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I’m sure by now (judging by the recent increase in traffic to my site and the amount of comments I have received) everyone knows my feelings about the Master Grade Delta Plus.  I had debated whether to put up the WIP posts first followed by the review, but I opted to put the review up before everything else as it is more time sensitive and also because I couldn’t hide how I felt about the newest MG for long.

But let’s pretend that the review came after.

Upon first opening the box there were a few things that stuck out to me.

Here’s the runner of poly-caps. Except it’s not labeled as Runner PC. It is labeled as K. Hmm.

Here are the stacks of double runners. Two of the same runner which will be used to assemble the frame and armor on the legs and arms and basically anything there is two of (wings aside).

The manual starts with the head and right away you have to choose one of two stickers to use for the eyes. I opted for the sticker that looks like eyes.

Then cover the sticker up with the clear piece.

Then the armor for the head is applied.

That was fast. And satisfying.

Then it starts to get all weird.

This is the start of the assembly for the neck.

The manual indicates you must line up the neck armor piece with a small mark pointing forwards. It took me a few moments to find that mark.

It be small.

The neck is designed to slide down into the torso during the trnasformation so the next step is to build the assembly that allow it to slide.

The manual then specifies that the small piece at the front of the torso be pointed down.

Then comes this part.

Be sure to follow the manual which indicates you have to hook the collar piece from the back first before dropping it over the neck joint.

Now come these two little gadgets.

They pivot at both ends and are meant for the top of the shoulders. You attach them to the large piece which makes up the back of the suit.

Then slap on the big armor piece.

There are a couple more ‘hooks’ (for lack of a better word) that attach inside the back piece.

Now put in that neck assembly.

And attach the head.

Groovy. Get it? The head attaches to the neck assembly which slides along the groove in the torso. Okay. I was reaching there.

Now take these four tiny things.

And hook them onto the frame.

Then you are instructed to slide the head down.

This actually took a bit of work. It was quite stiff at first and I was worried I would break something, but eventually it moved.

Then the manual states you need to pivot these hooks up.

Then make the midriff sections.

Now you are supposed to attach those midriff sections to the two hooks on would think.

With the hooks this way and the neck down the midriff section actually doesn’t connect easily to the two hooks.   The neck part seems to be a hindrance more than a help.

Here’s how I solved the problem.

I used my side cutter to hold the top hook in place, not bothering with the bottom hook, and got the top connection to click together from below instead of from the side as the manual shows. Then it was simple to push the bottom connection together.


Then the manual had me return the head to the top position.

The shoulder joints were fairly simple, comprised only of three pieces.

They then clicked onto the hooks you installed on the inside of the back frame piece.

Then it’s time to make the cockpit. This was the first time I picked up this runner and noticed there were three figure pieces. Cool! (Though I don’t really do anything with the figures.  I keep them, though.  I have now quite the collection of figures.)

Seat the pilot then place the armor piece on over top.

Then add the door.

It looks like a foot.  Astray anyone?

Now comes the front torso armor.

With the foot, I mean cockpit, attached.

Now the manual says you need to tilt the white pieces on the shoulder upwards to allow the front torso piece to slide into place.

However this doesn’t seem to work quite right. It’s much easier to just take those white pieces off, slide the torso in place and then reattach the white pieces.

The shoulder sections should now be held snugly in place.

Onto the arms!

It all starts here.

That is placed into the arm frame.

And then covered up with the first parts of arm armor.

Followed by more of that sexy armor.

Now it’s funky shoulder time.

Two unique pieces click together and close up.

Surroung that with two frame pieces and slide an armor piece into place from below.

Then a couple more pieces are put into place. These parts are quite free and have a lot of movement.

Be sure you have these correctly assembled otherwise the last armor pieces won’t fit properly.  I did the first shoulder without incident so not noticing that attention is required. The second one took a bit of work.

Here’s the last of the arm armor.

Then hands are what you would expect.

I am actually becoming more of a fan of this hand design because they don’t fall apart so easily.

Put those all together.

Upper half complete!

In WIP part 2 we’ll look at the sexy legs and, of course, those controversial feet.

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    soo much engineering in this for the transformations, all ruined by the aforementioned feet of course but its still awe inspiring to look and go how the hell did they come up with that

  2. Gundam Gunso says:

    Whoa! That is a lot of work I’ll say…

  3. glaurung says:

    Damn, that is looking real slick at this rate. My Delta Plus is stuck somewhere in the customs at the moment, so I cannot sync my build. Have there been any other master grades that start the assembly with the head?

  4. Syberio says:

    I don’t know for you guys, but i like to always start with the head and torso even when the manuel starts with something else.

    I like to give the opportunity to the model to watch his own birth 😛

  5. Projekt.X3R0 says:

    I never realized just how much Delta Plus’s face looks like Optimus Prime…

  6. Jeff says:

    It seems like with the torso of this kit, if you’ve built the torso of Zeta 2.0, you can build it without looking at the instructions. Because of that similarity, Delta Plus seems more Zeta than Hyaku Shiki.

  7. Mathias says:

    haha, funny^^ you pointed out everything i noticed about the model that i noticed, too and in that exact order XD i remember how much i was werded out that the PC runner is labeled “K” and not “PC-XX”.
    and yeah, the torso was a little tricky to build here and there. some pieces were pretty hard to get attatched.
    but you are right… the armor (and the whole design of the delta plus in general) as sexy as all hell! i think simply for that reason i can overlook the fact that the feet suck so hard!^^

  8. Vasily says:

    Quote:”I am actually becoming more of a fan of this hand design because they don’t fall apart so easily.”
    The thumbs fall of with so much ease that it is frustrating..

    • syd says:

      True. But I’ll take a thumb that falls off over a whole set of fingers that won’t stay on the hand like the MG Wing kits have.

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