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I was late to the party when it came to building the RG MS-06S Zaku II Char’s kit and actually felt a little guilty about that.  Bandai’s Real Grade line of kits have been outstanding on an engineering level, minor problems aside, and not terribly expensive for the kind of kit you’re getting so I can’t really make excuses for not getting on it right away. I was determined not to let that happen with the RG MS-06F!

I honestly expected pretty much the same kit but Bandai surprised me.

First let’s look at what comes in the box (aside from all that plastic).

Here’s a post card.

I guess they are showing how you can mix and match the two kits. (Duh!)

But the back has this:

Go to for tips.  I actually go to that site quite often to look up release dates and other info.  It’s a typical Japanese website which means it’s an ugly mess and hard to navigate.

Here are the markings that come with the kit.

I was actually happy to see that the markings for the feet that came with the Char’s are not here.

So what’s noticeably different right off the bat?

Well, you don’t use the same armor as that on the Char’s for the back of the leg. Bandai added two new pieces for this kit. You can see where they were added onto the existing runner (right side of pic).

And there’s an extra stabilizer added on.

But, oh, what are these?

Pre molded hands! Just like regular HG kits! I cannot tell you how welcome an addition this is but I suspect many of you already know.

Instead of having to try and bend those small articulated fingers around the weapons, and risk breaking and ruining them…

You can use the nicely detailed pre-molded hands.

And the hand that grips the weapon looks and works great, too.

Unfortunately, Bandai didn’t include extra armor pieces for those extra hands so you will have to either choose one and stay with it or swap that armor piece back and forth.

A couple hours or so after I started…

I’ve opted to leave the armor collars for later because I want to work on the appearance of this kit a little bit and those things would a) get in the way and/or b) get lost.

More to come.

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  1. Kjasi says:

    Actually, that post-card is showing the Garma Zabi Zaku II, which is a special paint-job and one or two minor mods to a regular Zaku II. There are instructions on how to make your RG Zaku II into Garma’s Zaku II on the bandai-hobby site you linked!

  2. Bocalt says:

    I just received mine and started working on it, only worked on the feet. I have to point out that i got another “bonus” in the box that i haven’t seen or heard mention of anywhere so far… some base for the zaku II all green for it to stand on like for the rx78-2 sometimes get.

  3. may look like a mess, but when the news are current, there may be easy to follow pics. Even though I understand nothing of Japanese, I was able to find the “recipe” page:
    There’s also one for Strike Rouge:

  4. The URL was misleading, there are also 2 other, way more complicate, builds.
    I don’t like that RG-fication of the G-Fighter :/ The Zaku I looks cool though.

  5. exxecutor000 says:

    Like the pre-molded hands too!

  6. Syberio says:

    Syd, you’re a mean guy… by showing your RG Zaku in hobbylink TV, you made me order it with two weathering sets….

    ok… the truth is that i’m weak and the RG line is really well done ^^

    will be my first attemp at weathering, wish me luck

  7. Kix says:

    Hi! Can someone email me or give a lending hand on how to get the instructions for building an RG Garma Zabi or at least how to build the head vulcan? Or at leadt how to get the instructions in english? Appreciate the help.many thanks.

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