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I’ll be finishing the WIP for the Delta Plus in this post so it’s going to be picture heavy.  I want to show as much as I can of those sexy legs, the wings, and the, gulp, feet.   Oddly enough, that’s where the second half of the build starts.

Here’s the first part of those feet. You can see the interestingly designed joint at the bottom of the ankle is sandwiched between two sides. No poly-caps are used.

Then the large foot armor piece fits onto the frame from above. There’s really not much securing it in there.

You can see its range of motion.

And backwards as well.

The ankle armor goes on by first putting one side and the front piece together. The groove used to fit them together is quite small.

Then attach it to the pegs on either side of the foot and complete it with the other piece of side armor. There is also a small piece that slides in below that.

Now for the legs.

Here’s part for above the knee. There’s a poly-cap there to attach the knee armor to.

And the knee armor itself.

You also build the piece for the back of the leg at this point.

And the lower leg with this sexy piston.

And the piston housing.

Join everything together using the large lower leg frame pieces.

Looking good so far.

It’s at this point that the manual separates right from left, the only difference being into which piece you place the poly-cap.

Next you work on the back of the lower leg putting these two pieces on.

You can see the large piece moves.

Now some frame and armor pieces go on the sides.

Here’s the armor pieces for the joint at the hip and for the side of the lower leg.

The piece for the opposite side of the lower leg is assembled thusly.

The last step for the legs is to place on some thin armor pieces.


But legs are useless without something to attach them to.

Main portion of the skirt frame.

Hip joints.

The main part of the skirt frame has this one piece that is attached and then is swung underneath. It’s when you are working on the skirt that you are reminded of how this thing is meant to transform between two forms.

For me, the coolest part of the skirt was the front armor assemblies.

The side skirt armor on the MG ReZEL was somewhat clumsy but those on the Delta Plus appear to be better designed.

The back skirt is one large frame piece with two white pieces attached before the large armor piece is put in place.

Then you cover the white pieces up from the back with small armor pieces.

Attach the legs to this skirt and then put the side armor pieces on.


With some careful attention…

There he stands.

Now for those wings.

One large piece with a couple wings placed inside and then the smaller piece to close it up.

But there’s an important piece you shouldn’t forget. It looks like a poly-cap. 😉

Then a final piece slides in place to finish the wings and create a nice panel line.

Oh. There’s this other piece, too.

The last part is to complete the joint which is used to attach the wing to the back of the Delta Plus.

With some time and effort.

There he stands.

Here’s the rifle. It’s pretty self-explanatory (hence my not explaining anything.)

Before you actually start assembly of the shield you need to make the beam saber handles.

Then get out the frame part.

More parts.

This section extends.

Attach the top armor piece.

And a frame piece to the opposite side.

Then the large armor pieces used for the bottom are put on.

The last step is just putting the beam saber handles into place

And that’s it. When you’ve done all that you will now have this.

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  1. Tom says:

    So it fell over after you finished the build? XD
    Hopefully HLJ can finally ship my Delta Plus out soon.

  2. Dennis says:

    Looks nice, definately need an action base for it though.

  3. fury-s12 says:

    haha i was waiting and waiting for a falling over joke well played sir

  4. Jeff says:

    This part of the assembly is still so similar to Zeta 2.0. Might as well call it a redeco.

  5. Mathias says:

    even when it fell over it still manages to be sexy as hell….
    its a shame that it is so unstable but i can forgive it because its design is SO amazing!

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