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I think I don’t need to reiterate how much I have enjoyed the recent MG Wing Gundam kits. Aside from the Deathscythe Hell I’ve built them all. Well, more correctly, aside from the Deathscythe Hell and the re-released XXXG-01W Wing Gundam EW Version I have built them all.

It seems I have been twiddling my thumbs a bit lately waiting for either good weather to paint or waiting for paint to dry so instead of twiddling I thought I would spend some time on a kit. Enter Wing Gundam EW!

As this is more of a build to pass free time I will be building it out of order, similar to what I did with the Epyon and like I did with the Epyon I thought I would start here.


First off, that massive Beam Rifle he somehow manages to carry.

It’s actually very simple. Sure, it’s big but it’s constructed using big pieces.

And check out this runner.

Look at all these!

For the rifle I need three.

To the main body of the rifle I attach this, er, contraption.

That was quick.

Now for the shield.

A few pieces are inserted into the shield from behind.

Then a few more attach to the front.

The last part is the handle which just clicks in to the back.

But what are these things?

For these I need the rest of these.

They’re everywhere!

Some very slender frame pieces.

Which attach to these strange white pieces.

You’ll end up with this thing.

Then you get to clip the Beam Rifle ammuntion rounds (I’m guessing that’s what these are) into the back.

Wing Gundam EW, I already like you.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Yeah, they are ammunition rounds, each shot of the buster rifle burn a entire one. At least ew has extra clips, Old Wing has only three rounds on the buster rifle and thats it. The only problem with this kit it’s getting him to hold his weapon, otherwise, beautiful kit, I always get me thinking to get him, even though I have the Custom, I love his colors. But people say that you can make him hold his weapon with some simple mods, at least its what vegeta8259 said, maybe with a little metal rod going through his hand and the gun handle.

  2. QantaRaiser says:

    yeah i had some trouble with the Buster rifle, my ver. Ka can’t hold it at all. all its good for is when you have him in Bird mode. when your done with this Syd i want to know if they addressed that issue. also, interesting bit of trivia for the people like me who watched the anime, while officially the buster and twin buster rifles can fire three shots, in the anime Heero never fires more then two before throwing it aside, just a fact i found fun. and its only Sandrock (not kai) and Heavy arms (also not Kai) that are left for first tier EW models right? (i mean like Wing gundam, Shenlong, Deathscyth.)

  3. asian1skill says:

    dont dey give u one of those hands to carry it for this one since it an improved version than the ver ka? not too sure though.

  4. This version doesn’t fix anything, the only differences, as far as I know, are 2 adapters for both Gundam and bird mode be able to use an Action Base, also the color (I think only the yellow) is changed to match those of the other Wing kits. And there are less decals.
    I’ll definitely get this version when I do get EW Wing.

  5. Dakaramor says:

    the frame is in different colors as well. I Have the ver ka in my backlog and part of the frame are a brownish color. I got that one over the EW edition because I liked the decals ;-p

  6. Kiddo says:

    the only problem with this kit is he CAN NOT hold his buster rifle with one hand properly T__T

  7. misterGunpla says:

    heres a way to get it to stay without mods

    might be a hassle to get to stay but works sum times

    have the hands tightly grid the gun handle and slide the blue shield cover under the shoulder part it sum times stays but might fall down.

    but as u can see in these pics i took

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