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I received an email from Mike wishing to share his Tieren with us. Actually, I received two emails but when the first came I was not near my computer and didn’t get around to responding in a timely fashion, which makes me appreciate that Mike took the time to send a second email. So the floor is now Mike’s.

Here is my work in progress folks.
I have to say, I’m not especially fond of the models from gundam 00 but this kit looked like it had potential.

I felt the straight build of the kit is just too green, I had to weather and rough this thing up. I did the weathering in mind that this mobile suit would have been in a warzone.

The kit:

Assembly was a few hours, very simple to build. The kit has plenty of details for a no grade, especially the shields and soles which the plastic looks like actual smelted metal plates. This helps allot with weathering. Plenty of joints in the arms and in the side torso’s move inwards. The legs aren’t too bad, and I say that because the horizontal points were the hips attaches to the waist tend to come out if moved to much. The joints however do not affect stability of the kit. The kit stands up very well on its own feet.


I started up by applying some diluted black enamel paint all over the kit. Much like doing a wash except I wanted to spread it all over, make it look like the Tieren’s been around fire. Then proceeded to do the weathering with Tamyia weathering sticks, dry brushing and weathering kit.

As I said this is a W.I.P. so the inside of the shields and the top of the mobile suit still need work.


Filed some parts of the armour to rough it up and did some scratches with a hobby knife.
As for the holes, I used a heated punch and a hobby knife to give them a rougher, more uneven look. They were then painted with a silver paint and a dab of “smoke” color paint to make them look a bit charred..

Let me know what you think folks and enjoy.


[Editor’s note: The Tieren design never appealed to me at first, but once I started seeing them weathered and damaged that changed. I could see myself building one of these kits one day, though I doubt I could get these kinds of results. Now, I have something to use as inspiration.]

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  1. Mike says:

    Just an F.Y.I. folks, the pictures in the description are the before, the ones at the bottom are the current ones.

  2. Paulo951 says:

    I’m really liking the feel to this Tieren, looks like it came from a hectic battle Great work Mike!

  3. Joe says:

    Very, VERY cool! I love it. I may need to pick up this kit sometime and work on my weathering skills. This kit, even more than Zaku kits, just screams “BEAT ME TO HELL! I can take it and look good doing it too!”

  4. Gundam Gunso says:

    The weathering effect really looks great. Gives you the feeling that the Tieren had been through a lot

  5. Busterbeam says:

    very well done. teiren is one of the best kits to do weathering on imo.

  6. Mike says:

    Next kit to be weathered, an old release…..

    The 1/100 Serpent custom.

  7. Alvin Lim says:

    very nice actually. i’m new to gunpla and no experience whatsoever in weathering/airbrushing/painting. but what u did here is really very nice 🙂

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