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I had some free time some nights ago (I’ve more of it now that I am a bachelor again) and thought I would work on the MG Wing again while I ate some dinner. ‘Why not build those wings?’, I thought.

I like them already.

The backpack for the Wing EW is really simple. Make a matching pair of these.

Then place them onto the frame piece of the backpack and enclose it with the armor part.

Now the fun begins! Let’s make a wing!

Taking those big white pieces, I only add a couple parts before clamping them together.

I did trim down the pegs to make disassembly easier in the future. There were quite a few pegs on this wing pieces.

Next set of pieces.

Looking good so far.


Then follow it up with these.

Just sandwich the piece that will be used to join the wing to the backpack between these two blue pieces.

A Wing!

I believe I can fly.

I believe I can touch the sky.

I believe this kit my be a little back heavy with these wings extended like this.

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  1. sniperaven says:

    damn those wings look wicked, what if u have deathscythe colors on the wing and you place it for deathscythe, what would be the outcome?just a thought…>_<

  2. MinA says:

    I’m sorry that this question is somehow out of place but here goes: Do you guys think that the Metal Build Freedom worth buying? Or should i wait for the MB Strike Freedom? Whats your opinion? I personally like the Fredoom better ^^

    • Butagami says:

      If you prefer the freedom over the SF, then just buy the freedom…. Doesn’t seem too hard a choice for me. And as far as I’ve seen, MB are always awesome, so no dissapointment there.

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