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I’m a Master Grade junkie. Love the Master Grade line, though some are better than others.  I also love the designs of the suits from the Gundam UC line, having built MG versions of the ReZEL, Sinanju, and Unicorn.  So when the Master Grade version of the Delta Plus was announced and test shots were shown I was one happy camper.  The best UC suit of them all and as a transforming Master Grade kit.  Woohoo!

So I grabbed the kit on release day and set upon it within twenty-four hours.  And how do I feel about it now?  Disappointed.  Why disappointed?  Well the answer to that question can be summed up in four words,

It cannot stand up.

Overall Look: 10/10

I love the look of the Delta Plus and the Master Grade representation of it is pretty much perfect. I especially love sexy legs (doesn’t everyone?) and the Delta Plus has a pair of those.

It’s just too bad that he can’t stand up on those legs. He spends most of his time like this.

Colors: 9/10

The colors are very subtle on the UC kits, Sinanju aside, and those on the Delta Plus might be the most subtle of them all. It is a bit on the bland side, though. With so much exposed frame a bit more color there would have really gone a long way.

Weapons: 6/10

Not much going on here. The beam rifle is pretty standard but the shield is quite cool. It is an involved assembly that, of course, is meant to be part of the transformation.

You also get a pair of beam sabers.

The handles for these are inserted into the shield. I don’t imagine I will ever use the beam sabers though.

Articulation: 3/10

Aaargh. This kit is the opposite of what you would expect. Most of the time it has problems even standing up. This is because the frame is designed to transform. One oddity I found is the kit actually stands pretty solidly if you bend the knees to their max and by max I mean bend the knee until the armor at the bottom of the lower leg touches that of the ankle thereby rendering it immovable.

(yay! It stands up!)
If you are going to paint this kit the chances are likely that the lower leg armor will be scraping the paint off the ankle armor. It’s hard to determine just how articulate this kit is because it spends most of its time like this:

Build Design: 4/10

In the anime the Delta Plus transforms, so good job Bandai for making the Master Grade Delta Plus do so too. I actually like the design of the skirt.

It’s quite unique when it comes to skirts and shows lots of potential for allowing movement in the legs, if the legs were able to move past a certain point.(sigh)

I also felt that the way the kit goes together is really well done in relation to how easy it would be to get a cool looking kit by doing some simple painting. Almost any panel line you see is made by two actual parts coming together so painting them different colors would be easy.

However, shame on you Bandai for releasing a kit that spends most of its time like this.

Seriously? This is the best you could do? The culprit seems to be the feet.

Because these have to swing up as part of the transformation there is almost no strength in the joint resulting in this guy either falling backwards due to the weight of those big floppy wings on its back, or collapsing forwards.

Seriously? This is a Master Grade kit I am writing about here.

Fun Factor: 4/10

Building the head is fun, the torso a great time, the arms not bad, the legs very enjoyable, the feet interesting and then you put it all together and watch it flop into a heap. How is that a fulfilling experience?

Again, it’s tough to enjoy this kit when it ends up, more often than not, like this.

It should not take several attempts to get a 4000 yen kit to stand up.

Attach the shield to its arm and watch like a slow motion video as it leans to one side and falls over.

Try attaching the beam rifle to the hand and it will fall over. To add to that, I have had the Delta Plus successfully grip its beam rifle only once. I can’t get it to do it since then and I gave up on trying. Because it ends up like this:

Extras: 3/10

A stand attachment, which you will need because there’s no other way to display it (!), and two extra pilot figures are included. As well as two pieces that are used in the transformation. Part swapping?

I feel I should say something about the tranformation, but I have to be honest here. After trying for 30 minutes to get him to stand up I became so frustrated and discouraged that I gave up on not only posing the kit but also doing anything further with it. Gunpla, a hobby, should not be so antagonizing. I left the kit where it lay on my table, had a snack and a drink, surfed the web a bit, and then thought about attempting to transform it. Looking at it again just made me angry so I opted not to bother.

That’s where I am with this kit now. Because it looks so cool, and has so much potential, the fact that it is so subpar makes the disappointment so much greater.

I wanted to like you, MG Delta Plus. I really did. I will always remember you, but like this:

Here lies Delta Plus where he fell.

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  1. Zip says:

    I don’t think this deserves such a low rating, especially if you haven’t put it on a stand yet. The other Japanese reviewers seem to have a pretty easy time posing this standing. I think it might just be an issue specifically on your kit (like the GN-X). Are the feet held in by polycaps? That might be your culprit.

    Sorry if my criticism sounds rude, but since this thing seems so similar to the well-designed Zeta 2.0, I don’t have a hard time believing that it can possibly be worse. =/

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah, it is very much like the Zeta 2.0 also couldn’t stand up on it’s own. Fortunately it came with a stand which really brought out the posing potential the kit has. The transformation on the Delta Plus seems to be remarkably similar to that of Zeta, with only the part swapping which probably makes for a much more stable and sturdy wave rider mode.

      • Kyle465 says:

        I don’t get your reply, I have a Zeta 2.0 and it stands up by itself well. I also barely use the stand :p

  2. Zip says:

    Sorry; typo, scratch out the “don’t” in my last reply.

  3. sonar says:

    Ouch dude. How very disappointing. Good on you for giving it an honest review. I admire that. Not to be an ass, but I do hope it is a problem specific to your individual kit however highly unlikely that is.

  4. sonar says:

    Unfortunately the stability issues are also metioned in the below review, however an easy fix is as well:

  5. Saywhat says:

    I can understand your disappointment with the kit. I hated my MG blue frame for small reasons, but I dont think everything deserves such a low rating.

    Weapons and extras are pointless things to be rating on a number scale. You mark it down because it doesn’t have enough weapons and extra crap?! Its the Delta Plus and it comes with everything the delta plus should have so unless something is missing then they should be 10/10 every time.

    You gave the Epyon 9 out of 10 for weapons. I assume it was due to the clever heat rod but Delta plus does not have any complex weapons as it was drawn first day with a shield, rifle and beam sabers. What more do you want from the kit.

    The less extra parts the better a kit should rank in that segment. Less crap means that the entire experience of the kit is self contained and not dependent on part swapping.

    I just dont think this kit is as bad as you make it out to be. Please rate kit as a representation of their design and not based on how many extra bits of plastic other kits have.

    • syd says:

      I am going to stand by my review, and the low score. It’s how I feel. In the case of the Delta Plus I would welcome more extra parts! If it took a whole lot of parts swapping to get this kit to transform I would welcome it if it meant the kit could stand on its own. In the case of this Delta Plus, the entire experience of the kit is self contained and it is a tremendously disappointing experience.

      The weapons received that score because the rifle is almost unusable. Sure it looks cool, but when it can’t work with the kit then it’s not very good, in my opinion. I did say the shield was pretty good, and it is, which is probably why that section of the review got an above average score.

      I can understand why people have a problem with this review. It’s the same reason why I have a problem with this kit. Everyone wants to love it and are disappointed when it’s not getting love.

  6. The fallen Delta Plus comments were so funny I almost fell off the chair. The reason I didn’t is because I’m not a Delta Plus 😉
    Yes, it is disappointing, but Luckly there are action bases, and with a sleek design like than and those wings, I wouldn’t want to pose it on the ground.
    Still eager to get mine.

  7. rafren says:

    Planking Delta Plus.

  8. Syberio says:

    souldn’t have read this review at work, it really made me laugh ^^

    I like the design of the UC suits too and this one is really sexy, but… well, i like to play with them so.. i don’t know about this one anymore… maybe for a first try making a dio and i’ll glue him 😛

  9. Kjasi says:

    Sadly, it sounds like this kit was DESIGNED to be used with an Action base, instead of being a standing unit… That sucks. Hope you can figure out a good fix for it!

    *Removes Delta Plus from Wishlist.*

    • syd says:

      That’s the thing. If you’re a guy that frequently uses action bases then this kit is great and you’ll haven no issues. If you’re like me and prefer them standing and towering over you, then there is a problem. I still love how it looks. That sexiness almost makes up for the inability to stand.

  10. Annonymos says:

    Put Blue tack under the feet?

  11. Tom says:

    Ouch, you were so enthusiastic about this kit too. The problem is in the ankles right?

  12. Tacobeard says:

    This sounds like what i had from 6-8th grades and what i expect from high school. Good seperately, but complete and udder ^$@# when you look at it as a whole. Comparison:
    Sure it looks cool but it cant friggin stand.
    Sure it was fun but i get athma attacks really easy so i cant really hang out with my friends.
    Dust+me=Asthma attack Delta Plus MG + You = Heart Attack.
    Feels like my life is going to be a Delta pllus. Wish it was more epyon, then maybe i could date before i become a doctor…which takes around 8-12 years after highschool…if i got that kid i would just drop it off the highest building i can just so i may here it scream even though it can’t. Ill be imaginative.
    I think i came of a bit random…

  13. Robert says:

    Well, u know, Syd, the Delta Plus has been designed to fly around in zero g most of the time.
    Standing up was not high up on the design engineer’s requirements list. 🙂

  14. Busterbeam says:

    you might need to tighten up the joints with a bit of cement and just work it in slowly. i think thatd help significantly with the standing issues. dont give up on it! its still looks good. it can be resurrected!

  15. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    What Buster said! You can also customize the heels a little with putty and/or plaplate, then paint the stuff into hiding to balance it. Big feet always equals more balance.
    Or you could have it hanging from a string like DannyChoo does with his Strike PG. That’s both towering above and not on a stand.

  16. TimberNewtype says:

    I loved this review. I hate what the review signifies for my future enjoyment of MG Delta Plus. Maybe I’ll just get 2 more HGUCs of it, cuz I liked that kit (even if it is a parts-former). I, too, applaud you for being honest in your evaluation. If someone doesn’t like the review or thinks you need to do it such-and-such a way, they can just do their own review or go somewhere else that tells them what they want to hear. This is your site, you make the rules, your opinion goes here.

    Well, I’m sorry you had to be dissapointed, but glad I don’t have to be. Than you, syd!

  17. syd says:

    I should be clear that my review is about the kit as it comes out of the box. As Buster and others pointed out there are various things I can do to strengthen the joints and fix the problems and I have some stuff in mind for just that. I still love the look of the suit and feel it has a lot of potential as a modified model, but the review is for the kit itself, in the form released by Bandai.

    • I also believe stuff should be reviewed as they’re expected to be used. If you broke it, don’t rate if down because it was your fault, but if you’ve fixed a design mistake, don’t rate it up because the designers ARE at fault.
      I believe a MG kit would never get a 10/10 because they don’t do thin gates and undergates often enough. I’d rather have to clean 10 thin undergate marks than 2 huge gate marks that will only go away if you paint the part. Knowing there are such techniques to make gate marks practically nonexistant and they still make huge gates on places that will be exposed, I believe that either the people in charge of the runner designs are mentally challenged or are just screwing with the modelers.
      But that’s only in apearance, the worst thing is when the fault is in function, as with the Delta Plus standing (I think it could be fixed with a lock) or parts breaking because they’re weaker than they were supposed to be, like the infamous PG Strike Freedom Dragoon Unit joints.

  18. Mathias says:

    now thats a crushing review^^ i agree though, i just finished mine. the feet are a disaster!
    i got it to stand up though:
    but lets see how long it will remain like that XD i think ill order a base for this guy afterall, he seems to be a potential shelf jumper! DX

  19. Adrian says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I don’t want another MG falling on the top level of my shelf again…
    (I’m talking about you and your loose ankle joints, MG Exia.)

    • Exia? Mine has excellent stability, which is surprising considering the huge sword he holds.

      • Just checked to be sure, and hin anckle joints are really tight. The knees are a bit loose though, you can’t rely on them.

      • Michael says:

        My Igntion Mode Exia turned out to have extremely loose leg joints. It can’t hold the sword, as it forces it tumble right. Actually from what I see I’ll have to disassemble the kit and apply tons of Tamiya’s Thread lock compound.

  20. Mathias says:

    oh and about the lack of accessoiries, that can be fixed if you have a rezel: ;D

  21. Andrew says:

    It bugs me that it has no backpack on it, it looks so cool, but even with it next to the rezel, it looks pathetic in comparison.

  22. Dennis says:

    With such a low score I’m wondering if it would be worth gettin. It’s an awesome looking suit, and I was planning on putting it on an action base anyway. Anybody think I should get this Yay or Nay.

    • syd says:

      If you’re planning on putting it on a stand then I say go for it. You’re right it is awesome looking. If you have no plans to stand it up there is no reason not to get it

  23. Neon Wave says:

    Needs a stand

  24. Kikomachi says:

    I’ve experienced the same with making it hold its beam rifle. I’ve only managed to make it hold its beam rifle successfully once and now I can’t get it to do that So annoying!

  25. Jeff says:

    I got this kit today for Christmas and built it this afternoon, and I gotta say, I did not have any trouble getting mine to stand up. The reason you have had trouble standing it up is due to how Delta is standing. The Delta plus isn’t meant for boring standing poses. You just gotta do a wider stance to distribute the weight. Interestingly, this kit shares the same polycap runner as Zeta 2.0 and has very similar torso and hip build. Also the parts used for swapping are made to correct any instability issues in the lower back like Zeta had while transformed. Long story short: the right posing makes a heck of a difference.

    • syd says:

      I would have to disagree. The reason you see it standing in ‘boring’ poses is because that is the only pose I could get the Delta Plus to stand in.

  26. sonar says:

    I did the superglue fix on one of the ankle joints as I was snapping. Combined with a wide stance it has been sufficient enough to keep it standing ever since. There were two other spots I should have performed the fix in the ankles to make it perfect but I got away with it. I found the kit frustrating to build, alcohol may have been a factor there. Annoyed that I had to blu tack the rifle into the hand but for all its shortcomings the Delta Plus makes up for it with looks and excellent proportions. It just looks so darn good. Shameless GAF plug: join in our Delta Plusrecolour comp for a chance to win a FA Unicorn or one of 2 HG Banshees 😉 (hope you dont mind Syd)

  27. Ben says:

    So heum MG rezel over that MG delta plus? I didn’t quite get how dalong (that translator gives me headaches) scored both those kits at 99… and the Delta plus as a hguc for fans of the design?

  28. dave says:


    I always wanted to have a Delta Plus in my Cab since a must have in collecting the MG unicorn kits (considering Kshatriya in scale 1/144).

    Thanks for being honest in your review plus the humors of delta-planking mode (hehehe)

    Nevertheless, I still want one and give this kit a stand for itself

    Even my MG banshee also loves planking as this kit does


  29. Chris says:

    I was able to get mine to stand with out a fix you just have to distribute the weight of the kit at the right spots. Though I did go and do the fix with clear paint and made it a little more solid for a normal standing pose. Still leans forward a little, but for the most part it is up and standing as long as no one is knocking it over. But I will say this. The Kit has horrible balance in a normal pose.

  30. Brandon says:

    I have the Zeta Plus A1 and it certainly has issues of its own in regards to standing and articulation brought on by the transformation aspect. It isn’t in the feet but in the “crotch” where the legs fold out…the flap almost never keeps the legs pinned so they’ll flap out and fall.

    It got to the point where i said screw the transformation and cemented the joints/flaps in place.

    The Zeta kits look great, but the transformation certainly hurts them in certain aspects it seems.

  31. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus says:

    The Delta Plus is my first MG kit, and honestly, I don;t have any problems making it stand on it’s own feet without it leaning too much to the back.

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