know what colors I will need to paint it but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m working on painting the MG Blitz at the moment.

      • Tony says:

        I’m 99% sure I’ll be getting this kit for Christmas, and just realized that sanding it could screw with the great coloration of the parts… any way to still sand nubs down without taking off much of the plastic finish? Would a simple top coat conceal where you sand? Don’t want to paint this kit either, it looks too good as is and on top of that don’t know where I’d get those colors.

      • Ral Zarek says:

        @Tony What I do is cut the part off the runner, then trim down the nub with my trusty X-acto knife. If it is still unruly, I take a nail buffer (seriously) and buff it with that. If I don’t want to go to that trouble, though, I also found that just scratching the discolored portion with your nail will help. Hope that helps!

  13. Komix says:

    Was there any add-ons like paint or clear coat on this build. or its just the photos. Cause it looks different from what i have. If none, may I ask what would be nice to make it more spectacular. LOL. Thanks in advance for acknowledging.

  14. masterBuilder says:

    Ok… I got my epyon yesterday. Its my favorite gundam of all. I just love it.
    BUT…. anyone else had a hard time with the freaking tail?
    I am asking this, because I need help with the end of the tail. Its insane the unusual level of strength needed to joint the tail parts. My finger went all sore with all the power in my hands I had to use for them to get jointed…till the worst really happened… the end tail broke with how much I forced it. Why Bandai made the “I” pieces so damn hard? These could easily be used as same material of the PC’s and it would still work.
    I have glued the piece “E-14”. Even before it broke i tried soap and vaseline so it would slide easier to the joint, but no. Was trying it now… and now way I will force it again. I am not kidding… its insane how much strength I have to use to try insert it in. :/
    Anyone knows or have an idea of how I can joint it easily?

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